How To Remove SIM Card From iPhone 5

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iPhone 5, which is one of the best-selling iPhones and also the successor of iPhone 4S, has contributed to the growth of Apple sales. This device has some great features like an 8 Megapixels camera, bigger display screen compared to the 4S, high resolution, a large velocity A5 business with regard to faster information systems and also a new iOS platform. Well, that is the iOS 5.

New iPhone 5 users aren’t used to the latest advancements in the device and wonder how to remove SIM card from iPhone 5 when they want to replace it with a new SIM card. This guide will help users with iPhone SIM card removal.


Before going into the details, there were plenty of rumors about iPhone 5 before its launch; many tech experts stated that iPhone will lose its popularity after the new version gets launched as the bigger screen size will not be preferred by Apple users.

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However, it turned out to be just the opposite. Apple’s sales increased tremendously after the new iPhone launch and people just went crazy over the new phone.

We have seen a lot of videos regarding iPhone 5 mock-up design that were the basis for all the rumors regarding the features and size of the phone. However, all these rumors took a back seat when the gadget was launched in the market.

This is the best thing about Apple. There is no way the internal information about its products gets leaked out before its official launch.

Apple released iOS 5 in the year 2011, and the rumors about the look and design of the phone were doing the rounds since 2010. The iPhone 5 was introduced in the same price range as the prior versions. The iPhone 5 16 GB, during the launch, was priced at $199 and the iPhone 5 32 GB was priced at $299 with 2-year contract.

Apple, in the meanwhile, also started to sell the unlocked iPhone during that time on Apple online shop. Since then, a lot of online stores started selling the unlocked version of iPhone 5 as well. The price range of unlocked iPhone 5 was around $650 for 16 GB and around $750 for the 32 GB.


Apple users across the globe were extremely excited when the phone was launched. People were standing in long queues to get their hands on the iPhone when it was first sold. This made Apple consider coming up with pre-booking for their products. No other smartphone seller has seen this kind of a craze for their products. Apple still remains a favorite to millions of people despite their relatively higher pricing.

Apple has many millions of customers across the world; it is extremely popular globally because of the kind of products and its quality. Steve Jobs, the man behind iPhone, is considered as one of the best businessmen the world has seen. Steve Jobs had a major role to play in the growth of Apple.

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The brand is known for its innovation since the time they came up with the iPod and from that point, there has been a steady growth for the brand’s gadgets. Apple provides millions of mobile applications for its customers across; all these apps can be found in the app store, which is pre-installed in all the devices manufactured by the company.

Customers are allowed to download any number of apps from the app store; there are a lot of categories to choose from ranging from health apps, entertainment apps, business apps, and fitness apps to even gaming apps. In short, customers can access anything and everything in their mobile device.

Many of these apps are available for free; however, there are also many apps that are priced and can be purchased at a nominal price as they are paid apps. iPhone 5 has not only delighted its users and fans but has also set a new benchmark for the rest of the smartphone makers.

Apple, apart from selling quality products to its customers, also provides top class service. Though Apple is extremely user-friendly, there have been a number of occasions when people have found certain features difficult to use or are unaware about certain things.

There have been many solutions people are looking for, and one common question is how to remove SIM card from iPhone 5. Many people are struggling to find out about iPhone sim card removal procedures. In fact, there were platforms where some non-iPhone users posted questions like do iPhones have sim cards? Well, all these issues will be addressed shortly.

An Apple product like an iPhone is known to be delicate and also unique, as this is the brand that started a new style and a new type of structure for a mobile. It is not so easy to open the device on your own without proper tools. Other smartphones can be opened to check if the battery is fine or not to insert or remove SIM card; iPhone 5 or any other iPhone for that matter is different.

Apple is so confident about its products that it feels people would not need to open the device at all. If at all there is some problem, people can take their phones to the nearest iPhone service center. But the SIM card can be removed by anyone.

How To Remove SIM Card From iPhone 5 – In simple steps


These are the steps that will show you how to remove SIM card from iPhone 5

  • Your iPhone 5 should have a removal tool, and this tool looks like a thin pin.
  • The SIM tray can be found on the right side when the iPhone screen is facing you.
  • Now after locating the SIM tray, use the SIM tray removal tool; insert the pin into the SIM tray to eject the tray. You will see a small hole in the tray; this is where you need to insert the pin, press and hold for a few seconds and then the tray will be ejected. Once the tray is ejected, you can now pull this out and take your SIM. Remember that iPhone 5 uses Nano SIM, so handle this with care as it looks very minute, unlike a normal SIM.

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In case you do not have this removal tool, it is absolutely fine; you can use a paper clip instead. Insert the straight end of a paper clip into the hole that is next to the SIM port. Push it gently to eject the tray. Now, remove the SIM card from the tray. Kindly ensure to reinsert the tray after removing the SIM.

These are the quick steps to be followed to solve the puzzle of how to get SIM card out of iPhone 5. Whether it’s iPhone 5S SIM card or iPhone 5C SIM card, the process is more or less the same.


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