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How to Hide Photos on iPhone?

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Our special memories in the form of beautiful pictures are very precious to us.

Most of us have the habit of capturing our best moments with our camera.

We always want to keep those pics safe and private and don’t want to share them with anyone. But there are some people have a very appalling habit of peeping into other’s phone every time. Whenever they find anyone’s phone lying on the table, they pick it up and browse through the personal pictures of those people.

This habit of some people irritates a lot as many of us don’t want to share our personal moments with anyone. Even our parents do this at times and look through our pictures and videos, which they are not supposed to see.

So, in this editorial, we are going to pick up on the points on how to hide photos on iPhone from such people. It will help us to hide our special moments from unwanted guests peeping in our phone.


Through the declaration of iOS 9, Apple enthusiasts and blogosphere around the world started downloading the updated format on their Apple devices. Although it’s a vast and unique aspect of iOS 9, many iPhone owners are still doubtful about how to do it. And one of the best parts is that you can hide photos on iPhone and iPad aided by iOS 9.

This factor was lacking in the former type of iOS. With the growing usage of social media on smartphones, customers commonly share their personal information, photos, and videos with everyone.

At times, our friends and relatives peep into our phone and into our special moments. This issue gave rise to this component of hiding our private photos and videos from others.

If you don’t know about this aspect of iPhone, then let’s discover it in the following steps. Here’s how to hide pictures on iPhone.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone?

Before hiding the photos, select the important photos or videos you want to hide:

  • Go to Photo App on your Apple iPhone.
  • Hit on Camera Roll to select multiple photos.
  • Click on Select on the topmost right side of the screen.
  • At this time, click on all those pictures you want to select.

This way, you will be able to select multiple pics and afterwards you can conceal or show the same.

Steps to hide photos or videos on your latest iOS 9 on iPad or iPhone:

  • Open the Photo App on your Apple device. Go to Camera Roll and select photos or videos you want to hide on your device.
  • Now, hit on Share key.
  • Hit on Hide from the lower side of the list of options available.
  • Two options will be disclosed on the screen namely Hide and Cancel. For hiding the selected photos, you have to click on Hide option.
  • The above settings will conceal the images from Collection, Moments and Years but will remain unhidden from Albums.


How to Show the Unseen Photos Again on iPhone?

  • Open Photo App on your Apple device. Go to Camera Roll and select photos or videos you want to hide on your device.
  • Hit on Share key.
  • A list of options will disclose once you hit on Share key.
  • Now, click on Unhide from the below list of options.

Now you are done with selecting, hiding and revealing the photos and videos on your latest version of iOS 9 on your iPhone. In this way, you can keep your photos safe from the unwanted peepers of your phone.

There are also third party applications created for keeping your pictures safe. Listed below are few free apps to hide photos.iPhone is compatible with all of these apps.


  • Private Photo Vault– This app allows you to ingress images into Albums and cover them with the help of password. This app has two added brilliant features namely “break-in report” and “decoy password”.
    The first component will take the photo of the person who tries to peep into your iPhone and find their GPS location. You will be capable of identifying the person breaking into your phone. The second feature will help you set up an alternate trap password to open altered set of images.
  • Best Secret Folder– if you want to hide an application downloaded for hiding pictures, go for Best Secret Folder app. As the sign of this app is covered in My Utilities, no one will know where your photos are veiled.
    This app also sets up a PIN and gives you info about the stalker of your phone in the same way as Private Photo Vault does. In addition, it also has the option to transfer your snaps to the cloud, email, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Keep Safe– In case you’re searching for an easy app with straightforward code word safety for snapshots and videos, find KeepSafe in your iStore. Just tap in your PIN and ingress pictures to photo album in the app.
    After importing pictures, make it a point to remove the photos from the arcade (gallery) on your phone, as the app does not mechanically scrap the pics. To get additional beneficial features such as forged PINs, break-in warnings and modified passwords for separate albums, you can upgrade to the top form in the app’s locations.
  • KYMS- KYMS app symbol is hidden as a calculator. As soon as you connect and launch this app, a sign of calculator appears on the screen. You just have to type a password and equal mark and enter the app.
    Besides concealing pictures, it also collects PDFs, Word forms, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint demonstrations and text records. This app is backed up by Wi-Fi and lets you to ingress media from your processor, camera roll, and the network.

Hope the apps mentioned above are more prevalent than other available apps in iStore and helped you learn how to lock photos on iPhone. There are many paid versions of other apps also. This is info about few of the free apps, which are popular among the users.

Thus, the above info gives you all the details about how to hide photos on iPhone so that you can restrict access to your images and videos. The guidelines will serve as helpful ways to hide pictures in your iPhone as well as through third party support from iStore.

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