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How To Play Youtube In Background

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Youtube is the biggest video streaming website across the world. We all love watching YouTubes on our android devices. Youtube is one such website which gets billions of views every day. Barely would be any who doesn’t prefer to watch youtube on their cell phones. That is why more and more people are making channels on Youtube. Some people wanted to get popular while some are joining to make money on Youtube.

But youtube possesses a big drawback, that we can’t play youtube in the background, nor can we listen to youtube background music. So, today I’ve brought down the solution on how to play youtube in the background.

This drawback may cause to the deduction in our workability. We can’t keep our youtube open all the time. If we want to multitask while watching the youtube, we can’t. Either we have to compromise with the youtube or we have to drop the idea of multitasking.

Due to this problem, we have to keep ourselves stick to the Mobile screen. If we minimize the screen, the youtube gets stopped. Well, you don’t need to worry now, since you have landed on this page, I can assure you, you are near to the solution.

How To Play Youtube In Background

There are a number of ways available to play youtube in the background. The best one is the Youtube Red subscription, and other involves third party apps. Let’s figure out what are the different methods to play youtube in background android.

Youtube Red

Since the youtube has not provided us with the facility to play youtube in the background in its official free app, but we can still watch the youtube in the background by Youtube Red subscription. This is the easiest yet best way to play youtube videos in the background. But sadly its not free. Youtube red subscription costs  US$9.99 per month.

But the good part is, you get a number of more benefits with this subscription. You get to play ad-free youtube and a subscription to Google Play Music, which is again premium. Here you get access to the royalty free music for youtube for free.

Awesome Pop-up Video

If you want to learn how to play youtube in background android for free, Awesome pop-up video can be the answer for you. This is a free app and allow us to play all the videos in the background. This app is FREE and provides in-app purchases.

Moreover, it also offers Awesome search option. You can search for the youtube videos directly from the app and can watch them right away even doing other tasks simultaneously. The other major benefit which Awesome pop-up video app offer is the trending videos.

You don’t need to visit youtube official app to find out what’s trending, instead you can directly watch the trending video right from the app, which obviously saves your time. Let’s see how to use install this app and use it.

  • First of all, you need to go to google play store and install Awesome Pop-up Video. See the screenshot if any doubt.


  • Once the app is installed, just open it up.
  • Now you need to play the youtube you want to pop-up. For this, you can use the search option on the top of the screen, just tap over it and write the name of the video you want to pop-up. I’ve managed to grab the screenshot for you!
  • Or you can directly watch the trending videos presented in the First Row tab. When the video is playing, just press the home key and come out of the app. The youtube will keep playing. The screenshot is given below.

Now you can multi-task while the youtube is playing. You can read emails, do texting or any other task, no need to compromise. Hessel free, and easy to use app. Besides, you can set the transparency of the video, customize the player color matching to your theme etc in the Settings tab.

Another best part is, the videos can’t only be played in the pop-ups, you can watch the videos even in the full screen. But, before you start dreaming that the app is completely free and you can watch unlimited videos without spending a penny, I would like to draw your attention to a key point.

The free version of the Awesome pop-up video has a 5-minute viewing limit, it means you can’t watch videos in the background for more than 5 minutes in the free version. If you want to remove the limit, you have to buy its premium version.

I hope this article helped you to know how to play youtube in the background. There are other apps also like YT Mobile Android App, but unfortunately, google play store is now blocking this app.

But still, you can try out this app, let’s see how does it work for you. If you know any other better free solution for playing youtube videos in the background, do let me know in the comments section. If any doubt, feel free to ask, we are just a click away!!



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