How to Move iTunes Library to New Computer?

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iTunes turns as an anterior end for Apple’s QuickTime media structure. It is an essential part to accomplish the audio data of an iPod, iPhone, or iPad through other software.

It is the greatest way to consolidate and relish the music and movies you already have on your iPhone and shop for the ones you want to get. iTunes is the home of your love for music, which you can enjoy and enlarge.

It’s the place where you organize and head to the tracks you’ve composed from everywhere. You just need to know how to move iTunes library to new computer or vice versa so that you can easily do the needed action.

Your Apple Music Connection helps you discover artists, albums, and types you never knew you will adore. It is the place where you can purchase new songs from over 43 million tracks in the iTunes Store to form a private music library full of never-ending listening experiences.

It’s all just a click away to get this on your phone. With over 85,000 films to pick from, there’s always something inordinate to watch on iTunes. Enthrall yourself by the hit films you’ve been waiting to see — anytime, anyplace.

Just run to play or download it on your iPhone, if you’re going to anyplace you won’t have Wi-Fi. You just need to know how to move iTunes library to new computer or vice versa so that you can easily do the needed action.

It helps you enjoy your created library while you’re going to work, traveling or just standing in a queue at someplace.

How to Move iTunes Library to New Computer in Different Ways

If you have got a new computer or existing computer, and want to move the iTunes library to it, then you have to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article.

It is going to be a lengthy process, but it’s not irritating at all. After you are through with setting up procedure in both the devices (the new and the old one from which you have to transfer it), you can leave it till the transfer gets complete.

In case you have an enormous collection in your library then it may take hours, but anyhow you have to do it to save your library to it and access it later on.

There are three methods to transfer iTunes library to another computer:

  • Using home sharing
  • Using an external drive
  • Using iTunes match

Using Home Sharing

Here’s how to transfer iTunes library through home-sharing.

First, you need to analyze that you have all the vital setup for Home Sharing. To use Home Sharing amongst two devices, you must have iTunes installed on both the devices.

They need to be on the same home network (wired or Wi-Fi), and you must have an Apple ID that connects to your iTunes account.

Step 1- Open iTunes on both devices- you first have to check that both connect to the same network, and the latest version of iTunes is installed on both the devices.

Step 2- Select the Home Sharing icon on the computer- The image is situated in the left menu where your music library is. If the Home Sharing sign is not available, get along to File, go to Library and then select Home Sharing. Select “Turn on Home Sharing”. The Home Sharing sign will not be seen unless it is allowed on both devices.

Step 3- Enter your Apple ID and password and click the Create Home Share button.

Step 4- Approve your second device to which you are transferring your library. Click the Store menu and then select “Authorize Computer”. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and secret word.

Step 5- Select the Home Sharing icon in the left menu and under that icon will be all of the collections on your major device from which you want to copy to another computer.

Select whether you want to copy, or click Edit and choose Select All to copy all. You can select to copy exact files, specific playlists, or your complete library.

Step 6- Tap the Import button and your files will begin copying to your new computer. It all depends on the dimension of your collection and the rapidity of your network. If your library is huge, then it may take much more time than expected.

Using External Drive

For this again, you need to check all the necessary requirements – meaning you need to ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is working, and the latest version of iTunes is installed on both the devices. Here’s how to transfer iTunes library to another computer.

Step 1- Just before copying all of your media files, including the library file that has all your playlists and additional sites, to a different computer, find the following folder on your new computer.

In Mac: Choose Go > Home from the Finder menu bar> Double click the Music folder.

In Windows XP: Direct to >Documents and Settings>username>My Documents>My Music.

In Windows Vista: Direct to >Users>username>Music>iTunes.

In Windows 7 and Windows 8: Direct to >Users>username>My Music>iTunes.

Step 2- Move the iTunes folder in this location onto the desktop.

Step 3- Trace the external drive on your new computer

Step 4- Double-click the external drive icon to open it.

Step 5- Move the iTunes folder from your external drive to the Music folder on Mac or My Music Folder for Windows on your original computer. The sending may take a while if you have a lot of content in your iTunes library.

Step 6- Open iTunes now and you can check all you moved music, playlists, and other information, including play counts and evaluations from your old device to your new one.

Using iTunes Match:

This way to transfer iTunes library to the new computer is not fast and will not transfer all the content to the new computer. But still, it is known to be a compact way of moving iTunes to a new computer.

It may charge you some fees and it stores all the media files by iCloud. Learn how to move iTunes library to new computer.

Step 1- Sign up for iMatch

Step 2- Your library is coordinated with your iCloud account, uploading the perfect songs. It may take some time depending on the song list.

Step 3- Go to your new computer, sign in to your iCloud account and open iTunes.

Step 4- In the Store menu, click ‘Turn on iTunes Match’.

Step 5- All the music in your iCloud account will download to your new iTunes library. Your music will not download until you lookout for an option, which allows you to download large music files.

Staying aware of how to transfer iTunes library to new computer through different ways would be helpful when one method doesn’t work.

The extent of your library will decide how much time it will take to transfer iTunes to the new computer. iTunes Match is good for transferring music files only as it does not transfer videos, books, and apps.

There are many ways to combine numerous iTunes libraries into a single library. If you’re moving iTunes library to a new computer, that is the only method of merging libraries.


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