How to Download from SoundCloud

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Music is one of the most beautiful elements in this universe. We all love to listen to music in our free time or whenever we feel ourselves stressing out. Hence, music holds an important place in each and everyone’s life.

However, since we cannot carry those huge radios and televisions to each and every place we visit, we often songs download from SoundCloud or any similar site; but still many of us do not actually know how to download from SoundCloud.
Just like Youtube is the biggest known hub for video clips, similarly, SoundCloud is one of the most preferred destinations for music lovers.
SoundCloud is a globally preferred platform by all the music lovers and creators to upload their self-created music.

Hence, in a way SoundCloud promotes originality. There is a common misconception that SoundCloud doesn’t allow to download songs at all, but the truth is something else.

Whenever someone uploads an audio at SoundCloud, he/she the authority to choose either – it should make the song available for download or not. Hence, it solely depends upon the artist to allow users to download SoundCloud songs.

If the artist has made his/her SoundCloud music download available, it has a limit for the number of downloads. If that limit has not been accomplished, it can be easily downloaded by simply clicking the download button.

However, if the limit has been accomplished, then follow the simple steps below to download from SoundCloud. So let us learn how to download music from SoundCloud.

#1. How to Download from SoundCloud Using Firefox/Chrome/Safari


1. Firstly, if you do not have a version of any of these browsers installed on your PC, then you can download it for free from their official websites or any other third party website.
2. After you have downloaded and installed the desired browser on your PC, launch the browser.
3. Now enter Soundcloud’s URL. After the homepage of SoundCloud has completed loading, head towards the page of the concerned SoundCloud Song.
4. Now open the developer’s tool in your concerned browser. To open the developer’s tools panel – press F12 (Windows OS) or Cmd+Opt+I (for Mac).
5. Now click the “Network” tab. Network tab is usually present in the toolbar at the top of the developer’s tools window.
6. Now head back to the song’s page in SoundCloud and refresh the page once more.
7. Now, you will be able to see the window which is opened as a result of clicking the networks tab. Networks tab will have few rows and columns. We need to look for the name and the size column.

  • In the size column sort by – size High to Low. Now, you will be able to see the files in decreasing order of their size(s)
  • Also, the “Type” column should show either MPEG or audio or both of them.
  • Another noticeable activity that takes place is that as soon as you click the refresh button, the network tab begins to reorganize itself. Moreover, the necessary details will appear in the timeline column.

8. Since, we have arranged the files in the decreasing order of their size(s), so the SoundCloud file should appear on the topmost. This is because SoundCloud files are generally bigger in size due to their high quality. Now, right click on the concerned entry.
9. In the drop-down menu that appears, choose the “open in a new tab” option. Subsequently, the song should start playing in the new tab.

  • In case, the song doesn’t play in the new tab, it is possible that you have clicked on the wrong entry. To fix this, reload the page once more and repeat the subsequent steps.

10. Lastly, it’s time to finally download the songs. In this tutorial, we download the song by saving the page. Open the menu of your concerned browser and click on “Save page” or “Save page as” option.

  • Also, a combination of Ctrl+S (for Windows) or Cmd+S (for Mac) can be pressed to save the page.

#2. How to Download from SoundCloud Using a Download Service

This is the best free and easiest way to download SoundCloud music, but first let us understand briefly what these services actually are and how do they work. To start with, these services are actually third party websites that are linked and work in collaboration with one or multiple (usually one) such website whose items are not easy to download.

Now whenever the user enters the link of any song or video that he or she want to download via third party website, it begins its work. Actually, these websites do have a some inbuilt decoders that create a download link for the concerned item (from SoundCloud, here). Ultimately, the user can download that item via that link.

1. As mentioned above, open concerned song’s SoundCloud page in any of the browsers you wish to.
2. Now copy the complete URL (link) of the of song’s page by pressing the mouse’s left click pressed and dragging it from right to left or vice versa. After you have selected the URL, press Ctrl+C (for Windows) or Cmd+C (for Mac). Another way to copy the URL is to click right on the selected URL and select “Copy.”
4. In the existing or an another tab, open (However, a tab is always recommended)
5. On the homepage of Soundflush, you will be able to see a text field. On the right side of the text field lies a red colored Button with the label – Download/Convert.
6. Enter the copied URL (of the song’s SoundCloud page) in the text field and hit the Download/Convert button. The conversion process begins as soon as you click the button. Be patient meanwhile, the conversion takes place, as it may take some time.
Note:  Usually this kind of sites are loaded with a number of advertisements. So make sure you click on the right button.
7. After is conversion process is completed, you will be presented with a link. This link is actually the download link of the concerned file. Right-click the link and in the drop-down menu, select “Save link as” option. Subsequently, a new window will appear asking you the permission to download the MP3 file.
Note:  Some browsers may directly begin the download without asking permission. So if you do not see any such window, check the downloaded tab once.

Final Words

So, we have hope you have downloaded all your favorite songs by using any of the above-mentioned methods. Sit back, listen to these songs and relax ! for you may have had a tiresome day.


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