How to Type Faster?

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We are living in a digital era where computers have got greater significance. So, you should be able to type faster in order to increase your productivity and save time. But the fact is, most of us don’t know how to type faster.

That’s why I am here with this tutorial to walk you through this tutorial on how to improve typing speed. There are no shortcuts to increase typing speed, to be frank. The best thing you can do is to keep on practicing to type faster.

Still, you can follow the methods I am going to share here to help you learn how to type faster in the long run.

How to Type Faster?

As I already said, you can’t learn to type faster overnight. Practice makes a perfect man. So, your tries will be paid off at the end.

Here are some tips you should take care of for increasing your typing speed.

#1. Set Your Body Right


Your body posture has a great influence on your typing speed. A better position can increase the speed significantly. Likewise, a wrong posture can slow down the typing process as well.

Before setting the body posture, make sure that the room you are in is well lit, and you don’t have to bend down towards the keyboard to see the keys. Then, look at your chair. Does it make you uncomfortable? If it’s a yes, change it right away.

Now, you should incline backward to touch the chair thereby, keeping your backbone straight. Always, put your wrist at the same level as your keyboard. Nothing should go up or down. Keep your monitor at least 40 cm away from your eyes.

And, it’s always good to keep your eyes slightly above the screen. Grammarly Discount

#2. Make Sure You Type with Right Fingers


Most of the keyboards available today have the common layout- QWERTY. So, if you are a newbie just learning how to type, you may find it difficult to figure out the location of each key. So, try to visualize the keyboard in your mind and fix a position for the keys on it. Then, compare the same with an actual keyboard to know how good your visualization is.

Don’t you know that each key has a reserved finger? It is an undeniable fact that knowing the finger-key combination will make you a typing ninja. All of your fingers should be set above the ASDFGHJKL row.

Put your pinky, ring, middle and index finger of the left hand above A, S, D, and F respectively. The same of the right hand should be placed above J, K, L, as well. And you can press the spacebar with any of the thumbs according to your convenience.

As speed is our aim, the pinky finger of the opposite hand we use to press another key is the best for using Shift.

I know how awkward it seems at first. But believe me, if you don’t follow this technique to use all your ten fingers, you will feel pain in your fingers with time as a regular computer user who types a lot.

#3. Learn to Touch Type


Touch typing is the practice of highly productive computer users to avoid looking at the keyboard. You should look at the screen instead of the keys. It will surely help you increase your typing speed at a significant rate.

Usually, typing speed is measured in WPM or Words Per Minute. Sometimes, you can see another unit called WAM (Words A Minute). Let me tell you; both are the same.

Click here to know your typing speed.

I know you may be disappointed with your typing speed. That’s why I keep on telling you to practice type touching.

During the initial days, look at the screen and say aloud what key you press. This way, you can analyze whether your keystrokes are correct or not.

The tendency to look at the keyboard will be higher. But never ever look at your keyboard at the time of typing. If you can’t proceed further without looking, make sure you stop typing at that point.

Start by typing small words, then big words and at last practice with large sentences.

#4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts can save you time in real. You now know how to place your fingers above the keyboard to make faster keystrokes, don’t you?

As both of your hands are on the keyboard, will it be a waste of time if you release one of your fingers to use the mouse? Yes, surely it will. That’s why you need to learn important keyboard shortcuts.

Find the basic shortcuts here.

Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + FSearch for word
Ctrl + AHighlight everything
Shift + Left Arrow or Right ArrowHighlight next letter
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow or Right ArrowHighlight next word
Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right ArrowNavigate text cursor to next word without highlight
HomeGo to the beginning of the line
EndGo to end of line
Page UpScroll up
Page DownScroll down

You can have web research to find out more keyboard shortcuts to save your time. I used to stick a paper with basic shortcuts near my computer table during my initial time. It helped me a lot to use and learn several shortcuts by heart.

You can also do it to type faster.

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to type in a faster manner, don’t you? You can also do some online typing tests to increase the typing speed.

Today, a person who types faster has a lot of opportunities because most of the jobs demand experience on computers.

I am sure that you can type faster with time if you follow all the four tips I have given here. Don’t think it as a shortcut to make you type a thousand words per minute overnight. Instead, they will help you increase your typing speed gradually.


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