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How to Increase Blog Traffic with 7 Simple Methods In 2023

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How to Increase Blog Traffic, Learn Below:

You are reading this article because your blog might be losing its visitors, or you are still waiting for good number of visitors.

I know, attracting visitors on our blog is most difficult task to do.

Even I tried many methods (failed in some and succeeded in some) and raised my traffic at very good level.

This might be a big question in your mind but after reading the tips you will be able increase the traffic on your blog.

There are not only two or three reasons for loosing traffic and getting less number of visitors on your blog, there may be plenty of reasons for this, you should fix this problem that irritates your visitors and rectify it to get more attention.

I have listed below some useful points that will solve your problem about How to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Update Regularly

This is the most basic thing for every blog to survive for a long time. Everybody likes to see updated content on your blog, including Search Engines and your loyal readers. Google always prefer those blogs which have a very good frequency of their blog updation.

So keep a good frequency of your articles and stick with your schedule.

Updating regularly doesn’t means to write just anything, but you should try to write 3 quality posts in every 5 days to gain tag of regularly updated blog. Updating Blog regularly will surely help you in gaining more traffic.

2. Avoid Too many Ads

Displaying too many Ads in your blog not only irritate your readers but also Increases your blog loading time. Your visitor feels really irritated and stops visiting your blog. So it’s very necessary that you maintain a blog without much ads.

Tip: If you are using too much ads on your blog then buy MaxCDN for your blog, which will help you to get good loading speed for your blog.

3. Use Related Content After Post

This will be one of the most important task which you will do on your blog to get more page views.

I started one blog few days back and saw it was having very high bounce rate. I tried to figure out the problem and found that I was not using related posts in my articles.

Once I started using related posts, my bounce rate started decreasing.

4. Write Real Content

This is the habit of most of the newbies to copy the content of other blogs and then publish the same on their own blog. They might get traffic for short-term and earn little money, but such copy pasted contents will be de-indexed by Google or they might ban their AdSense account very soon.

So if you are writing copied content on your blog, then just leave it now, because it may be the reason that you are losing traffic.

5. Redesign your Theme

People don’t like to visit the blogs which are not too good in design. Selection of a good theme is very important for your blog, always select a theme which is attractive and has good colors.

All themes can be easily edited if you have little knowledge about CSS.

Don’t worry of you don’t have any knowledge about CSS, because you can learn it very easily.

So as a blog owner, you should design your theme and satisfy your readers.

6. Don’t Neglect Social Media

Social Media is and will be most effective way for traffic gaining. Bloggers should never underestimate the power of social media. Most of the blogs gets 40% traffic from social media. So neglecting social media can be a huge loss for you and this might be the reason that you are loosing traffic.

7. Behaving Properly

Always check the tone of your article. It must not hurt feeling of any individual.

Always write what you know and don’t try to fake the things.

Final Words.

These are some of the tested and proved ways which I used to get more traffic on my blog and this method is working on almost all of my blogs.

Start implementing them and see the improvement in your blog traffic.

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