How To Get Pokemon on iPhone

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Every kid in the world would want to play a Pokemon game. One of the main points in the game, which is both tedious and fun to do during the main play of the game, is catching and training a Pokemon to rape the “elite four”. It is one of the greatest accomplishments that anyone can get to do in the game.

Gamers desperate to play Nintendo games like Pokemon on iPhone were excited to find out what the first official Nintendo mobile game would be after the Japanese video games giant stated its intention to develop apps for iOS and Android in early 2015. Avid gamers are eager to know how to get Pokemon on iPhone.

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The high that gamers get from capturing anything from a rat that shoots out electricity and crap to a prehistoric sea creature that can either cut down a whole city or make the best sushi in the world is second to none.


The whole concept of capturing creatures that can do such things and force them to battle in fight-to-the-death style is just awesome, and now they want to know how to play Pokemon on iPhone to get the same experience on iPhone.

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Pokemon is not just a video game franchise known for making huge leaps. For nearly 20 years, the series has used the same catch and battle formula successfully. For Pokemon, there’s no shortage of places to turn.

Fans can watch the animation or movies, collect cards, play with toys or even get merchandise delivered. The series has a cultural reach that extends well beyond its gaming origin. Now they are looking forward on how to get Pokemon on iPhone.

The variety of the Pokemon and the diversity of the world get people interested in this game. But what makes people fall in love with it is understanding and building a love for the Pokemon you’re training and the Pokemon you’re discovering during your adventure. Now they are looking forward to enjoying this adventurous side to the series by having Pokemon for iPhone.

The manufacturer adds an additional Pokemon with every new iteration. This gives fans somewhere new to look to and something new to catch. Most of the iPhone users like to play games in their leisure time. According to a survey, nearly 50% of total users of iPhone try a new game every month, but there are times when people are unable to play or find the games they love, which are available for other OS. Nintendo Gameboy Advance games have been a part of our childhood. It will be fun to play Pokemon on iPhone.

How to get Pokemon on iPhone – Install Pokemon in Simple Steps


There are two methods for how to download Pokemon on iPhone. One is a jailbreak method and other without it. People avoid jailbreak as it voids the warranty and causes security issues. So, how to get Pokemon on iPhone without jailbreaking?

  1. Do not upgrade to iOS 8.1. Apple’s iOS 8.1 update breaks the GBA4iOS emulator app. If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 8.1 or iOS 9, then the only option left with you will be a jailbreak to install GBA4iOS emulator. This emulator can be used to play Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, or the Originals.
  2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. To install the Game Boy Advance emulator on your iPhone, you will need to adjust the date. You will need to change to this date every time you restart your iPhone.
  3. Tap ‘General’.
  4. Tap ‘Date & Time’.
  5. Toggle ‘Set Automatically’ to OFF position.
  6. You need to set the date back, at least, one full day better still, set it back one month to be really safe.
  7. Install GBA4iOS on your iPhone. It is removed from Apple store because of IPR related issues, but you can still download it from the internet. So, open Safari on your iPhone and visit the GBA4iOS website. Enter into your Safari browser.
  8. Tap “Download GBA4iOS 2.0” if you are using iOS 7 or 8. If you are using iOS 6, tap the “Download GBA4iOS 1.6.2” button. If you intend to play Nintendo DS versions of Pokemon (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG SS, Black, White, B2, and W2), then you will need the NDS4iOS emulator. It can be downloaded from For this also, the date needs to be set back by a month.
  9. Tap ‘Install’ to get the app installed. The app may take a while to download.
  10. After the app is installed, you will be able to find it on your Home screen. Tap it to open it.
  11. Tap ‘Trust’ when prompted to run the app.
  12. Use Safari to search for Pokemon ROM files to download. These are the game files that you need to download to play the game.
  13. Once you’ve found a Pokemon ROM, download it to your iPhone by tapping the download link on the website. If you physically own game, then you can download the ROMs for that game legally.
  14. Open the file in GBA4iOS. After the file finishes downloading, you will be prompted to choose an app to open it in. Select GBA4iOS from the list.
  15. Set your date back. After running GBA4iOS for the first time, you can return to your settings and set “Date & Time” back to automatic, though you will need to set the date back again whenever you reset your iPhone

Pokemon for iPhone has been the most scuttlebutt topic among the gamers. With jailbreak, it is possible to play Pokemon on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 or any version of Apple iPhone.

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Jailbreaking is the act of changing the iPhone software to remove the restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple the principal limitation being that software can only be installed from the App Store.

Since Nintendo confirmed that the Pokemon Go edition is coming for Android along with iOS, what is the need for going for jailbreak? Pokemon Go release date is scheduled for July 2016. The version will be available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.


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