How To Feature Channels On Youtube

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A feature channel is a channel displayed on the side of a YouTube channel. You can increase the reach of your channel and interest others by recommending using featured channels.

YouTube went one step further recently and introduced a new channel design for YouTubers called “Channel One.”

YouTube created this design to enable businesses to brand themselves more effectively on both traditional computers and mobile devices.

Featured channels are included in the design that complements the overall package, but guess what?
That’s not even the only way you can take advantage of featured channels on YouTube.

Please note that a “featured channel” on YouTube is not the same as a “recommended channel.”

YouTube features channels by recommending them to you, however, these recommendations are based on your browsing history on Google and your YouTube viewing history.

What Are YouTube Featured Channels

YouTube features channels that, based on the site’s algorithm, it believes are worth watching.

In this case, it is not necessarily determined by your web-surfing habits or preferences.

Youtube’s algorithms are constantly looking for channels that will attract more views from more viewers.

What should you do if you wish YouTube to pay attention to your channel (which is a big deal)?

Create high-quality videos, as well as improve your titles, tags, and descriptions, based on the YouTube community’s standards, recommendations, and guidelines.

Your channel will be featured in YouTube’s featured channels section if it gets chosen.

How can YouTube channels be featured the most effectively?

What do you think? Let’s find out!

What is the best way to feature other YouTube channels?

feature other YouTube channels

Getting featured channels on YouTube is as simple as enabling the feature on your channel in order to promote your business.

Maybe you have saved videos that other YouTubers have uploaded and you would like to share them with your own audience.

It’s as simple as selecting them and getting them to show up on your channel’s main page.

Be sure that the videos you choose reflect your brand’s language and identity and that they provide your viewers with a greater understanding of your brand and business.

YouTube lets you feature other channels quite easily.

Having your own YouTube channel is not required for it.

Your first step should be to log into your YouTube account, then go to your channel page.

Choosing your profile at the top right and selecting your channel would be the first option. Then, click on that.

Your YouTube channel will be directly accessed.

You now select “Customized channel” in the options.

The channel page is loaded, but it looks different from what you’re used to.

There will be a panel on the left that says “Featured Channels” or “Add Channels.”

It’s as simple as selecting “Add Channels.”

You will find a bar at the top where you can type in your personalized title. You can use any emojis you like, as long as the title stands out and is relevant to your brand.

Adding channels is the next thing you need to do.

To add a YouTube channel to your Featured channels, you just need to enter the URL or username.
What is the best way to do this?

To feature a YouTube channel, copy its URL in the address bar, then go back to your YouTube channel, paste it there, and select “Add”.

Click “Done” to complete the process.

You have it as a featured channel on your YouTube channel.

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What if you wanted to edit your “Featured Channels?

Simply click the pencil icon in the “Featured Channels” panel.

Click it by hovering over it.

Click “Edit” from the list of options.

In case you want to remove the featured videos, you can see an “X” in the display of the featured channels.

Adding new channels to your Featured channel list is as simple as following the steps detailed above.
This isn’t all there is to it.

Featured Channels

You can also rearrange the videos.

On each video, you can move the left panel by clicking it.

The rearranged channels will appear in your “Featured Channels” panel after clicking “Done.”

After you have completed all the tasks on the featured channels panel, simply go to the top of the screen and click “My Channel” to be taken to your YouTube channel where everything returns to normal as you are used to and you can now see your “featured Channels” list.

In summary, just do this:

Click on “My channel” after you are logged in.

Right-click “Add Channels” at the bottom of your homepage.

If you want to add a channel, enter its URL or username. Then click “Done.”

Adding channels can be done near the bottom, so simply select “Add a Section,” “Select Content,” and “Custom Grouping.”

Click “add channels” under “channel selection”, then enter the username or URL of the channel you would like to add.

The order can be changed by clicking the up and down arrows in the upper right corner of each section.
You can also turn off sections (such as uploads) by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right corner, then clicking the trash icon. This will clean up your homepage and let your audience see what they want to see.

how to feature channels on youtube

Featured channels are added to your YouTube channel in that way.

It’s available now for you to try.

YouTube homepage featured channels are easy to add and can be done in minutes.

As a way to support your friends’ YouTube channels, you can add featured channels to your YouTube channel, helping them grow better and increase their subscription bases.

If you have other channels, you can do the same thing.

Businesses can use this feature to increase visibility and brand awareness, all while reaching as well as reaching.

What are the benefits of featuring other YouTube channels on your channel after you learn how to add featured channels in no time?

Is it helpful in any way?

What do you think? Let’s find out!

Why Feature Channels Are Beneficial for Your YouTube Channel

In addition to gaining subscribers, you can increase the visibility, exposure, subscribers, and views of your channel, as well as your fellow channels’ subscriber numbers.

Remember this motto from your childhood: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

This is what you mean when you mention adding feature channels to YouTube.

Is it or are there any specific benefits you stand to gain by featuring other YouTube channels on your website?

Whenever you feature another channel on your individual YouTube channel, all the eyes from the featured channel are drawn to your own channel.

The meaning of this is that everyone who views or subscribes to your featured channel will also be able to view your own channel and videos.

A great way to build and grow your community quickly.

YouTubers who feature your channel feel obligated to help you back in return, and they may decide to also feature your own channel on their own channels as a result.

Your engagement and visibility are even greater than you could have achieved on your own.

Additionally, you are more likely to see your audience clicking the “share” button when you mention other YouTube channels on your channel so they can get help or find better solutions to their problems.

You will also get more subscribers if they recommend you to their friends.

The feature channels feature is another excellent way to get in touch with your peers in your niche or industry.

Hence, not only will you gain more subscribers and viewers, but you will also gain the cooperation and respect of your colleagues, and you are also qualified to ask them for help if you encounter a problem they may be able to help with.

You should seriously consider taking advantage of feature channels if you want your channel to reach a broader audience.

Due to a single feature on another channel, many channels have seen their video views and subscription numbers explode overnight.

You can use your YouTube channel to display the videos and channels of the people you admire and want to work with if you are interested in creating long-term business relationships.

As a result, a full-blown business relationship can develop, leading to future business opportunities, collaboration, and expansion.

Think of this as a way to receive more by giving away.

That is why it is a good idea to feature other channels on your channel.

Your channel will benefit greatly from it.

By supporting other channels, you can gain thousands of loyal subscribers who will comment on your videos and give you the engagement you seek.

It may even be possible for you to find someone with the help you need from that single decision.

Using the feature channel option will help you see others as partners, and not as enemies.

You also find that people are more willing to lend you their help when you need it when you begin to collaborate more to help each other.


It is a win-win for both your channel and the channels you can feature if you feature them on your own.
This article is hoped to be helpful to you.

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