How to Find and Replace Text Using MS Word?

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In today’s article, we are going to teach you How to find and replace text using MS Word.

Find and replace is one of the most useful features provided by MS word. Find and replace allows users to find a particular word from the large document. And replace is used to replace any particular word.

When you are working on a lengthy document, then making a single mistake can cost you a big loss. Especially when the document is official.

For example, you are working on a document, where you have to put some amount or so. What will happen if you have entered the rs 5000 instead of 50,000?? Or vice versa? And importantly the digit was written multi-time on the same document.

And you have very less time to edit that. What would you do then? Then you will use the Microsoft word find and replace feature. I will let you know the procedure. Also, take a look at converting Word document into PDF.

How to Find and Replace Text Using MS Word

Microsoft word is one of the best programs that allows creating and editing the documents. However, there is no need to tell you much about the MS word, since you might already know that.

Instead of discussing the MS word features, we will we discussing the find and replace feature of MS word.

Find and replace is one of the most used features. However in our daily life we don’t feel the much need of using it, but for the professionals, having knowledge regarding it is the must.

Simply read out the guide and learn how the find and replace feature is used to find or for replacing the words. In the first half of the guide, we will share the method to find the word and the other half would be telling you the procedure to replace the word.

Finding word 

Step 1: Assuming you have already a lengthy document and you want to find a particular word. For instance, we will be finding here the word MS word.


In the above image, as you can see there is a paragraph written. In this paragraph, we have to find a word MS word. And for that, you will have to go to the find and replace dialogue box. To do so, follow the next step.

Step 2:  To open the find dialogue box click on the Find option. You will get the option to the right side of the home tab. Or, press the CTRL+f  key from the keyboard.


Step 3: As sooner you press the key, a small dialogue box will pop up. The box would be looking like the image, I have mentioned below.


Step 4: Now in the find, box, type the word you want to find. As we are about the find the word MS word, I will enter the same in the find box.


Step 5: Once done with typing the word, hit enter. Or click on the Find Next button. As sooner you click on the find button or hit enter, you will see the word you made the search for, would go highlighted in the paragraph.

If you want to highlight all the words in the same document, then click on the button, Reading highlight. And select highlight all.


As sooner you click on the highlight all button, the word, you made a search for, would go highlight in all over the document. Check out the image I have mentioned below.


Apart from that, you can also find more options by clicking on the More>> button. If you want to make a search for the same word, you have previously searched for, click on the Match case option.

When you click on the match case option, at the top of the dialogue box, you will see a drop down button, where you can select the word, you want to make the search for.


Similarly, you can use other options too, when needed. The option find itself is a vast to use. You will get better if you try the option by yourself.

So this is how the find features are performed in MS word. Just like the find, find and replace is also very useful feature. Check out the steps how to use the replace option in MS word.

Replacing word 

Step 1: First of all, to open the replace dialogue box, type the CTRL+h from the keyboard. Or, go to the home tab, and click on replace option from the editing section.


Step 2: After clicking on the replace option, a Find and Replace dialogue box will pop up. Here, you will see two text fields, one, Find what and the other one, Replace with. 

Step 3: In the find what field, type the word, you want to replace in the document. For example, I want to replace the word, later with earlier. For that, first I will need the word later in the find text box. And, in the next texts field that is replace, I will enter the word, earlier. 


Step 3: Now simply click on the Replace button. If you want to replace the word later, from everywhere it is written on the document, click on Replace All.


As sooner, you click on the replace all button, the word later would be replaced with the word earlier from all over the document.

Apart from that, just like find option, you can also use the advanced options by clicking on the More button.

Now after learning how to find and replace text using MS word, I am sure you have understood how this feature can be helpful when you have to correct the mistake or have to make the changes in a lengthy document.

Do let me know, how do you find the tutorial. If you have nay doubt or confusion or have any suggestion, do drop your comment below.

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