How to Add/Remove Stickers on Facebook?

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It’s been more than 11 years, since the social networking site Facebook, has been launched. At present, it has more than 1.4 billion users. With time, Facebook has been improvising itself and is coming up with a lot of new features. One amongst them is stickers. How to remove stickers on Facebook is a concept many people have kingpin upon.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Facebook has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. It is an enduring element of modern culture. Facebook is also bringing the world closure than before. That is why, facebook allows user to access the facebook account in their local language. If you want to use Facebook in your preferred language, here is how to change the language on Facebook.

Without any further intro, Let’s throw some light on How to add/remove stickers on Facebook.

What are Stickers?

Stickers are, basically the illustrations or animations of characters that you can forward to your friends. They add that spice factor to your chats and are a delightful way to convey your thoughts or feelings. However, they are different from emoticons.

Stickers were actually launched on mobile platforms, and if sources are to be believed, it was developed by a designer named Sophie Xie, who left the company right after it was implemented.

These stickers are colorful, funny, and entertaining representatives of modern digital art that make the conversations more interesting in your favorite Facebook messengers. They basically supplant the regular emojis.

They have managed to grab the attention of the users and have gained momentum over the years.

How to Add Stickers

These stickers can be used anywhere on Facebook, may it be your Timeline, Groups, Messenger Apps or events.

Each Facebook user starts out with a basic set of sticker packs, including the smiley emoticons. In order to expand your sticker collection, you need to download stickers from Facebook’s sticker store. As of now, they are available for free of cost.


How to remove stickers on Facebook in Android Version?

A lot of sticker downloads, tend to clutter your messenger. The best way out, in that case, is to remove the ones you do not require. The web, Android, and iOS versions can have different sticker sets. The web version of Facebook does not allow deleting stickers yet but you can send files on Facebook, even on the desktop.

In case you have downloaded a set of stickers that seemed good at first look, but later turned out to be monotonous or not your cup of tea, you can easily remove them. Let’s have a look at How to remove Facebook Stickers in the Android Version:

A) Settings- Open the app and tap Settings, which is the rightmost tab available.
B) Store- Scroll down to the Sticker Store.
C) Click the Tab- Now, click on the rightmost category in the store, i.e. “Your Stickers”.
D) Edit- There you will see a little button, just above the Your Stickers Tab, named “Edit.” Press it.
E) Red Icon- Now, press the red sign icon that appears on the side, in order to delete the corresponding sticker pack.
f) Last Step- To finish the process, press “Done”.

Removing the sticker packs from iOS Version

Follow these steps for the same:
A) Type a chat- Open the Facebook messenger app and start engaging yourself in any conversation.
B) Smiley Icon- Below the text field, you will see a smiley icon. Tap on it and you will enter into the sticker menu.
C) Basket Icon- Now, in the sticker store, just select the shopping basket icon, below.
D) Tab- Navigate to Your Stickers tab.
E) Red Icon- Select the undesired sticker pack by hitting the red sign icon.
F)  Delete- Hit the Delete button to confirm the deletion.
G) Last Step- To finish, press “Done”.

Removing stickers on Facebook post or comments in Chrome

Follow these steps in case you want to remove stickers from Facebook posts or comments:

A) Basic- Open the Chrome web browser, then go to the Web Store.
B) Unsticker Me- Download the extension “Unsticker Me” and install it on the web browser.
C) Add to Browser- When the extension is downloaded, a box should appear asking if you really wish to add the extension to your browser. Click on “Add,” and it will be added to your browser.
D) Login- It only acts when you are logged into Facebook.
E) Post a sticker- After logging into the Facebook, post a sticker as a comment or reply.
F) Text- You will notice that it displays the text “[sticker]” instead of the actual sticker that Facebook wants you to see.
G) Disable- You need to disable the Unsticker Me extension from Chrome, in case you want to see the stickers again.

Removing Stickers in Mozilla Firefox

The answer to How do I delete sticker packs in Mozilla Firefox, lies in the following steps:
A) Unsticker Me- Open a new tab in your Firefox and click on the “Unsticker Me” link. It will take you to the extension download page.
B) Download- Click on the button “Add to Firefox” and the extension starts downloading.
C) Install- Click on “Install Now,” and it will install the extension in your browser.
D) Effect- After it is installed, head over to your Facebook account and you will see that the stickers are gone.

Undo the Action

Follow these steps correctly, in order to remove the sticker packs from your Android and iOS version. The deleted sticker sets can be downloaded again from the store. In the case of Chrome and Firefox, in order to restore the stickers, simply uninstall the extension and the stickers will return.

  1. Go to Google Chrome
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Select the extension
  4. Delete it and you will start to see your profile as it was before.


The stickers for Facebook Messenger are not like the typical smiley-face contortions. If you are an avid user of Facebook, you will be amazed by the sticker bandwagon. Stickers have gained immense popularity in the recent years and have almost become an essential part of our Facebook usage. And if you sent the wrong message on facebook, you can delete facebook messages anytime.

Adding stickers on Facebook Messenger is relatively an easy concept. It is How to remove stickers on Facebook that tend to confuse people. In case you want to get rid of these stickers, just follow the above-listed process.

So go ahead, add that appealing factor to your chats and post that funny image or doodle termed stickers on Facebook at just a click.

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