How to Use Facetime on iPhone

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Smartphones have changed people’s lifestyle drastically. Things, which used to be a hectic job once up on time, now seem really easy. For instance, you had to stand in long queues to book your travel ticket once upon a time; it can now be done with the help of your smartphone all within a matter of a few seconds

.The only 2 things you need is smartphone and internet connection. Iphone, which is a pioneer smartphone maker, has offered its customers something extremely precious in the form of a phone. There are some amazing features in an iPhone that lets you do so many things and one such feature is Facetime. Now, what is Facetime and how to use Facetime will be discussed in detail in this article.

There is a huge competition in the smartphone market among the top players to win over people. So, innovation has become a key to stand out and win people over. There have been new features added to the phones each time a new phone is launched.


It is either a bigger screen phone with a better camera or importance is given to music and video players in the phone that enhances the listening and viewing experience among the users. There have also been millions of productive apps that help the users in getting their work done in a much easier way.

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Whatever features are introduced, the customers ultimately enjoy the benefits of it. Therefore, competition among the top brands can actually be seen as a blessing in disguise for the customers.

Iphone is one brand that has been on top since the time it was introduced. There is something special about Apple that makes it the most favorite brand among the people. The way the phone is designed to the usability of the phone is all extremely magnificent.

Apple spends a lot of money for research and development and obviously as a result it comes with something spectacular each time. They are rightly called the innovators as they are the ones who introduce something new most of the times in the smartphone business.

iPhones are extremely user-friendly and it comes with so many features. This phone can be completely customized as per your needs. The camera is just superb and to listen to music on an iPhone is the best thing you can ever do because of the sound clarity.

There are a countless number of apps that are available in the app store, which can be downloaded and used. The best part is unlike other smartphones, iPhone hardly hangs due to over-usage or when multiple apps are open at once. This is the specialty of an iPhone.

How to Use Facetime on iPhone with Simple Steps


Apple introduced a new feature called Facetime for all the users who have an iOS device that supports iOS 7 or newer version. FaceTime is an app that allows you to do video calls, chat, and converse with any of your friends; the only thing is, both you and the person you are calling should have any of the Apple gadgets that support FaceTime.

With just a push of a button and internet, you can see your friends in a video call no matter how far both of you are. There have been many people wanting to know many things regarding Facetime like how does Facetime work, does Facetime use data, how much data does Facetime use.

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While these are good questions, there are also many valid questions like can you facetime without Wi-Fi, does Facetime use minutes, does Facetime use data, how much data does Facetime use, can you Facetime with 3 people. It is kind of interesting to know that people have so many questions related to one feature of Apple.

Facetime definitely needs an internet connection to work; it can be either Wi-Fi or data, and if you are using data, then it completely depends on how frequently you use Facetime with your data. It is advisable that you use Wi-Fi as it is faster and cheaper.

Currently, there is no feature onFacetimewhere three people can talk at once, but you never know Apple might soon come up with that option as well.


If you want to know how to use Facetime, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Tap on the “Phone”, which is displayed as an icon on your homepage. Then tap on “Contacts.” You will find this in the bottom of the screen, and this will allow you to browse your contacts.
  • Search for the friend you would like to call using FaceTime. Tap on the contact name to open their contact entry. Then, tap on the “FaceTime” option.
  • You can also call your friend regularly and then select the “FaceTime” option in the middle of the call to connect.
  • Once connected to FaceTime call, talk to your friend. Both the parties on the call will be able to see each other on the main screen.

You will find three options at the bottom of the screen.

  • Mute – Tap on this option if you want to go mute between the conversations so that the other party on the other side cannot hear you.
  • Switch Camera Angle– You can switch the camera both ways, one towards you and one against you. This is a fantastic feature, and it works like a charm.
  • End the Call – After the call, you can hang up by tapping on this option.

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FaceTime is a great innovation in the current times; when no other brand was able to come up with it in the smartphone world, iPhone came up with this. The FaceTime feature is extremely useful for people in the line of business; in fact, it is more useful if you are staying far away from your dear ones.

You can have a face to face conversation, which will make you feel like you are right there with your dear ones. This feature works better with Wi-Fi connectivity as there will not be any kind of lag that will interrupt the conversation.


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