How To Find New Movies On Netflix

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Netflix is the world’s biggest streaming website. People are so fond of Netflix that they keep searching what should I watch on Netflix, what movies are on Netflix, top movies on Netflix, new movies on Netflix, and so fourth. In short, they want latest things to watch on Netflix, whether it is latest movies or TV shows.

But unfortunately, in the lack of good resources and knowledge, they often get fail to keep up with the latest releases since Netflix update the list quietly. There never be any updates about what new has been added and whats to be deleted. So, in order to find How to find new movies, I brought this article for you. If you wanted to watch Netflix on TV, here is a guide explaining to you how to watch Netflix on TV.

How To Find New Movies On Netflix:

As we discussed above, there are no direct updates of the best movie on Netflix or list of Netflix movies. But Luckily, there are a number of Netflix fan-sites which provide every single update regarding Netflix, be it best movies to watch on Netflix latest movies or TV shows.

Let’s figure out, what are the websites to keep up with the latest Netflix  updates.


Netflixable is the one of best resource to provide Netflix updates of every region. It is one of the Netflix fan-site which sorts the list by the date they were added to Netflix.

They update the websites every day in the form of blog posts which describes about the list of all the latest released movies and TV shows over in the last five days. The lists are well organized with the alphabetical order and there release date. So, in order to keep yourself up to date, either you have to visit the website daily or once a week. Or you can subscribe to the there mailing list to get the notifications right in your inbox.

What’s On Netflix

What’s On Netflix is a great Netflixable companion. It’s another best place to find out the best Netflix movies along with the latest releases. But a major drawback with this website is, it doesn’t provide Netflix updates in all the region.

This website basically features Netflix UK and the US. So, if you belong to any of the countries, this websites can be your final destination.

Instant watcher

Instant Watcher is also in the game and holds a good position when it comes on providing the current updates on Netflix. It uses Netflix API and gets the latest updates direct from the Netflix server, so it is obvious for it to get the latest updates of Netflix. Therefore, we can consider it the fastest source to provide updates on the latest releases.

Instant watcher has multiple categories like All Titles, Random, New, Popular+New, Highest Rated etc. If you want to explore Netflix’s catalog very quickly then Instant watcher can be a good choice for you.


Moreflicks is a yet another place to find Netflix movies. But Moreflicks is not limited to only Netflix movies, instead it provides all the movies including Vudu, Hulu, iTunes and others. So, I won’t say it is the best place to find Netflix movies, that too when we have other only Netflix oriented websites in the row. But we can give it a try.


Netflix update is another Netflix fan-site which calls itself one of the biggest Netflix fansites on the web. Although, it seems a new source to get updates about Netflix, but they have categories the website nicely in different categories like New Releases, coming soon, leaving soon, top list and FAQ.

They update about the new movie releases, TV highlights and must watch movies on Netflix every month. Overall a good place to find Netflix updates.

Netflix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Other than above websites, Netflix’s social mediums are another good source to get updates regarding the latest Netflix news and newly added TV shows and movies in all the regions where Netflix is available.

There are different Facebook pages, twitter and Instagram accounts for different regions. You can follow of your region to get notified about the latest Netflix news.

Google search:

Google search is the best way to keep up with the good movies to watch on Netflix. Google is the answer to almost every question you can think of. Many big websites keep updating about what’s new on Netflix, and what is taken off. Just type the queries up on google and get the list of movies, TV shows and what not!

If you anyhow want to be updated regarding the new Netflix releases and you don’t find the appropriate medium, in result you end up getting frustrated. Because, the list of new releases provided by Netflix is often outdated. Well, if you have landed on this page means and have read the complete article, you must have got all your answers here.

You are presented with the different sources all at one place, where you can keep yourself up to date with Netflix new movies, TV shows and everything you would love watching on Netflix. And, just to let you know, do you know, Netflix saves history of what you watch. But don’t worry, a good news is, you can clear the Netflix History.

If this article helped you to learn how to find new movies/TV shows/new releases on Netflix, share it on all your social mediums and drop your views in the comment section.


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