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How to Find out if Your RAM is Defective?

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How do we check RAM is defective or not? We all know the fact that RAM, the temporary memory on our computer is very significant that once it gets defective, you literally will be in trouble.

Do you have a feel that the RAM on your computer is acting weirdly? Then, this post will work as a pointer in helping you find out the same. Are you ready to know how to test computer memory to determine if it’s bad? You can also check RAM Type of your computer.

In this article, you are going to find the very same info. So, shall we begin?

How to Find out if Your RAM is Defective?

There are multiple ways to test your computer memory for its faultiness. Here you will get a few of them.

Before we get into the core topic on how to check for bad RAM modules in your PC, I want you to present some symptoms of the issue.

Symptoms of Damaged RAM

I know you aren’t set out to test your RAM all of a sudden. The following are a few reasons why you thought your RAM is creating some problems.

#1. Computer Freezes All of a Sudden

Even if you don’t open a heavy program, the interface freezes that you can’t even launch task manager to force close them. Most of the times, the freezing issue arises right at the starting up process as well.

Whenever you get this issue, you should think about diagnosing your RAM.

#2. Getting Issues with Windows Boot up

Your computer gets issues during the bootup process? Most probably, the problem is due to the defective RAM your system bears.

Don’t worry! Use this article to know how to diagnose, check, and test for bad memory.

#3. Appearing Blue Screen of Death (BOSD) Out of Nowhere

Blue Screen of Death is often referred to as an issue arises from faulty hard disk. I have faced the same. Sometimes, a defective RAM can cause this issue.

Check out the image given below to see how a BOSD looks like.


#4. Computer Restarts on its Own While Working

Do your computer restarts on its own without you hitting the restart option or reset button? The problem is mostly due to the damaged RAM on your computer.

Whenever you face this issue, you should check the RAM for problems.

#5. Nothing on the Screen even after the Boot Up

You don’t see anything on display even after hearing the startup tone of the OS. Are you suffering from this issue?

Don’t worry! Once you diagnose your RAM, you will figure out how to solve the same.

Now that you know most of the symptoms of a faulty RAM let’s move on to the real meat of this post.

How to Find out if Your RAM is Defective?

I have got you three different ways to check for faulty RAM. You can check out below.

Method 1: – Using System Properties

The memory issues mostly arise due to the recent addition of a RAM module. And that’s when you want to know how to do a memory check to find out if you have a faulty RAM.

This method is simple. First, go to your desktop and right-click on This PC or My Computer.


Then choose Properties. (Clicking on the icon and, pressing Alt+ Enter will also do the same). You can see the amount of RAM installed in the system as seen in the image. You can also check other specs of your computer.


If it is less than what you expect, make sure you installed it in the right way. Or, check whether the last stick you inserted works perfectly well.

Method 2: Using Default Memory Diagnostic Program

Maybe you are unaware of the fact that Microsoft has included a memory diagnostic program with Windows. Here you will read how to test computer memory to determine if it’s bad using the same.

Step 1: Hit the Win key or press the start button. Once it appears, search for memory diagnostic.


Step 2: Don’t forget to open the very first result that pops up. You will get two choices.


If you have no active programs running, you can go with the first one. Or else, continue with the second.

Step 3: Once the computer boots up, it will automatically run the memory test. You can use the F1 key to change the type of scanning (basic, standard, or extended).


When the test is finished, you can see the result beneath Status.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party Tool

You have rewaysto check for faultiness in RAM. Next, you get to know how to check for bad RAM modules in your PC using a third-party program.

N.B.- Make sure you have one RAM module inserted into the computer. You can run this test separately for multiple sticks.

Step 1: You have to download a tool named Memtest86. There are both paid and free versions available. It is up to you which one to go with.


Step 2: What you get is a zipped file. You should extract it to any location. Here you can see an executable file. Simply, open the same and choose the installation location as the USB drive.


Step 3: Once the installation finishes, safely eject your drive and restart your computer. While restarting, press Delete or F2 key (varies from system to system) to launch settings.


Step 4: You have to make a USB as the first booting device. On some computers, you can do it by changing the boot device priority.


Finally, Save the changes and restart again.

Step 5: This time, you can successfully boot from the USB drive. Just follow the on-screen instructions. Maybe, you will have to choose a version. Don’t worry! No response will enable the first option.


Step 6: Once the memory test is completed, you can see a screen like the one given below. In case of any errors, you can see the details there.

Wrapping Up

You know how to find out if your RAM is defective now, don’t you? For all the Mac, users who are facing RAM issues, you can reset the NVRAM of the mac to fix it. Here is how to Reset NVRAM on Mac.

I have given you three different ways to do it.

Use the comment section down below to let me know if you face any issue while checking your RAM for issues.


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