How to Speed Up YouTube Videos?

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It’s a slow day, you’re at your house, in your pajamas. Then you decide to take some action and do something constructive- that is, browse youtube. As you switch on YouTube and type in the name of the video you’re anticipating to watch, you’re excited.

The video starts up, and you get happy- but happiness, this happiness is short-lived. Why? Well, because the video that you’ve been so excited to watch starts buffering, and then you wish that you knew how to change speed on YouTube.

All of your happiness drains out and the smile is replaced by a frown. But all you need to learn is how to speed up YouTube videos.

We all know this feeling too well, don’t we? Since most of us spend a lot (read: A LOT) of time on YouTube, checking out different videos, and exploring unknown areas.

Hence, it’s quite a pain when the video we have been anticipating about refuses to play smoothly, disallowing you from having a good time.

So to address this global issue, today we shall present certain ways that might be able to reduce this pain.

These methods and hacks will show you how to speed up YouTube videos, which can make your tubing experience far more easy and convenient.

Any consistent YouTube user is likely well aware of one incredibly frustrating word: buffering. Depending on your network, you may spend more time blankly staring at the loading screen than you do enjoy the content.

Now, while you might suspect your ISP of limiting bandwidth while using the popular video-streaming service, even the fastest Internet connections can leave YouTube users out in the cold.

How to Speed Up YouTube Videos:-

This is a common phenomenon and affects millions of people worldwide. Then, why does it happen?

YouTube uses what’s called Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP — known as DASH for short — to break down the entire video-content sequence into a swath of HTTP-based files that each contain a mere fraction of the full sequence.

As the video plays, DASH selects which sequence to download and play based on network availability and performance. It’s quite a lot of work, whether it’s a three-minute clip or a lengthy two-hour video, irrespective of the length.

Although DASH aims to help speed up downloads and make them more efficient, it also tends to slow down operating performance while using even the fastest of Internet connections.

That said, there is a way to remove this roadblock of a problem, as disabling DASH when using Google Chrome or Firefox, or opting for YouTube’s “Feather” beta or HTML 5 trial, can speed up video playback.

Disable Dash in Google Chrome, as Mentioned Above

Disabling the DASH functionality via YouTube Options, a download-able Google Chrome extension, is one easy way to get rid of the constant buffering and learn how to speed up a video.

The best thing about this particular way is that the installations free, plus you don’t have to go through a number of hassles to install this, as the installation is quite painless.

The catch here is that when you use this extension, you will be letting go of bulk of playback options and opting for a barebones interface while viewing videos.

Following are the steps to use this method correctly

  • Go to the YouTube Centre Download page within the Mozilla add-on store. Click the yellow Add to Firefox button near the top of the page to automatically download the add-on. Afterward, click the Install button at the bottom of the resulting pop-up window to confirm the download.

Then proceed on to the home page of YouTube. Click on the Gear Icon located to the right of the sign-in button to access YouTube Centre’s settings panel.

Next, click the External Players tab within the left-hand navigational pane and uncheck the box directly to the right of DASH Playback to disable DASH when viewing videos on YouTube. The add-on will automatically save and apply the changes when finished.

YouTube’s HTML 5 trial

Not everyone prefers downloading additional browser extensions and additional ones. Some people just don’t want to go into all that trouble.

Thankfully, opting into YouTube’s HTML 5 trial is another viable method for downloading and subsequently viewing YouTube videos sans flash streaming, while placing users on the cutting edge of Internet technology.

Though the HTML 5 player is available on the five most popular Internet browsers — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera — it’s still in development and does occasionally face some stability and occasional compatibility issues. Once requested, videos will play using HTML 5 whenever possible.

Follow the following steps-

  • Go to You tube’s HTML 5 page
  • Click the blue Request the HTML 5 Player button located near the bottom.

A different alternative-

Besides offering the HTML 5 trial, YouTube also offers another alternative- known as you tube’s Feather Beta. Commonly known as you tube’s Feather” beta, the software aims to serve up YouTube playback with the lowest latency possible.

For this purpose, YouTube limits the number of available features while viewing videos, essentially stripping away typical options and making use of advanced Web techniques for reducing the total amount of download-able data.

The recommended videos section also undergoes some changes- it is then reduced to a mere five suggestions, the share boxes are gone entirely, and other notable components are tucked to the wayside.

It’s similar to the typical YouTube layout, not very different- but with minor changes, and comes with an uptick in video playback speed.

Reduce Video Quality

YouTube has been working hard to make 720p and 1080p streaming available with many of its videos, which is great if your Internet connection can keep up.

However, that requires a lot of bandwidth. Although YouTube will try to choose the right quality for you based on your Internet speed and computer’s specs, it doesn’t always hit the mark.

To avoid the buffering, if your internet speed doesn’t support it, go to the bottom right corner of the video From here, set the video quality to a lower number to reduce video resolution.

The videos won’t look as nice, and you will miss out on the HD quality but in some cases, it may be the only way to get a video to buffer quicker. Also, at least they will play properly.

Final Words

So the above mentioned are all the possible methods to learn how to speed up YouTube videos by applying various strategies. Now, that you have learned this easy technique, you can merrily spend your weekend by watching some funny movies, or even learn some things.

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