How to Use SchemaNinja? Detailed Guide

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The SchemaNinja plugin aims to solve the greatest pain point of modern day users which is getting the exact output for their content which is comprehensible for search engine bots. Often what we see from our eyes is very different from what a bot sees. If a bot is able to see your content classified in the correct manner then better SERPS will not be a distant dream.


Once you have bought the plugin and have received your API key then head over to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugins page and:

Plugins> Upload New plugin

Wait for the plugin to be installed and then activate the plugin, after that enter your API key to activate your copy of SchemaNinja.

Once you have installed the plugin and activated it you can immediately start using it.


Now you need to head over to:

Settings> SchemaNinja

Fill in the defaults that you would like to see in your Reviews and recommendations.

In the reviews section you can use from any words like “Review”, “Overview” etc. for the top heading.

For the Specifications section you can use the full word “Specifications” or write short abbreviated form “Specs”.

For the Call to action button (Buy now) you can use the word “Buy now” or you can use any phrase like “Click here” etc.

You also get the option to use Custom CSS for the review box in case you want to customize the output of your plugin.

In the Recommendations section you can customize the “Try product” text and add recommendations to show and select their default show location i.e. top or bottom.


schemaninja dashboard

schemaninja license



The next big step in using the SchemaNinja plugin is to learn how to create reviews using SchemaNinja plugin, it’s an easy process to add review box to your posts using the plugin. The review section is visible on every single post editor page on your website backend. You can show custom reviews for every different post that you have with varying options for all of them.

1.) Tick the option “Show Review”. This would open up the whole editing box for the review.

2.) Select the position for the review box, it can be on top of the content or at the bottom. 3.) Select the title to showcase in the review box.

4.)  Select the “Currency” you want to show in the review box. For exp. If you review products from India then you can select the currency to be INR.

5.) Now add the pricing for your product.

6.) Give an overall rating to the product out of 10.

7.)  Now you can give respective ratings to different characteristics of the product like “Build”, “camera” etc. in case it’s a mobile phone.

8.)  Now you get the option to add the “Pros” and cons of the product. Try to be brief and concise here as this is sort of a short bullet point which informs your readers about the products top highlights or failures.

9.) Now you have the option to add specifications and give individual ratings to them too.

10.) In the link option you can add the affiliate URL of your product which would help you in boosting sales of the specific product and can be a major money making source for you.

11.) In summary you can give a brief short description of the product and give readers a quick insight into whether the product is good enough or not.

12.) Once you’re done doing this all you need to do is publish your post in order to see the final output box, screenshot for which has been included below!

NOTE: If you leave any entry blank it would not show up in the output box for the SchemaNinja plugin.

The single post editor page for adding review has been shown below along with the specific output page for the reviews.

schemaninja review settings
Default Setting




To create recommendations head over to the “Recommendations” tab on the left-hand side menu of the

  1. WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Now click on “Add new” in order to create a new recommendation.

Once you are inside the editing area for the recommendations you can add a custom title for the Recommendation, add pros and cons for it. Add custom rating parameters for the product.


You also have the option to add your affiliate URL in order to make people buy from your affiliate link. The good thing about this feature is that you would have the option to show the recommendation box below or above every post of yours which would in turn boost the sales of that specific product.

Once you are done with customizing the recommendation you can click on the “Publish” button. But we aren’t done yet as this would not lead to visibility of the recommendation, that is included in the next steps.The output for the recommendations for the SchemaNinja plugin looks like as seen below.

NOTE: The URL generated for the recommendation redirects back to your homepage and is not specifically accessible and is OK from a SEO view point.

Now edit all of the necessary fields for the recommendations which can be seen in the below image.




SchemaNinja plugin also allows its users to have custom recommendations in the Sidebar Section which would further help them in boosting their sales as Sidebar is the one element of the website which is same on almost every page.

The best thing about Sidebar Recommendations is that there’s absolutely no limit on the amount of recommendations as sidebar is pretty long on most websites because of the content.
Setting it up is also pretty easy:

In SchemaNinja Global Plugin settings you just have to set up the Column titles and club the recommendations you made earlier to show in the sidebar!

The output would then be like the earlier screenshot and you can customize it too if you have decent knowledge of CSS.





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