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How to Screenshot on Chromebook?

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By far, you must have come through the solution on how to take a screenshot on android by going through the several guides on the Internet but how to screenshot on Chromebook is still a new topic for many Chromebook users.

Taking screenshots on Chromebook is not something really complex or challenging, but since Chromebooks are not in every next person’s hand, that’s why people are kinda unaware of such very common and general information about Chromebook.


Chromebook, in general, is nothing but a laptop or a computer with the Google’s Chrome Operating System. The Chromebooks are specifically designed for the users whose main purpose is to surf the Internet. The Chromebooks are fast, easy to operate and boots quickly than any other computer or laptops.

The Chromebooks are fast, easy to operate and boots quickly than any other computer or laptops. Its has a long battery life, thus, they are best suitable for the people who has to travel.

Apparently, there is no much difference between other laptops and Chromebooks apart from some enhanced features.

Like the Android and Laptop/Computers, Chromebooks also has their own set of keys to screenshot a portion of the page or the entire page. In this guide, we will walk you through the step by step guide on how to screenshot on a Chromebook! 

How to Screenshot on Chromebook:

There are a different set of keyboard keys to screenshot the full screen on Chromebook and to screenshot some specific area of the website you visit. Whether it’s an image, some special note or something similar.

Along with the Chromebook’s inbuilt feature of capturing the screen, we will also be telling you the different ways on how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook!

Let’s figure out what are those ways.

#Taking Screenshot of the Entire Screen

If you have visited a website on a Chromebook and you find some relevant page which you would like to keep as a future reference, the best way to do that is to take a screenshot of the full page and save it on your Chromebook.

The shortcut keys for capturing full screen on the Chromebook is Ctrl + Screen Switcher key. The screen switcher key is the one which has a box-shaped icon along with two verticle line from the left.

Below are the steps for capturing the full screen of the Chromebook.

The first step os to visit the website or the page you would like to take the screenshot of.

When the page is loaded, press the combination of keys Ctrl + Screen Switcher key  simultaneously for a second or so. This act will capture the screen on your Chromebook. If you can’t locate the Scree Switcher keys, try finding it on the first row of your Chromebook keyboard.

If you have non-chrome OS keyboard on your Chromebook, the key combination you will be using is Ctrl + F5 .

Soon after, you will see a notification, notifying you about the successful capture of the of the screen, left at the bottom. Screenshot for the same is given below.
Else, you will see a notification of capture failure, like the below screen. If you see the failure pop-up, retry the process and your screen would be captured.

You can view the screenshot captured, by clicking on the notification popped up in the bottom right but you have to be quick enough to do that. The pop-up gets disappear within few seconds.

But somehow if you miss to view the screenshot, no worries. You can still view all your captured screenshots by navigating to the download folder on your Chromebook.

To reach out to the download folder, open the app launcher on your Chromebook. In the app launcher, find the Files app icon. This folder contains all the files and folders residing on your Chromebook. Just double click the download folder there and view your screenshot.

Alternatively, you can press the combination of the keys Shift + Alt + M to open the download folder directly.

So that’s how we capture and view the full screen on Chromebook. Now Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Chromebook but of a particular portion.

#Capturing Screen of a Particular Portion:

If you need the screenshot of a particular portion of the screen, then it’s not a good idea to screenshot the whole screen and then crop out the desired portion of the screen.

Why so much of labour when we have shortcuts to capture a specific screen on the screen?? To capture a specific area on the screen. the key combination is Ctrl + Shift + Screen Switcher.

Let’s see what are the steps to capture the partial screen on Chromebook.

  • The first and foremost step is to open the page to be screenshots.
  • Now press the Ctrl + Shift + Screen Switcher keys simultaneously. It will turn your cursor into the small cross.
  • Now release the keyboard keys and press the mouse left button and start selecting the area. When the box i.e the area you want to screenshot is selected, just leave the cursor, the screenshot will be taken.
  • If the screen is saved successfully, you will see a success message in the bottom left or the failure message like the screenshot I showed above.
  • And I guess you know how and where to view the screenshot so I’m just leaving the option as is.

Screenshots are the best way to show your friends what page are you currently viewing or to resolve some system errors by telling the screen you are seeing when you are apart from your friends.

The webmasters and bloggers use screenshots to create the tutorials like the one you are currently viewing! Computers and laptop users know the ways to screenshot their screen but for Chromebook users, it’s not something very common since Chromebooks are not as commonly available as laptops and computer as of now!

So it’s time for us to wrap up the article. I hope the tutorial helped you learn things!

Any more questions on how to screenshot on Chromebook?? 

No worries! All you need to do is to just drop a comment, it’s our duty to solve them ASAP!


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