How To Make $500 Every Day From Facebook

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About How To Make $500 Every Day From Facebook

One of the finest traffic sources for earning is Facebook. Is Facebook, however, good enough to make you $500 per day?

Many individuals make $1,000 each day on Facebook, and if you’re trying to make $500 in a single day, you’re not alone. Then you’ll need to reconsider your Facebook strategy.

On each platform, you should take a different strategy. Pinterest marketing methods may or may not work on Facebook. Because individuals use social media in various ways on different platforms.

Facebook has evolved into a competitive environment for making money and marketing throughout the years. Many newcomers make mistakes when it comes to Facebook strategy. They are either acquiring such tactics from Fake Gurus or just do not understand the process.

Leaving that aside, the most common way to generate money on Facebook is to sell things. You may either sell your own goods or work as an affiliate for someone else’s.

If you are a newbie who does not have a product to sell. Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you want to make money online.

I’ll explain how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to advertise items on Facebook using both free and paid approaches in this post.

How Do I Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

By directing your referrals to an affiliate offer, affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions. The following are the four essential things to get started with affiliate marketing:-

For affiliate marketing, there are a variety of niches to select from. By 2022, affiliate marketing is expected to expand by 8.2 billion dollars. As a result, affiliate marketing is used to sell hundreds of specialized items every day. It’s simple to sign up as an affiliate and begin selling items in any area.

On Facebook, pick a strong niche for affiliate marketing. To do research, utilize keyword tools (or) just Google and Facebook. According to me, the most successful affiliate marketing areas are:-

  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Fitness & Health
  • Relationships & Love
  • Spirituality
  • Pet Supplies

You can select from any of the niches listed above. You may explore for things that are related to your interests and see who is marketing them on Facebook. If a lot of individuals in your sector are pushing things on Facebook, you have an opportunity to sell those products as well.

Following niche selection, the next step is to identify the best-selling items in your niche and become an affiliate for them. You have the option of promoting any physical (or) digital product that is accessible in your niche.

Sign up for any of these marketplaces to locate the top affiliate items in your niche:

  • Associate Program with Amazon
  • JVZoo \sClickBank
  • WarriorPlus
  • Digistore24

Find items in your niche and analyze how they’re performing in terms of a number of sales, refund rate, conversion rate, and, most crucially, verify if your product is on the top-selling list once you’ve joined up for any of the aforementioned marketplaces.

If a product is selling well and has a low return rate, it is a good sign. As a result, it becomes easier for you to offer such things as a novice.

Note: If you’re seeking for big commissions, selling digital items is an excellent option. Typically, most digital items pay you commissions of 40–70% for each transaction you make.

The most efficient strategy to market any product on Facebook is to create sales funnels and generate revenue. In general, a sales funnel is a set of actions that you use to convert visitors into paying clients.

How To Make $500 Every Day From Facebook:

The following are the most important phases in creating a sales funnel:

Creating a Squeeze/Landing Page

The first step in constructing a sales funnel is to create a landing page. A landing page’s goal is to capture people’s email addresses. People will be led to the affiliate product that you’re marketing after their email IDs have been collected, and if they don’t buy your affiliate product at first sight, they will be forwarded to the affiliate product that you’re promoting. You may use your emails to re-target them.

You’ll need funnel builder software to create a landing page. There is a lot of software out there that is similar to ClickFunnels. Where you can get a funnel builder for a reasonable price and create beautiful landing pages. The main objective of a landing page is to collect your visitor’s email address so that you may retarget them later.

Using the software’s pre-made templates, you may quickly create a lead capture page (or landing page). Later, you may link it to an email autoresponder to gather addresses and use a sequence of emails to retarget your prospects.

You may use a free autoresponder like Aweber to sell your affiliate items, as it offers you free access to the first 500 subscribers.

The fourth and last component of Facebook affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your landing pages. I’ll show you how to get traffic and make $500+ on Facebook using both free and paid ways down below.

Join a Facebook group for free traffic.

Before we go into this free traffic approach, it’s important to note that you won’t see results in a day, a week, or a month if you use free traffic sources. You must realize that free traffic is more difficult to sell, especially if you are a beginner. Building your email list and converting your prospects into affiliate product buyers will take some time.

The benefit of employing free traffic is that it does not require a large financial investment. However, you must devote time to achieve the desired outcomes.

On Facebook, you may look for groups in your field and join those with a big number of members. Because the larger the group’s following, the more people you’ll reach with your postings.

The following are the two most important reasons to join Facebook groups in order to make money:

  • Making connections with individuals in your niche
  • It’s simple to present your offer and convert leads.

After you’ve joined a few Facebook groups, you should start connecting with the members of those groups. Within your groups, you may begin providing useful and informative content. These postings should be topical and have something that will entice people to interact with them.

Giving a free useful and resourceful guide to people in your field is the greatest approach to increase interaction with your content.

You may include some helpful ideas, tactics, and offers in the booklet that will benefit individuals in your Facebook groups. Offering a free ebook (or) something else on your landing pages will help you convert more leads.

If you’re pushing a diet plan as an affiliate product, for example. You may make a free booklet outlining “two food programs that will help you maintain your protein levels.” Share information that is relevant to your offer and beneficial to your group members.

Interacting with others in the groups is another fantastic approach to connect with them. Many people join Facebook groups in order to discover solutions to their issues. If you devote sufficient time to your groups. You may locate folks like these who could be a prospective leads for a sale. Because you’re both in the same group, you can easily communicate with them.

