How to Go Incognito?

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Incognito mode or private browsing is one of the best ways to keep your activity hidden in your system. The best part is that you need to have some knowledge to execute the process. Incognito mode is something that will hide your downloads, history, autofill and dialogue box information.

It is meant to keep all your browsing secret. In case you utilize a public computer, you must learn how to go incognito to keep your data secret. It prevents the browser from storing the browsing history locally. It keeps your activity details anonymous and does not allow your internet service provider or your employer to see your activities on the Internet or to check your traffic. If you wanted to use the Private tab on any other browser but also wanted to export Chrome Bookmarks. here how to Export Chrome Bookmark.

In Chrome window, you have to open it by clicking on the Incognito icon on the upper left corner of the browser. You may also click on Ctrl + Shift + N in Windows to open the window and command+ Shift+ N in Mac so that you seamlessly go to the incognito mode. The number of browsers you open in this window is also in incognito.


If you require any extension or find any extension plugin notifications in between the incognito window session, you may very easily accept the notification by moving to the “Extensions” menu. The button is the key with the name mentioned in the upper right corner. You will find notifying as “extensions” and you will find it on the top section of the browser.

The terminology or understanding of what is incognito mode is the same with every browser. In other ways, if you switch windows, you need to select the “browse the guest” option, which is almost a guest account. When the guest window is closed, all the data gets deleted permanently.

How to go Incognito on any Browser


In order to go to the Chrome menu, you have to click on the menu and scroll down to make the menu appear properly. Once the menu appears, all the things are self-explanatory.

In Chrome, the incognito mode icon is displayed at the top right corner of the browser. The new tab will appear, and the incognito number will display on the top of the address bar. Now, just slide left and right between the incognito and regular browsers. In order to open the full browser, you have to tap on the top of the browser.

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In many cases, you have to hit on the plus icon (+) to go to the incognito tab. In case you are browsing on a regular tab, it will allow you to open a fresh standard tab.

You have to swipe tabs to close each one of them. You may close them so that you can tap on X icon at the upper section of the corner.

In few cases, you need to click on the ‘Select InPrivate browsing’ and tool menu. Suppose, you find the tools menu and click on Alt, you may also click on Ctrl+ P+ shift to go to the InPrivate window. In many versions higher than Internet Explorer 8, you have to go to InPrivate browsing.

In case you want to open more than one incognito window, you have to go to ‘open incognito tab’ and follow the same process so that you can go ahead with multiple incognito windows.

The starting page will instruct you about the new InPrivate window, and you see the notification” InPrivate” beside the address bar.

You just have to keep on clicking on the InPrivate option in the window browser and keep on increasing the InPrivate options. However, the normal browser will keep the normal browsing history in place for future reference. None of the add-on features will be deactivated in case you continuously use the InPrivate window.

Now that you understood the process to go to incognito mode, it is also necessary to understand how to turn off incognito mode. However, the process is very easy, and the browsers are self-explanatory.

Another crucial agenda is the navigation in between regular and incognito mode; your InPrivate tabs will be marked with “InPrivate” mode.

Now let us talk about the Firefox options. Here you may click on the (☰) icon to go to the Firefox menu option. But click on the Firefox on the upper left end of the browser. Here also, the process of how to open incognito is quite simple, and you need not be a techie to grab the process; it’s just a matter of few clicks.


The same formula is applicable here too. You can open a number of incognito windows. In case you want to cancel the windows, you may go head and find the X icon on top of the window and simply click on it. The process of canceling the incognito window is as easy as opening a new incognito tab.

Now, let us see how to open an incognito tab in Safari. Safari is one of the popular browsers used globally. For Safari, let us understand the process in a more simplified manner. You can simply go ahead and click on Command + Shift + N. For the older versions, to get the Safari menu, you need to go to the option “Private Browsing” and then click on OK.

Hope that the above article helped you in understanding what does incognito mode do, but the matter of fact is that how well you can go ahead and do the needful. The incognito mode not only helps you to secure your activities but also, it keeps your work hidden from those people you do not want it to be seen by.

In simple words, all your activities are kept confidential, and there’s no better way than an incognito mode to maintain this confidentiality.

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