How To Use 4G Sim In 3G Mobile 2023? – Step By Step

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How to use 4g sim in 3g mobile? That’s what’s bothering you? Well, it won’t anymore because it gets answered here and now. Considering the recent “digital revolution” JIO SIM cards brought upon us, it’s only natural for you to search for this kind of solution.

Ofcourse the methods I’ll be discussing aren’t JIO exclusive, they can be used with any other 4G SIM Card too. But my point was they’ll also work with JIO and you can use JIO 4G Sim Cards in 3G mobiles.

So I’ll ofcourse answer your question but before that let’s get into some basics (as I always do) because I bet for most of you, 3G and 4G are just numbers and “symbols of network speed” so I think we should get a better hold of what exactly it is.


What Are 3G And 4G?

I’m saying this in respect of SIM Cards and networks. The G stands for Generation. So 3G is like the third generation and the next generation is the 4G.

Their primary difference is their speed. The 3G data has a theoretical download speed of somewhere near 42MBPS while real-life download speed comes down to around 3-5mbps.

While 4G-LTE’s theoretical download speed is around 150mbps with real-life downloads maxing at 12-14mbps.

There’s another version of the network protocol, that’s 4G LTE Advanced, with the theoretical speed as high as 300mbps and the real-life speed going up to 40-42mbps.

Now a common misconception is, 4G is the next generation of 3G so it will provide “double” speed than the 3G networks. While in reality, that’s not so, actually 4G is 4-5 times faster than the 3G networks.

Now that’s where the compatibility issue gets born, if your cell phone is from an older date or just doesn’t support 4G for some reason, you can’t use 4G on it (generally), and that’s the problem I’ll solve for you here.

How To Use 4G Sim In 3G Mobile:-

Method 1:-

I’ll start with the simplest method. It needs no third-party downloads, no complex changes to the cell phones, and worked 99% of the time. (The rest 1% depends on your chipset, processor, and some other factors that’s the reason why I’ve 

Go to Settings then tap on More.

settings - How to Use 4g Sim in 3g Mobile?

Then click on Mobile Networks.

mobile network - How to Use 4g Sim in 3g Mobile?

Then click on “Network Operators” and choose “choose a network manually”.

network operator - How to Use 4g Sim in 3g Mobile?

Now there are two probabilities, first, you’ll get connected to your 4G network automatically. Or second you’ll get an error saying “Can’t connect to Network”, in the second case just wait for 10-15 seconds and your SIM will auto-register with the network after which you’ll get the network name on your screen.

And then you’ve to manually tap on it to connect to the 4G network on your 3G phone.

Method 2 For Snapdragon Processors:-

This method works only if your cellphone came with Snapdragon processors. You can check your processor by going to your Settings> Scroll down > About phone.

Dial **#*#4636#*#* from your cell phone. It’s a USSD code that will bring up the testing options for you.

Once you get the screen, you need to click on the “Phone Information” button.

Scroll down and you should see an option saying “Select preferred network”.

Change it to LTE/GSM auto (PRL), or if you’re getting other options just change it to any LTE network.

Turn your device off. Wait for 15-20 seconds, now insert your 4G sim card in Slot 1, and make sure Slot 2 is empty, and then turn it back on.

Done! Your 4G SIM is active!

Method 3 For Mediatek Chipset Devices:-

This method will only work if your cell phone has Mediatek Chipsets. To check if you’ve got the chipset, just download CPU-Z from Playstore. (Size:- <1MB).

Run it, and if you’ve got a Mediatek chipset, you’ll get the logo and other details right there.

Mediatek Chipset Devices

So considering you’ve got the chipset, now you need to download MTK Engineering Mode. So open the app and click on MTK Settings.

mtk settings

And then click on “Select Network Settings/ Preferred Network Options”.

mtk settings 1

Now you can select 4G/3G as your network mode.

Once you do, turn your device off, insert your 4G SIM card in slot 1, again keeping slot 2 empty and turn your device back on.

Done! You should start getting a 4G network on your 3G Cell phone.

Points To Note:-

  • Don’t ever download any external tool that’s not verified and claims to magically and instantly let you use 4G sim on 3G cell phones, most probably it’s malware or spyware.
  • The methods we’ve discussed have no side or negative effects on your cell phones because we didn’t create any new codes or programs for your cellphone instead we just used options that were already present, just hidden.
  • All the tools which we used in this article are perfectly safe if used in the exact way I’ve described. Although going to the wrong options might result in a negative effect so I’d advise following the steps exactly as discussed or don’t do it at all.

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 Final Words:-

So that was all I had on How to use 4g sim in 3g mobile folks. I hope this piece helped. If it did I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments section. Not to mention that you can always let us know if you’re facing problems with the article or the steps and I’ll try my best to solve them for you.

And if you’ve any other method which has worked for you, do let me know.


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