How to Reset Kindle Fire?

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!). is one of the world’s largest e-commerce giants today. Started in the year 1994 by founder Jeff Bezos in an attempt to capitalize on the Internet boom at the time, it was originally named Cadabra, but Jeff changed it after a lawyer mistook it as “cadaver”.

Naming the company after the Amazon River (the biggest river in the world) and the dictionary definition “exotic and different”, Bezos decided to begin

Amazon as we all remember it, starting out as an online store to buy books, and continuing product diversion into what is now almost every business to a consumer product. However, it kept to innovation in its core area of books and launched the first Kindle e-book reader on November 19th, 2007.

Though users take some time to get adjusted to using the device with doubts like how to reset Kindle Fire, it still is the hot favorite of many with many guides available online to instruct users about usage.

how to reset Kindle Fire

This handy device lets you buy, download and read books, magazines and other publications available digitally by remote access to the Kindle Store server.

Developed by Lab126, a subsidiary of Amazon, it was launched as a type tablet device. Later, however, different versions were released, including a software version for the PC.

Purchases from the Kindle store can only be viewed from Amazon Kindle. Since its release, the Kindle has expanded its range to over 10 different devices and has also released apps and web access to the Kindle store to allow people to buy Kindle books from other devices.

Access to the Amazon app store was announced for Kindle in late 2011. And in 2012, the rest of the world joined the suit. To date, the Kindle store has sold over 4.3 million e-books over varied categories.

Today we take a look at the Kindle Fire – the tablet version of the Kindle. Released in November 2011, the Kindle Fire includes a 7-inch multi-touch display and runs a custom version of the Android OS dubbed the Fire OS.

This too has gone through major changes in the past; now, the Kindle Fire has three generations of tablets in itself, the latest of which – Fire – came out in 2015.

Kindle Fire distinguished itself by discarding the Kindle moniker, granting access to the Amazon App store, streaming movies and TV and of course Kindle’s e-books.

Originally only available in the United States, it was released in 2012 worldwide to raucous applause. In October of the same year, it was ranked no. 2 behind Apple iPad in the category of best-selling tablets.

However, Kindle Fire is still not perfect. In some rare cases, it has been known to hang or become corrupt due to malicious software’s entering into it.

We’ve received several queries like “how to reset my Kindle Fire?” and “Kindle Fire won’t boot, how do I reset my Kindle?” At times like these, the only option is to reset the tablet. So, today we wrote a guide on how to reset a Kindle Fire.

How to Reset Kindle Fire

how to reset my Kindle Fire

The official guide is also in the Kindle Fire troubleshooting section of the manual you receive with the tablet. But to extend beyond that, you should first know that there are two types of reset:

  1. The soft reset
  2. The hard reset

The Soft reset is a software reboot. Returning the software back to its base state, it is most commonly used for minor issues like hanging and interface issues.

The Hard reset is a full reset of the hardware to its base state. This erases all the information on the phone and returns it to nearly mint condition (barring hardware damage). This fixes all issues with the phone that aren’t related to physical damage to the phone.

First, let’s tackle the issue of the less tasking soft reset; this is meant to delete all data on the phone, including but not limited to saved passwords, game data, and 3rd party app data. To do a soft reset,

  1. Try and back up all your downloaded and personal data. Then, access the Settings panel by swiping down and clicking Settings.
  2. Now navigate to Device options where you will find Reset to Factory Settings.
  3. Tap the Reset button when prompted to soft reset your Kindle Fire.
Kindle Fire won’t boot, how do I reset my Kindle

Hard Reset Kindle Fire is done when the device won’t boot or when it simply freezes. Kindle Fire hard reset is done when you need to reset it completely and will erase all data on your tablet. It’s also done when selling electronics second hand.

So, here’s our guide on how to reset kindle fire:

  1. Charge your Kindle Fire for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release.
  3. Power it back on.
  4. Your device is now reset.

While this may seem simpler, the consequences of the hard reset must never be forgotten as it can be both a benefit as well as a threat. Carefully consider the data on your tablet and your ability to get it back before you reset your Amazon Kindle Fire.

If, however, there seems to be no choice but to erase all the data on the phone, then you are fresh out of luck.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is still one of the world’s most popular tablets, with many features still describing it as different such as the reduced eye strain while reading, a patented feature available only on Kindle products and a seamless interface that lets you glide through your apps and news feeds.

The Kindle Fire range of tablets still continues to evolve, however, kindling a tiny light for its fans, both literary and otherwise.

Well, that’s our guide to the Kindle Fire and how to reset it and when.

We hope you found this information helpful and useful. Resetting a Kindle Fire is one of the easiest things to do (as long as no data is at risk), so go ahead and clean out your Fire whenever it gets a little full and laggy or slow, and remember to take a backup regularly so that data loss doesn’t happen.

All the best and happy shopping!


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