How to Password Protect Word Document 2023?

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Microsoft Word has grown out to be one of the most popular and prominent word processing programs in the world. It wouldn’t be inapt to say that Microsoft word has successfully mastered our digital professional lives.

It has made the work a lot easier and organized.

Talking from the perspective of the user, Word is one of the simplest Microsoft Office Programs.

However, many people are confined to the belief that MS Word can only edit text and TPS reports. To their surprise, it is capable of much more than you think.

Recently a lot of people, have been drifting towards the question that how a password protected a word document.

Restricting and protecting a document simply ensures that you have the ultimate authority over the document.

Let’s have a look at the ways via which a document can be locked:

Lock a Word Document

Sometimes, you want to protect your document in lieu of avoiding the inadvertent changes made by the users.

Password limit access to your Word document. Let’s see how:

  1. Once you have completed your file, hit the “Save As” option by clicking on the MS office button.
  2. While saving the file, you can find “Tools” written on the bottom left part of the dialog box. Click on the “Tools” drop-down arrow and select the option “general options”.lock a word document
  3. A new dialog box opens which has two fields, namely: Password to open and Password to modify. Choose the option as per your requirement and click OK.

 Locking Specific Segments of Word File

Any file can be locked by using a password. Microsoft Word comes with an option that restricts the reader’s functioning. It is a great way to perpetuate the privacy of your file.

Let’s have a look at the how-to password protect a word document:

  1. Open the MS office word document and move over to the review tab provided at the topmost rows. Click the “Restrict Editing” option.restricted editing
  2. A drop-down list opens up with a lot of options entitled to it. Select the portion of the document that you do not want to protect. Remember the key, that only the unselected portion gets protected.
  • In the “Formatting restrictions” section, select “Limit formatting to a selection of styles,” and click the “Settings” link. You will see that all styles in the “Checked styles are currently allowed” box are selected by default. Use the “None” button to de-select all the styles and then select the ones you want. You can also choose the “Recommended Minimum” option, and click “OK” when done.restricted editing 1
  • A dialog box will pop up asking to remove styles that are not allowed. It is preferable that you click “No” in order to keep the styles for future use, which is not allowed in your document.

restricted editing 2

  • Next, there will be an option entitled “allow only this type of editing in the document”. Enable the option.
  • Select the option, “No changes, Read-only”.
  • In case, the document is to be protected from everyone, select “Everyone” from the exception section. It is an optional tab, thus can be left as it is.
  • To complete, finally, click on “Yes start enforcing protection”.

restricted editing 3

  1. After this, a new dialog box opens up. Herein, you need to enter and re-enter the password. Once the password is entered, Tap OK. The password simply helps to prevent people from turning off the formatting and editing restrictions.

restricted editing 4

If you choose “User authentication” you’d likely see an error. So, try using a password only. It is easier.

Thus, the portions of the file will be protected. Do remember the password, used to lock the document, as the same password would be needed to unlock the document.

 How to Password Protect Word Document

A lot of times, due to some security-conscious reasons, people want to keep their files as private as possible.

Let’s have a look at one of the easiest ways to how to lock a word document, with just a password:

  1. Go to the File Tab Menu on the extreme left of the Word document. Out of various options available, choose Info.
  2. Click on the tab Protect Document. A pop-up box appears with a lot of options like Mark as Final, Encrypt with Password, Restrict Editing, etc. Take a glance at what is implied by all these terms:
  • Mark as Final– When a document is marked as final, all the editing commands are disabled and the document becomes read-only. It is also an indicator that you are sharing a completed version of a document. However, the user can anytime, edit that document by removing Mark as the Final status of the document.
  • Encrypt with Password– Encrypt means to convert the information or data into a cipher or code. It is, simply, protecting your word file documents with a user-provided password. This method should be used sensibly because once applied, the password cannot be removed.

How to Password Protect Word Document

  • Restrict Editing- It simply protects your document from any unauthorized use. In other words, it protects documents from being edited. You can even restrict the reader to post comments only. However, once you add a password to restrict editing, you should keep in mind the password, because the password would be needed when you remove editing restrictions.
    3. Choose any one option, which meets your requirements. A dialog box appears. Click OK. The document protection you have chosen will be applied.

How to Password Protect Word Document 1

How to Unlock a Protected File

Now, it may happen that you need to unlock your settings and make the document accessible for editing to the users.

In such case, for a password-protected file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the MS office word document. Click the “Restrict Editing” option, from the Review Tab.
  2. A Restrict Editing pane appears. Click on the tab “Stop Protection” tab.unprotect word document
  3. If you set a password when locking the document, you will be prompted to enter it here. Enter the password and the file gets unlocked.

unprotect word document 1

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Conclusion | How to Password Protect Word Document?

Documents sometimes contain some sensitive information that needs to be protected.

By password protect word document, you prevent users from changing or deleting the content in that part of the document.

So, use the simple locking and unlocking modes and protect the inadvertent use of sensitive information.


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