Start by leaving a comment:

In each group, there will be people who leave comments on postings and ask questions. You can begin communicating with such individuals. If someone has left a remark on one of your posts. Either they’re interested in your content (or) they have a question for you.

You may begin by responding to comments on your own posts, and then go on to responding to comments on other people’s posts. Your feedback should be useful and not seem like someone attempting to sell you something.

You may send these folks a friend request and add them to your Facebook friends list after responding to several comments.

Begin communicating with your potential leads:

You may send direct messages to people you know. Sending messages to someone who isn’t on your friend’s list, on the other hand, will cause your message to get buried among their message requests, and your communications are unlikely to be viewed.

It’s critical to add them as a Facebook friend if we want others to see our message. Once someone is added to your friend’s list, you may send them direct messages, which will be delivered to their inboxes.

Try to add as many individuals from your Facebook groups as possible. Because these individuals will be familiar with you and are most likely to be your prospective lead. By sending them a message, you may pitch them on your free ebook (or) free resource. These individuals will register on your landing page and become your leads.

When someone subscribes to your email list. You may send them emails with links to your affiliate items in them.

Paid Traffic Method – Make $500 Per Day Using Facebook Ads

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertisements, you’re aware that they use interest-based targeting. As a result, Facebook is regarded as a cost-effective and higher-converting traffic source on the internet.

You may run advertising on Facebook for as little as $5 per day, and you can run many ads at once. On Facebook, running advertisements is a big strategy to generate leads and earn money.

The majority of marketers use Facebook advertisements to execute affiliate marketing and earn thousands of dollars. If you want to discover how to make $500 a day on Facebook utilizing ads, follow the steps below.

If you want to learn how to use Facebook advertisements on your own. To make $500 a day on Facebook, you’ll need to spend some time learning and implementing the correct ad techniques. However, I can assist you in comprehending the three key components of creating a Facebook marketing campaign: –

  • Identify the Correct Interests
  • Having an Effective Ad Copy

Putting Advanced Advertising Strategies into Practice

We already know that Facebook Ads target people based on their interests. It’s up to us to conduct extensive study and determine the interests of our target audience. You may begin by targeting the most popular and general interests in your niche with your adverts.

After you’ve tested a handful of shared interests and analyzed which ones work best for you, you may sort out your interests.

If you’re marketing dog food, for example. You might select a shared interest, such as dog lovers or dog food, as your passion. After a week of running your advertising, review which interests produced the best results and try to include those interests into your marketing campaign.

On the other hand, you may conduct thorough study prior to launching your marketing campaigns. By examining your rivals’ Facebook activity and determining the kind of individuals who interact with them. You may also target certain groups and learn about their common behaviors to be more targeted with your audience.

If you’re marketing a dog food product, for example. Dog lovers who follow large pages like ‘Dog Lovers by Greater Good’ and ‘Dog is Good’ might be targeted. You may reach folks who are more qualified to buy your goods by being more exact with your targeting. At the same time, targeting such a targeted demographic will increase the cost of your advertisements compared to targeting a wide interest audience.

Creating Effective Ad Copy

The photographs (or) videos, headlines, and captions used in Facebook advertising are referred to as ad copies. The finest ad text is one which gets people to look at and click on your ad. There are three factors that set your ad copy apart from the rest:-

Advertising Media:

On Facebook Ads, the majority of the time, photos and videos are used. If you’re a newbie, you can use Canva to create your own photos and then add them to your ad wording.

However, if you want interactive ad copy on Facebook, you’ll have to pay more. Then video advertisements are the most effective. People are more likely to watch video commercials, which will help your ad stand out among a sea of picture ads. To make effective and professional-looking videos for your commercials, you may use any video editing program.

As long as an advertisement accurately depicts what the viewer will receive if they click on it. It meets the criteria for an excellent ad copy.

Headline and CTA (Call to Action):

People are more likely to read the headlines in your ad copy after seeing the ad media, and will decide whether or not to click on your ad depending on your Call-To-Action (CTA)

Although headlines might be intuitive, they should not be deceptive. The basic goal of the headline is to make people feel compelled to act. Either tell them what they could be gaining (or losing) or tell them what they might be losing.

The Headline does the most of the job in getting people to click on your adverts. However, a CTA is necessary to inform consumers where to click when they see an ad. Writing Captions:

Headlines and descriptions in ad copy are limited to a particular number of characters. It’s possible that you won’t be able to write text in the Headline (or) the Description. To tell a story and get people to engage with your advertisements. You can use the caption in that one spot.

In your caption, you can write a long essay regarding your product. Good copywriters may use this area to build a tale and get people to look at and read your advertisement. You’ll acquire more clicks from your ad campaigns if you can pique people’s curiosity in your adverts.

Note: Emojis can be used in your text to distinguish your Headlines and Captions from a block of text.


To generate money on Facebook with affiliate marketing, you may start with free traffic tactics. However, it takes time to see results, and you must be patient with your efforts.

Paid traffic strategies on Facebook, on the other hand, guarantee greater and faster results. However, if you’re a rookie, you might make a lot of mistakes in your first few marketing campaigns.

However, many affiliate marketers have found success by following the procedures outlined above. You can check with any affiliate marketer on Facebook who makes more than $500 a day, and they will almost certainly teach you the same things.

It’s entirely up to you how you want to study it and earn money rapidly. It’s best for novices to use free traffic to obtain leads into their autoresponder. Your email list is the most valuable asset in your internet business. You may target more people with your affiliate items and receive greater results as your email list develops in size.

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