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How To Make A GIF In Photoshop 2023?

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If you would be surfing the internet, you must be aware of animated Gifs. If not let me tell you what actually a gif is. In today’s article, first, we will see the basic introduction of Gif, and then we will move to the guide that is How to make a gif in photoshop. 

However, making animated gifs in photoshop is easy. All you need is a proper guide which we have brought for you today.

I have seen many people asking how to make a gif.

If you are also one of those, then probably the time has come to get the answers. Along with how to make a gif in photoshop, we will also get to see how to save a gif in photoshop

So let’s begin the guide and check how to make gifs in photoshop. 

How To Make A GIF In Photoshop

Does a picture say a thousand words and an animated GIF? Probably says about a million words.

Yes, an animated gif is the latest way to conveying thoughts and emotions that words even an image can’t describe.

Gifs are the image files that allow you to feature animated images that make it seem like the image is moving.

Animated images are the latest interest and craze nowadays. If you are a Facebook user, probably I don’t need to tell you how much popularity these photoshop animated gif has gained.

well now without wasting much time let’s check out the procedure to create an animated gif.

In this guide, I will tell you the method of creating the animated gif in photoshop.

Here go the steps and the procedure. Follow all the steps carefully and learn to create the animated gif.

An animated gif can be created in two ways one from the videos and another way to create a gif is images. We will try covering both ways!

Let’s begin the guide with the videos.

Make An Animated GIF With Video:

in order to create the animated gif, it is mandatory for you to have a good video sequence with which you want to make a GIF. The video could be anything depends on your choice but, try choosing the video or clip that is not too long. Once you have decided on the video follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download the video on the desktop you have chosen. Once done, trim it down to only the length you want the GIF to play. Try to make it a 2-3 second clip. More would be hard to handle.

Step 2: Now open up the video in photoshop software. And go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.

Make an animated GIF with video

Here you will need to import the video you want to make a gif of. When you select and import the video to photoshop, it’ll be engulfed and transformed into a series of still images.

You can use the entire video or choose a particular portion by using sliders. Depends on your choice.

Step 3: Here you can set up and change the settings. Adjust color balance, effects, shadow, and whatnot can be done in photoshop. Once you are done with all the settings it is time to save the file.

how to save gifs: Once you are done, creating the animated clip it’s time to save. To save the file, all you will need to do is click on File and then Save for The Web. Then you will see a window where, you can tweak the settings, and make your newly created of smaller.

Always try to make Gif no larger than 1MB so that it won’t take ages to load on web pages. Now go through all the settings and choose the one you feel like choosing.

That’s all!! Now simply save and share wherever you feel like sharing.

Make An Animated GIF With Still Images:

The above procedure was to make an animated gif with video. If you want to learn to create animated gifs from images as well, follow the below procedure.

Step 1: First and foremost, collect all the images that you want to sequence in the Gif.

Step 2: Once you are done with the collection, go to File then Scripts, and then select Load Files into Stack.

Make an Animated GIF with still images

Step 3: Now click on Browse and select the images on your desktop that you want to string together into a GIF. Once done, click Ok. All the images would be opened.

Now arrange them all accordingly. Make sure the first frame should occupy the very bottom layer and so forth.

If you are not able to upload images with layers, you can create each layer individually in photoshop itself. To do so, simply run photoshop and create a new image by clicking

File > New and then selecting “OK.”

Step 4: Afterwards, unlock the background layer by double-clicking the lock icon and at last, create a new layer by opening Layer > New > Layer. Again, string your animation from the bottom up.

Step 5: After you are done arranging the layer, subsequence them. The sequencing procedure may vary in a different version of photoshop.

After you’ve opened photoshop’s sequencing tool, click on a small, right-facing arrow in the upper-right-hand corner, and then select “Make Frames From Layers.” That’s all you are almost done!!

Here, use the menu underneath each frame to toggle its duration. The menu, at the bottom left corner, controls the duration your Gif will replay. If you want your Gif to replay endlessly, select Forever.

And here you go! You have successfully created your animated gif. Now at last export, it from photoshop by following the same procedure mentioned above. Again make sure to not keep Gif more than 1MB.

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How was the guide How to make a gif in photoshop?? How do you like it? Do let us know via dropping the comment in the comment section.

Creating animated gif is quite easy in photoshop. I am sure you must have got that after reading the article. Follow all the steps carefully and create your own animated gif. Do share the article on the socials if you feel like sharing.


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