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How To Make Professional Email Address 2023? – In Details

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What do you think a professional email address should look like??? Or what are the best professional email example?? Blank? No Answers??

A professional email address is the first impression your business has on your customers. It’s the main source of your online reputation and the base factor for building trust among your customers.

Having an email ID with a suffix Gmail or Hotmail i.e [email protected], or [email protected] is as bad for your business as having no online reputation!

After getting to know a little about the professional email addresses, you must have understood so far what the best email accounts should be looking like! Yes, it should be in a format like [email protected]

The very first step every business should take after setting up their business website is to create an email address that looks just like professionals.

Imagine the scenario, where you have to contact a company to use their services and the email address they have given in their contact info looks something like [email protected], will you ever feel that trust base towards that company??

On the other hand, another company offering the same services has the email address [email protected]. Which company you would like to take services from?? The answer is clear enough!

That’s where the main difference comes in. In this tutorial, we will be discussing the best professional-looking email address ideas, how to create a professional email address with google apps, and more!

How to Make Professional Email Address

How To Make Professional Email Address:

Making a professional email ID is easier than you think. And the best part is, the service we are going to use to create a professional email address is google apps itself.

There are multiple reasons why we will be using the google app for creating the business email address.

  • The first and foremost reason is its GOOGLE, the most trustworthy, reliable, and dependable company in the world.
  • The cost for creating a professional ID and maintaining is quite reasonable.
  • One of the most important reasons is, you don’t need to learn any extra skills, time, and effort to learn new software to run your business email account. It works just like the normal Gmail we use for our personal uses. Even the login URL is the same as we use to open our Gmail account.
  • Gmail is the most trustworthy and reliable email service provider, its service has been considered as the most trustworthy, secure, and authentic. There is no other service that is as good as Gmail.
  • Google apps can be operated from any device possible.
  • There are many apps and Gmail compatible plugins to enhance Gmail’s services.
  • Moreover, the user interface for creating and maintaining a professional email address on the google app is one of the simple tasks.

Certainly, there are plain of other reasons, we won’t be discussing here but we definitely can assure you that it’s the best tool to creating a professional email address.

Let’s head over to the steps.

The first step is to visit the Google Apps for Work, this is where we will be creating our professional email address. The google apps home page looks like the below image.

How to Make Professional Email Address 1

Just click on Start free trial. Google gives you access to google apps for free for 30 days. After 30 days, if everything seems good to you, you can go premium.

After clicking the Start free trial button, you’ll be redirected to the sign-up form. Fill in the required details and click Next.

On clicking next, you need to choose to use a domain name I have already purchased if you already have a domain name, or else select buy a domain name and click Next.

 Once done, Google will ask you to create your google app account. Fill in the required details and click Accept and sign up and you’ll be redirected to the admin dashboard of your newly created Google Apps account.

In the next step, you’ll require verifying your domain, once you are done, you need to set up a professional business email address, do as per the instructions on your screen and you are done!

Google is very smart to help you set up your google account by providing easy navigation depending upon the hosting your website is running on.

Actually, I don’t need to tell you any instructions, no matter if you are tech-savvy or a non-techie, you can easily set a professional-looking email for your business by simply following the instructions on the screen.

But before you actually start to implement the above-mentioned method, read out some quick tips to select a perfect-looking professional email address for you!

Tips To Creating Professional Email Address:

The above portion of the tutorial has taught you how to create a professional email address with google apps. Now let’s see what things you should be keeping in mind before creating the professional email address.

1.  Select a Long-Lasting Name:

If you are a business, you can’t change your business email address very often. So don’t choose your professional email address which you feel like changing soon. Select the name wisely and it should be long-lasting and professional-looking.

2. Don’t Ever Use The Domain as a Suffix With a Bad Reputation:

If your website has not had a good reputation on the internet, don’t use it in your professional email address. Avoid that website and select a better one, if you have the choice.

Or create a new domain. Putting a bad reputed domain name in your professional email might hurt your online reputation.

3. Use Authentic Prefix:

Don’t use unprofessional names in your business emails like [email protected]. Use your professional name either or [email protected], [email protected], support, or something similar.

4. Avoid Typos:

Don’t ever do typos in your professional email address. It will destroy your online reputation. Be professional, stay calm and put all your brains into selecting your professional email address. It’s the base of your online presence.

With these quick tips, I’m wrapping up my guide. I hope this tutorial helped you create a professional email address for yourself! A professional email address is something that can build your reputation and at the same time, it can ruin your reputation.

Be wise while selecting your professional address. Money helps you make more money. So don’t hesitate to spend some bucks on the professional email address. It’s your business after all!

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