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How to Make a Meme: 10 Best Websites

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The internet is a funny place. Ever since I have joined social media, I have been seeing images with tags and funny quotes written over them and have been always dreaming if I could create them. But never had the idea of how these images (known as memes) are actually created. But now, I know how these memes are generated and thought to share it with all of you, our dear readers.

If you are also eager to create your own meme and want to learn how to make a meme online then I assure you, your curiosity is going to end here. Today, I will let you know how to make a meme online that too without putting in too much of an effort.

Our socials are filled with memes nowadays and undoubtedly these interesting comical images pop up every time we open Facebook, Reddit or some other site of similar ilk. If you are also a fan of these memes then you are definitely going to love the article! Let’s see what are these ways and methods memes are created through.

How To Make a Meme

Nowadays Meme has become an indispensable part of the internet world. Rare would be the people who are not aware with the meme.

If you also love meme and enjoy these kinda epic and humorous images then why not create them? In today’s article, I will share the top 10 best websites and sources that will help you to make your own meme. These websites are given below.

1. Quick Meme 

 How to make a meme

Quick meme is one of the most visited websites by meme lovers. If you wish to create your own meme then assuredly it is a must-visit site for you. The quick meme is not only used by experienced users of the internet but for an average user as well it is the best choice. Yes if you are not so expert then also you can create your own meme by using this website.

By using Quick meme, you can get the most popular, random and newest memes. It also contains gif images. You can pick any of them you want.

2. Meme Maker

This is the second top best website for meme creation. At Meme maker, you can find the best of funny memes, epic fails, rage comics, and various funny images here. To create a meme you don’t need to sign up even. Simply pick the category and edit it as per your own choice.

The most accessible and most famous website among the meme lovers. So if you also enjoy creating memes then don’t waste time. Visit the website and create your own meme with just a few clicks.

3. Meme Generator

 How to make a meme

Meme Generator is one of the best tools to create your own internet meme. alike the above two mentioned website meme generator also allows you to browse through the most popular and best memes on the internet.

Any meme which is given on the website is easily editable. You don’t need to search for other images once you are on the meme generator. It contains more than 7k images that can be generated with your own. This website is highly recommended for meme lovers.

4. Meme Center

 How to make a meme

Meme center is also the most visited website nowadays. You won’t find any difficulty in finding rage comics, epic trolls, and lots more variety is available there on the meme center.

Along with simple meme images, it also allows you to create animated gif images. If you like animated gif as well go for the meme center.


This website doesn’t need any introduction before any internet user, especially for a meme lover. It is one of the good meme generator websites. With the help of DIYLOL, you can easily generate your own meme with peace.

This website works as all other meme generator website does. If you love creating meme online then you should try DIY lol at least once.


Once you visit the website you will get why I have mentioned this website in the top 10 list. In you can browse through a most popular meme and the meme list where you will find many various interesting categories.

I am pretty sure you must be already knowing about the troll website if you consider yourself a Memo fanatic. If no, then don’t think much, go and create a meme of your own choice.

7. Imgflip

Apart from the meme generator, Imgflip also lets us create a reliable GIF. The best part of this tool is, along with editing text and uploading our own images it also allows us to add additional text boxes and provide font options.

Once you join Imgflip, all the images & captioned memes you have created so far will be saved in My Images folder. If you try this website you will have surely a good experience.

 8. Zipmeme

Zipmeme is another yet best meme generator website that is quite similar to a quick meme and meme generator (I have mentioned above). To create a meme with Zipmeme, you can upload your own image from your drive or you can also use other popular meme images that are already uploaded over the website.

On the Zipmeme, you can also use Rage Maker given on the top of the page. Moreover, you can also sort through the featured, random or most popular memes there.

9.  Meme Creator

Like all the other meme websites this is equally good and easy to use. Meme Creator allows you to re-create meme as well along with new creation. At the home page, you will see two main options Create and Browse.

To create a new meme simply click on the create option and you will be loaded with a bunch of image templates you can use for your own memes.

10. Livememe

Last but not least. Livememe is also used to generate memes over the internet. Its functionality is like all the above-mentioned websites. The live meme allows it’s users to create memes without any hassle. Once you visit the website, you will find all the meme images right on the home page.

All you will have to do is, click on that image and add the caption you like and generate the meme. If you want some additional effects, clicks on more options and enjoy free meme.

Moreover, you can also use the app that is iMeme for generating meme if you are a mac user. Apart from that, there are some other tools like IB Memes, Rage Comic Builder, etc as well which can be used to create a meme.

Now I guess you have got how to make a meme online. With this, I am wrapping up the article. Now enjoy creating epic interesting and humorous memes and try your creativity. After using these websites, do share your experience with us!


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