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How to Get Motivated For Blogging? 6 Sure Shot Ways

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About How to Get Motivated For Blogging

A healthy dose of constant motivation is necessary to be successful in blogging. Blogging is a solitary job. Often, bloggers look for ‘how to get motivated’ guides because they lose the desire to create new content and continue blogging as the blog is ‘invisible’ to others. There is a lack of significant traffic and engagement.

Further, writing consistently on a daily basis is not an easy task. The enthusiasm to blog soon disappears, replaced by a resigned attitude.

If you’re in a similar state of mind, here’s how to get motivated for blogging once again.

How to Get Motivated for Blogging? 6 Ways

1) Build a Reward Model

As I said, blogging being a solitary profession, getting disinclined and de-motivated is easy. Building a reward model for self will work well.

Set up achievable benchmarks and mention rewards. For instance, gift yourself a cup of cappuccino on publishing 50 posts daily. Or, gift yourself a new gadget on achieving 1000 page views consistently for 30 days…and so on.

Write these down on a whiteboard or on a chart paper, and follow it religiously. Don’t cheat yourself.

2) Track Blog Progress and Growth

Again, you need to setup achievable targets for the blog itself. To keep on writing without setting goals and monitoring results is a negative attitude towards blog growth.

Things like traffic sources, earning leads, domain authority, page authority; affiliate product promotions, content leveraging, comment engagement and other factors should be regularly monitored.

Tracking blog progress will keep you motivated. You will be automatically pushed towards setting higher goals and achieving them will give a much needed motivational boost.

Hang a big whiteboard in your workspace, and note down the goals and how to achieve those goals.

Following the first and second strategy will give two benefits: first, there is personal growth. You get more involved in blogging and its growth. Second, your blog grows in every way possible. You are designing the growth path with your own hands. There is nothing more satisfying to see your labour bearing fruit, ultimately.

3) Avoid Negative Minded People

People aren’t negative. Their thoughts are. You can’t actually avoid negative people if you know them on a personal level but online, you need to filter the kind of people you’re connecting with.

By negative people, I mean those who are discouraging you from pursuing blogging as a career. It could be your friends or someone from the family. You can’t avoid them; simply stop reacting to them and be firm in your choice of work.

Online, you will find people criticizing your blog. They will leave negative comments, spread bad rumors, pass negative reputation and so on. They do this to discourage you.

Whenever you will come across such people, know that you’re doing something right because it is only the feelings of insecurity that drives others to talk negative about you and your blog. They feel threatened but never let it discourage you.

Hold on to your motivational levels.

4) Use Pomodoro Technique

I am a huge fan of the Pomodoro Technique. What is it? The Pomodoro is a time tracker where you time every writing session and try to complete the task within that session.

Writing consistently over long periods of time can be boring and uninteresting. What happens is even if you love writing, soon the pressure to add blog content builds and within some time, writing doesn’t remain an enjoyable task. It’s becomes a pressure.

Now, I am sure you will agree with me, nothing good ever comes out of working under pressure, and writing…never! You need peace of mind to write.

Therefore, I recommend the Pomodoro technique. Time every writing session; complete whatever you can in, let’s say, 30 minutes and start another session.

It’s also a measure of your writing productivity.

5) Boost Revenue

Let’s be candid here and embrace the fact that we are into blogging to generate some kind of earning source for us. There are many professional bloggers out there who share their monthly income reports that are no less than mind-blowing and impressive, and yes, we do want to earn the same or more.

You can get motivated for blogging by scaling on revenue sources. Again, set a target. Set the goal of earning 1000 USD this month. Channelize all blog earning methods to achieve the target. Did you fail? Don’t give up. Try again next month.

Did you achieve it? Good. Pat your back and treat yourself to something you want. Share the success with other blogger friends on Facebook. In the process, you will help other bloggers to improve their earnings and motivational levels too.

6) Create a Peer Group

Working too hard is bad. Working too hard alone is damaging. One of the ways to learn how to get motivated for blogging is to build a peer group.

Ideally, create a group of bloggers. You can create it on Facebook Groups or on Google+. Make it a ‘by invitation’ only group. Network with the bloggers – ask questions, share tips, share guides, relevant software tools and anything that makes everyone’s time worthwhile to be in that group.

You can host Hangout to learn new things. You can even meet some of them outside the online sphere and be friends.

You can talk to them and share experiences, and listen to their blogging journey.

Creating a peer group keeps the mind sane. You know you’re not alone. Even when feeling discouraged and uninterested, talking to other bloggers will keep your spirits up.


Surely there are a lot of bloggers out there who are way more successful than you. Ask yourself – if they can do it, why can’t you? Where do you lack? Motivation, dedication and commitment will be your answer.

There was a reason you started to blog. Don’t give up on that reason so easily.

It’s not difficult to learn how to get motivated for blogging; it how you implement it in your blogging career. The moot point is never to give up. If you do, you are actually accepting defeat.

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