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How to Remove Password From Windows 8?

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Often a situation occurs when we don’t recognize the password we’ve put in the windows. Or sometimes in order to keep a system more secure, we keep the inextricable password and forget.

If you also have gone through the same situation, then the guide How to remove password from Windows 8 is probably written for you.

In order to keep the secure password, we try special character and use a unique combination of words, which sometimes makes the situation worse. Especially when we have some urgent work and no clue of the password!!


Well in such situation the only solution comes in mind is to remove or reset the password. The procedure to removing password in almost all window is same. But today we will be covering Windows 8 only.

So let’s begin the guide remove password windows 8. 

How to Remove Password From Windows 8

If you have lost your password or forgot password windows 8, then you can get that back by two ways. One window 8 password reset and another one is Windows password recovery

Let’s check out all the possible ways to change password Windows 8 and recovery of the forgot password windows 8. 

First of all, in order to remove or reset the password, it is the must for you to log in with an administrator account. Until we are logged in with the administrator account, we won’t be authorized to change or remove the password.

Ok, now once you are logged in as an administrator, removing password is just a few clicks task. Here the procedure is given below.

Step 1: Log on to your computer or laptop with an administrator account.

Step 2: Click on the Desktop tile from the Start screen when it appears.

Step 3: Following to the previous step, hover mouse to the bottom-right corner of the desktop window. Here you will see a handful of options. All you will need to do is click on the last option that is Settings. 


Step 4: After clicking on the settings option, again you will see few options including Change PC settings. Probably you will find this option at the bottom of the screen. Click on that.

Step 5: Ok, once you are in the PC settings, at the left-hand side, you will see various options like PC and device, Accounts, Privacy, Language, etc. Ignoring all the options, you will need to click on the Accounts option. 

change-password-windows-8Step 6: Once again you will be provided with few options after clicking on the Accounts. Options such as Your account, sign-in-options, Other accounts.

In the other accounts option, you can get all the user accounts created on the system. Once you click on the option, you will be able and manage all the accounts at one place.

Step 7: Now on the accounts window, from the left pane options, you will need to select the sign-in-options. Click on that! And from the right side, under the Password heading, click the Change button.

After you click on the change password, a new window will be open up. Where you will have to enter your current password. Fill the field by providing with your current password and click on next in order to continue.

On the next window, you will see few options like New password, Reenter password, and password hint. As you want to remove the password, leave all the fields empty and click on next.


Similarly, when you want to create the password for your Windows, you will need to fill all the fields with the desired password.

Step 8: That’s it! There is no more instruction to follow. Now click on Finish. And your computer is password free now.

So this was about removing password from Windows 8. The procedure I explained above will work only if you remember the password. In case, if you have forgotten the password, you won’t be able to remove it as in the mid of the procedure you will be asked to enter your current password.

So what would you do when you want to remove the password and don’t even recognize the password. In such situation, we can try recovering or resetting the password.

Following methods will tell you how can you recover windows 8 forgot password.

For better security and password management, you can use the Blur Abine tool. To read more about this tool, click here.

Reset your Windows 8 Password

Windows 8 password can be reset with multi-methods. Though I won’t cover all the methods in detail but surely will give you some clue that will help you to reset the password.

  • One of the methods to reset the password is by using the Command Prompt. This method is quite time-consuming and an advanced method. So mostly people avoid using it. But at the worst condition, when left wth no other option, you can use that.
  • Reset your password online. Yes if you have forgotten the password of your windows then you can reset that online as well by using your Microsoft account. This method will work if you have already registered yourself on Microsoft Account.

Microsoft account allows you to sign into many different platforms under the Microsoft using the same login credentials. Be it Skype, Outlook or a bundle of other assorted services. 

  • Another way to reset the password of Windows 8 is using the reset disk. This is quite a useful method to reset the password in Windows 8. Resetting password in windows, with this method, is one of the easiest ways.

The above methods can help you when you have forgotten the password and have lost the access to the system. If you know the password already but want to remove it then, the method I shared at the top is best. And if you are not even able to open the account then you will need to reset the password by using the above methods.

The methods I have not described in detail, though. But still can help you.

So this was How to remove password from Windows 8. Expecting it will help you in recovering your lost password. If you face any difficulty, you can ask them by dropping the comment in the comment section below. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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