How to Print Instagram Photos?

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Instagram is one of the easiest ways to create fairy-tail kind photos in a snap. Using those filters, nearly any picture can be turned out into something you love(like a keepsake). Moreover, for the purpose, we curated a list on how to print Instagram photos including websites offering the kind of service.

I am trying to remind everyone of the real reason you fell in love with Instagram; as a way of expressing yourself. Moreover, for sure, I am sending this out to the world. I suggest you do laundry often. You might wonder at how easy it is to put together a killer look, especially when you have the option to choose from all of your options — I know you are!

You can always use a generic printer to print your Instagram photos. Nope, not really. I’d love the polished, professional, and always put-together Instagram photos kind service. We got you — in this list, you’ll get to know websites that help you figure a remarkable way of how to print Instagram photos.

For sure, you’ll need an Instagram account as these sites will be required to authorize access to your Instagram account to fetch photos. Make sure to upload good quality pictures for Instagram for the best output.

It is required to login to your Instagram account, you can either use your computer or phone to log into your account. If you are creating a new account, you are required to download the Instagram app on your mobile-first. Afterward, you can sign up for Instagram.

You can make an Instagram account easily with your Android or iPhone. If you have an Android phone, download the app from the play store and install it.

Once the Instagram app is downloaded, go to your app drawer and tap on the Instagram app. on the welcome page, enter your credentials and you are ? to go.

While we had checked more than the listed websites, we put together a list on how to print Instagram photos, so next time you can utilize this in a manner to decorate your home or to keep memories always with you.

How to Print Instagram Photos:-

1. Artifact Uprising — It can be a perfect and sublime addition to your home walls, you’ll get many options on this website, they do offer Instagram photos printed as in a book (starting at $69.00) — Sneek peeks below. Also, you can make a stunning photo calendar or purchase a wood Block + Prints at $23.99. You can also get simple everyday kind photos at $1 / per photo.


2. Blurb – It is a good idea to pick out all photos before they might fade away from your memories — or even Sunday before the week begins — so you are not scrambling to find that pic. This way, if you can bring a way to share your Instagram photos in a modern style, your photos are just waiting, ready to go. Blurb offer 60 pages softcover books at $19 and the hardcover book is for $32.


3. Printstagram — This individual The company offers multiple ways to Print Instagram photos, but Metal panoramic can be the perfect addition to your home starting at $85. Modern Framed Print (from $35) and stickers books from $18. Especially for your living room the 20 by 40-inch Posters which can contain 50-400 photos clean-grid arranged on thick paper for $25. That is it? No, they have more options, you may want to check their pricing.

4. CanvasPop — You do not need to pull your photos to your phone, Canvas App can print photos directly from your logged Instagram account. The filtered output is very worth to stick to your home gallery. You can create high-res 20-inch square-streCHTED CnvS prints for $114. You can also order multiple canvases to decorate your wall and to make it artful.


This not ends here; you have plenty more option to choose from, see below image. The new framed prints are worth it if you want you to build dreamy-home.

Using a canvas app is simple. First, you need to select your canvas size, frame, and edge options. Second, Sign in to your Instagram account and choose the images to be printed. Third, let theme do the work.

5. Casetagram — Do you want to create custom cases for your device of choice, iPhone 6/6S, IPad and Mini, iPod Touch, Galaxy Note, Nexus 4 and Galaxy S II-IV for a price between $35-$55. You can make customization to your layout and collage.

6. PostalPix —You can use this app on your iPhone, letting your print 4-inch squares directly from your Instagram account gallery for 30 cents per photo. More sizes are also available such as 2, 5, and 8-inch square prints.

It is mobile convenient, and shipping is fast with pro-quality resolution. It can be your first stop for your basic Instagram photos prints.

7. Postagram — makes it easier to let people know what you think about them, the compony’s service is to mails a postcard with a pop-out Instagram photo (you can choose any) with a birthday message at $1 per piece. Don’t you think it is a better alternative to birthday E-card?

8. Stitchtagram — Stroke all your cherished memories with a fifteen-inch cotton pillow for $68, images will be pulled over to your Instagram account.

9. Instagoodies Make 1-inch sticker books for $14. Those stickers can be attached to your PC monitor, phone cases and wallet – a quick flash of happiness.

10. Stickygram—Create a 9 photo magnet set, and put it wherever you like, i.e. refrigerator.

You can also print pictures from phone with a printer such as ‘The Instax Printer’; the printer can be integrated with your iPhone. Moreover, you can directly print Instagram photos.  You’ll get the Instagram picture size according to the printer output.

However, wait, if you just want a simple print of your Instagram photos, here is how to do that. We call it the Native method. Native method to print pictures from phone, it’s quite simple.

The native method is printing Instagram photos in the house. For this, you need a smartphone or PC and a printer. Simply save any Instagram photo to your computer, open the picture and click on Print. You must have a printer attached to your PC or a wireless printer. (below screenshot is of Windows 10 machine)

Over to you, Instagram-nerds:-

In this article, you discovered some interesting information on how to print Instagram photos, shoot your best website and your experience. Make sure you choose a good Instagram photo size, as you might not want a horrible Instagram photo print.


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