How to Install Minecraft Mods

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Minecraft is an extremely popular game in every age group. The graphics, the design and everything in this game is so unique, that people keep on playing Minecraft for several hours non-stop.

The game is so large and comprehensive that it sometimes become difficult for its users to keep up with every aspect of it. Previously, we have provided a detailed guide on Minecraft for PC and how to download Minecraft.

Today, we are back with a new guide on how to install Minecraft mods. We will go through each and every little step on how to get a mod in Minecraft, how to install Minecraft maps, what are its pre-requisites and lots more.

So, stay tuned and keep on reading.

How to Install Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is known for providing a rich gaming experience to its users. But, if you get to know how to get Minecraft mods, you’ll be able to enjoy a completely new game experience and will fall in love with this game even more.

Minecraft offers a number of mods to install on a computer. These modes enhance Minecraft to an extent that the game seems like a completely different one. So, are you ready to feel a completely new an awesome game experience with Minecraft?? Then, why to make any unnecessary delay?? Let’s learn how to download Minecraft mods.

Take a Backup Copy

Before you start installing different Minecraft mods on your computer, it is highly recommended to take a backup copy of the Minecraft data. If you are trying your hands in installing the mods for the first time, then you better take a backup copy of your worlds and other data.

Because, if something goes wrong and Minecraft crashes, you might have to compromise with the data and you’ll have to start the game all over again.

All the necessary Minecraft files and data be stored on the .minecraft folder. So, before you start any procedure just copy the entire. Minecraft folder and paste it somewhere else. It would hardly take a minute.

If at any point of time, you feel you have made a mistake or anything goes wrong, you can delete the entire. Minecraft folder and replace it with this backup copy. Everything would become normal as before.

#Install Mods in Windows XP

Step 1. Download the mods

The first and foremost step is to download the mods you want to install on your computer. You can get them on various Minecraft forums.

But, before you go for download, do check out the reviews of other users. Because some modes might be fake and can get you malware and can cause your computer to crash.

Step 2. Search for the .minecraft folder

To reach to the .minecraft folder open the run window by pressing windows+R key and type %appdata%/.minecraft/bin.

Step 4. Open minecraft.jar folder with 7zip and WinRAR

Remember, you need to have a .rar or .zip extract utility such as WinZip, 7zip, WinRAR or other similar ones. Because, opening the minecraft.jar file with one of these softwares is compulsory.

If you don’t have that software on your system, you’ll not be able to proceed further. If you don’t have one, download it from the reliable sources. 

Now once you have reached to the bin folder, open the minecraft.jar file with WinRAR any above prescribed .rar extractor. For this, hover you cursor over the minecraft.jar file, right-click on it and open it using WinRAR or a similar utility.

Step 5. Delete the META-INF folder

Now, you need to delete the META-INF folder. As this folder interrupts with other mods and can crash the entire game when you start it up to play.

So, make sure you delete this folder to avoid any future problems.

Step 6. Copy the class files and mode file into the folder

After successful deletion of the above-mentioned folder, you need to copy the .class files and mod files to the same folder i.e minecraft.jar.

Step 7. Exit the folder

Once you have copied .class and mod files to the minecraft.jar folder, you can exit from that folder.

Step 8. Copy the class files and mods in other resources if needed 

Remember, most of the time you’ll need to copy the mod files and .class files to the minecraft.jar folder. But some mods comes with special instructions of copying them into other directories or folders like Resources folder, Config folder. You can find these folders in the .minecraft folder itself.

Step 9. Enjoy playing the game in different modes

Once you have successfully executed the above steps, you are done. Now you can enjoy playing Minecraft in the different mods.

#Install Minecraft mods in windows 7

The above method I described is for windows XP users. But if you are a window 7 or windows vista user, don’t worry! Below, I have written a precise method to install Minecraft modes in windows 7 and vista as well.

Step 1. Download the mod files from the reliable sources.

Step 2. Like explain above method, you need to go to .minecraft folder. For this click on the start menu and follow the path


Step 3. Now open the bin folder and go to minecraft.jar folder.

Step 4. Hover your cursor over this folder, right click and open it with WinRAR, 7-zip or other similar software, like I explained above.

Step 5. Now, simply copy the .class file and mod files in minecraft.jar folder or any other folder like Resources folder, Config folder as per the given instructions.

Step 6. That’s it! We are done.

I believe now you have all your doubts clear about how to install Minecraft mods. It’s easy isn’t it?? The method to install modes is same in windows XP, 7 or vista with a slight difference. Just follow the above given steps carefully and enjoy a completely new gaming experience.

But if you have still any doubt, do comment below. We are just a click away! If all your doubts are clear and you have got all your queries solved, share this guide on your social platforms.


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