How to Play Skip Bo?

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Before diving deep into the ocean of Skipbo, it is necessary that you understand the instructions so that you can be one of the best in what you play before you learn how to play Skip Bo. Now let us take a look at the instructions for playing Skipbo.

Objective of the Play

Be the first player to pay with all the cards in the stock pile.The major agenda is to play all the cards from 1-12, and it can accommodate 4-6 players. The ingredients of the game are total 162 cards out of which it is 18 Skipbo cards and 144 numbered cards.

How to Play Skip Bo?


The first and foremost thing that you must do is shuffle the deck. Each of player has to pick one card. The player with the highest number of cards is the dealer. The dealer is someone who deals with 30 cards to each of the players in case the game is among 4 players. In case the game happens among 6 players, then each of the players has to deal with 20 cards.

The cards are placed upside down, and they form a pile of cards for the players. Once the cards are dealt, each of the players flips the top card on the pile and places it on the pile. The cards, which are not dealt, are placed face-down as the draw pile.

Playing Space

Each of the players requires having a space with 4 discard piles adjacent to the stock pile. You need to have space mostly center to the table quite close to the draw pile. The pile goes on expanding as the game progresses, so ensure that you have enough space for that.

Pile Stock

As per the rules for Skip bo, it is mandatory that the top card is always facing the top and each of the players has a stock pile.

Draw Pile

It is the space in between the table where the cards remaining after stock piling can be placed.


Piles Building

To start with, the players are required to build a sequence of 1-12 cards from the bunch and need to start by 1 or Skipbo. Skip-BO is considered as 1 in case it is utilized to begin the sequence. The moment the sequence is complete, it is necessary that you have to remove the pile from the space and clear the area so that you can have space to build a new pile.

Discarding the Pile

 The four discard piles can be utilized by the players to form any sequence. It is limitless when we are talking about cards in the pile. There is no sort of restrictions as well when we talk about the order. The topmost card on the pile can be used to create a sequence, and the top card of your discard pile can be picked to make a sequence.

Playing Skipbo

The game begins from the left side of the dealer. Anyone who is sitting beside the dealer on the left side can start the game. You need to pull five cards to begin with the Skip bo card game. In the center of the table or playing area, you can utilize a wild card or a Skipbo card, which is also equivalent to one while starting the game. You can start playing towards the goal of building a sequence of 1-12.

In case you are ready for all the 5 cards in the queue, simply draw back to five; the process can keep on going and repeating seamlessly. You may also use the top card from your pile to build piles and keep on taking from the stock pile until the game is from legal front.

The winner is someone who runs out of the stock pile, so make sure that you play from stockpile also. Your turn finishes when you refuse or deny to play further. You have to release an e-card from your hand to one of your 4 rejected piles. You can select any of the top cards and discard the pile on any turn just after the first turn.

Winning the Game

 Fix a total point to play as the target for the game. The winner of every round secures 25 points and 5 more points for each card on each playing stock pile.

Team Skip-Bo


You can play in partnership also. In partnership, you have to see that you are playing legally, and you may either play from stock or discard piles as well as partners. And once you are completely ready and learn how do you play Skip bo, it is mandatory to follow some rules. One of the strongest rules is that you have to be silent while playing; you cannot talk with your partner while moving with your turn. In case you are caught while communicating with your partner, you will be imposed with a penalty, and you have to draw two cards from the draw pile and place it in the stockpile. The game or the round finishes when all the team members reach the end of the stock pile.

Some Other Rules to Remember

If you pull many cards, then you may shuffle the additional cards in the stock pile.In case a player accidentally or intentionally plays out of turn, when their actual turn comes, they are imposed by a penalty that they have to draw a card from the pile and move ahead. In case the game goes on a legal basis, then there would not be any penalty imposed.

In case the stockpile is over, the team player can play with the remaining building piles and discard.

In a Nutshell

So, now that you know how to play Skip bo, it’s time to enjoy it… If you still have any doubt, shoot your queries at us in the comments section below and our Skipbo gaming enthusiasts will get back to you with the answers and also give you some effective tips to conquer the game.

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