How To Enable Cookies In Your Internet Web Browser

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Have you heard of cookies?

I know you have. But here, I am talking about a particular type of technology, which makes your internet usage a lot easier.

If you still doubt what the heck on the earth these cookies have to do with computers, do read this introductive session given below.

What are Cookies?

Have you ever wondered how some website fields get auto- completed? It’s because of cookies.

Cookies are text files stored on your computer that can be only used by web browsers. These data are sent by the websites you visit. The main function of cookies is, making your next visit a smoother experience than the last one.

Cookies can be mainly classified into session and permanent. The former lasts for a given period on our browser while the second self- destroys itself after a particular session is expired.

But you know what? Sometimes cookies lead us to security troubles. So, it is recommended to allow cookies only from trusted sources. That’s why almost all web browsers available today offer a feature to enable/ disable it.

I hope you got an overview of what cookies are.

How to Enable Cookies in Your Internet Web Browser?

All of you are not using the same browser. Obviously, each browser has a different process to turn on cookies. I am here to give you an answer for how to allow cookies.

Check out below to get the method for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Mozilla Firefox

How do you enable cookies in Firefox? Follow the steps given below to do that.

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox. You can see three stripes on the left- top portion of the window. Click on it to get the Firefox menu.

Step 2: Look for Options and click on it to get advanced settings to modify the browser. (Remember, every time we go there to alter any advanced setting).

Step 3: You can see an image like the one given below (The appearance may vary from version to version, but the content is the same). Click on Privacy from there.

Step 4: Now, you will get another set of options. I know there are no direct options to enable cookies. What you need to do is click on the drop-down menu just under History.

Three options will be displayed, Remember history, Never remember history and Use custom settings for history. Select the last one.

You are only one step away to get an answer for how do I enable cookies.

Step 5: History section will have some additional settings now. Tick the box just left to ‘Accept cookies from sites’.

Select Always from ‘Accept third-party cookies’ drop-down menu. Following setting specifies how long Firefox stores a cookie. You can set it to Keep until they expire.

Exceptions button gives you a list where you can add websites whose cookies are not needed. And, Show cookies, displays a list of hitherto saved cookies.

That’s all. I hope you now know how to enable cookies in Firefox.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another popular version with a majority of market share. Here are the steps to enable cookies on it.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome. On the upper- right corner of the window, there is a button of three horizontal bars called Chrome button. Click on it to get a set of options.

Step 2: Choose Settings from there. A screen similar to the below image will be shown to you. There, you get access to only some basic configuration. Click on Show advanced settings to get more functions.

Step 3: Just below Privacy, a Content settings button is visible (see the image). What are you waiting for? Just click on it.

Step 4: With the upcoming small window, the process will be over. Select Allow local data to be set radio button under Cookies from the next window. Finally, choose Done to save the change.

Hurray!! Your Google Chrome browser can save cookies from now on. See, how easy it is to enable cookies.

Internet Explorer

Maybe you are not a fan of IE. But it was everyone’s obsession before 7- 8 years ago. Still, some typical internet users haven’t stopped using IE.

If you are an IE fan looking to get a solid answer for how to enable cookies in my browser, do what I am going to say.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer. A gear-like button is there on the top- left part of the window. Click on it to get Explorer menu. Choose Internet options from there.

Step 2: Multiple tabs will be there, from which we want the Privacy tab. On the Privacy tab, you can see two buttons on top, Sites and Advanced. Choose the latter.

Step 3: Now, you will see this small window. In order to allow cookies altogether, you have to select Accept for both First-party cookies and Third-party cookies. Don’t forget to check Always allow session cookies.

If you want to get notification about the presence of cookies, you can choose a prompt. Whenever you get that notification, it is possible to accept from there also.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has become the latest sensation in this competitive internet browser field. I love its interface and change of technology Microsoft brought in.

Here, you are going to read how to enable cookies in Edge browser.

Step 1: Open Edge browser app (most probably, you do have a quick launch icon). Click on the three dots located at the top- left corner just below the title bar.

Step 2: From the next menu, choose Settings

Step 3: Scroll down the list you get on the right of the screen to see the Show advanced settings button. Don’t hesitate to click when you see it.

Step 4: You need to scroll down here too. Look out for Cookies title and choose Don’t block cookies option from the dropdown. That’s all.

Haven’t You Enabled Cookies in Your Web Browser?

Hey, have you enabled cookies in your browser?

I have given you the methods to do it on four popular browsers. Sometimes, allowing cookies to become necessary as it offers a smoother user experience.

If you face any difficulties, don’t hesitate to comment on your issue here. our team is here to help you.


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