How to Monitor Network Usage on Mac Dock (Full Guide)

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Activity Monitor is a way to see the internet activity at one glance. With Activity Monitor, it’s easy for people who use Apple to see their internet activity… Here’s how you can set up this handy feature:

First, open “Activity Monitor.” If you are unsure about what keystrokes will open it quickly or where to find the Spotlight search bar is on your Mac, press Command+Space before typing in “activity monitor.” and get the relevant results you are looking for.

Next, right-click on the Activity Monitor icon in your dock, next is choose the menu “Dock Icon” and followed by “Show Network Usage.”

Once you select “Show Network Usage”, the Activity Monitor Dock icon will show your network activity in real time… You can change how often this updates by going to View > Update Frequency in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

The default setting of the network usage Dock graph is packets in per second and packets out per second. This is how many data packets your Mac receives and sends respectively.

If you want to see data sent and received in bytes instead of time, click the main Activity Monitor window. If it is not open already, press Command+1 to open it. Select the “Network” tab at the bottom of the window.

Find the small graph at the bottom of the window. Change the word “Packet” to “Data”

The data read per second index is now displayed in blue, and the number of bytes written every second can be seen by looking at red.

When you have the Dock icon configuration, close all windows of the main Activity Monitor with one click.

If you want to use Activity Monitor quietly while doing other things on your computer, just close the main window. The network usage graph in the Dock continues to update. If you close Activity Monitor, it will return back to normal mode.

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