How To File A DMCA Copyright Complaint 2023? – In Detail

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The DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It’s American law to deal with copyright content! This guide is dedicated to teaching you how to file DMCA complaints against those copycats, who have copied your work and using them on their site without your authorization.

The biggest pain for a writer, blogger, or any artist is content theft. Original, high-quality content is produced after the rigorous research of several hours.

The moment when you realize the content you have produced after so much hard work is being used by others without taking your permission is the moment you want to learn nothing but how to file a DMCA copyright complaint. 

By filing the DCMA complaint, you don’t only protect your work from being stolen but you can make the stealers delete your work from their side by issuing the take-down notice, and we will walk you through the steps for how to file a DMCA notice for stolen content. 

But before you opt for filing a legal complaint against anyone, it’s always a good idea to find the contact details of that person and have a personal correspondence and ask them not to use your contents.

If they get agree to your request, you don’t have to brainstorm for any legal formalities.

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But if they deny your request and are not taking down your content from their site, you can always sue them for copyright infringement. Let’s go through the steps on how to file a DMCA complaint! 

How To File A DMCA Copyright Complaint:

Before we head over to our guide on learning how to file a DMCA request, do consider the following points. They will help you understand the terms and conditions for DMCA copyright complaints much better.

  • Not every content posted on other websites is liable to be filed a DMCA copyright complaint against. All I mean is, the law of copyright infringement specifies clearly that people can use the material for educational purposes, research purposes, news purposes,s, and other similar causes, without having to be sued in any circumstance. So do check if your content is infringing the law of copyright or not.
  • You don’t necessarily need to be present there while filing the DMCA copyright complaint. Someone else can also file the complaint on your behalf if you wish to. But make sure that person uses your signature instead.
  • Filing the DMCA complaint doesn’t ensure for your material to be safe forever. It can be copied again and you will require following all the steps again.
  • Filing a false complaint can backfire on you and you can be sued. You might also have to face a monetary penalty. To verify the contents twice before heading to file a complaint and never file fake complaints.
  • Don’t fill in your personal information while filling the DMCA copyright form. Because while sending the takedown notice to the user who has published your copyrighted content without your permission, your personal information is also forwarded to them. It’s your personal choice, though. It’s just a security step and nothing much.

dmca 2 - How To File A DMCA Copyright Complaint

After going through all the important points, it’s time to get started with the guide. Let me help you resolve your query on how can I file a DMCA takedown notice?

Step 1. To file a copyright infringement complaint against the one who has stolen your work without your permission, you need to go to the DMCA Complaint Form. On clicking the link provided, a form to file a copyright complaint will open up. You need to fill in all your personal information there to proceed further.

Step 2. After landing on the form page, don’t just start filling the form anyway. Read the above copyright infringement notice first and then head over to fill the form below.

Those fields with the asterisk mark are the mandatory fields so filling them out is a must. You can skip unimportant fields if you wish to. In the initial few fields, you need to fill in your basic information like your first name, last name, email address, and the country region. When done, move further and fill the rest of the field.

Step 3. Once you are done filling in the basic information about yourself, it’s time to fill the second part and the most important part of the form. See the screenshot below to see what are the next fields you need to fill.

I don’t find the need to specify, what details should be written there since it’s clearly specified just about the text box what information do we need to fill there. Once done, move to the next portion of the form.

Step 4. The next important field I would like to highlight is the Add a new group button. If you have more than one copyright infringement complaints to file, click this button and specifies the details there.

Step 5. The next mandatory portion, as shown in the above image is the sworn statements. Check all the boxes and move further.

Step 6. The last few fields are the date, signature, and confirmation that you are not a robot. Fill all of them and click on Submit.

Simple enough! The process is extremely easy. But do it with extreme care, because fake complaints can hurt you, instead! Also, be careful while filling the details in the above form, fill in the correct information and give as many details as you can.

Hope the guide helped you learn how to file a DMCA. But make sure to consult your legal adviser before taking any action and don’t consider this guide as legal advice.

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The guide is totally for educational purposes! Takedown notice is not a child’s play so before heading to file a DMCA complaint against anyone, be double sure of what you are doing. Because false DMCA complaints can backfire and you can also be sued for doing that.

If you still have more doubts on how to file a DMCA takedown notice, feel free to search on google for official help. You will get thousands of google search results to clear your doubts on the subject.


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