How to Charge iHome Bluetooth Speaker?

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iHome Bluetooth speaker is one of the best speakers available in the market, which is not at all intervened by any external TV interference or TV.

It has numerous features that can keep it aloof from any type of interference. The following are the ways in which you can prevent the iHome wireless speaker from intervention.

  1. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna
  2. Maximize the distance between TV or radio
  3. Use different power boards and not the same used for radio or TV
  4. If the problem still exists, contact the local dealer or service house.

The iHome portable speaker, which is one of the products of SDI technologies, ensures that the product is free from any sort of manufacturing defect.

In case it happens within the stipulated time, then you may easily return it to the store where you bought it.

If the product gets out of order during the warranty period, then the maker will track the charge and repair it or replace completely free of cost.

The repairing of the iHome wireless Bluetooth is very convenient, but ensure that you have the relevant proof of purchase with a valid date. Most of the time, the common problem is backup issues caused due to premature exhaustion of battery and power.

The maker of iHome wireless Bluetooth speaker has taken special care of the issue.

In case any spare part goes out of order, then you can simply detach the spare part and ship it to the authorized service center. There are certain things that you need to produce with the parts like the sales receipt proof like date of purchase and credit card statement.

When we are talking about the warranty, we also have to understand the criteria that are not covered under warranty. Broken and cracked cabinets, chassis broke deliberately, damaged digital media players, and other such aspects are not usually covered.

This will be chargeable, including the up and down shipping charges.

The warranty is covered only in the United States of America and to genuine users. In no case, the warranty would be given to any third party buyers who face consequential damage, incidental damage, punitive damages, and exemplary.

The best part is that the speakers can be charged anywhere and anytime as a result iHome Bluetooth speakers are portable and can be used anywhere. They can be very easily charged with the help of a data cable connecting directly to the power source.

It has a USB input port using which you can charge the internal battery. It is not that difficult; it is so handy that even a kid can handle it easily. iHome Bluetooth speakers are available in various shapes and designs.

In any case, you will find the USB ports that can help you to get it charged. However, it can also be charged by portable power banks available in the market. It has a lithium battery, which is a 2000 amp battery.

It is also called iHome docking station, which means that it is completely a power-packed speaker system that can explode your party mood at any point in time.

It is a speaker that can make your day outside. You can carry it to any outdoor gathering or to any place where you want to tap your foot to the music loaded in the memory of your phone.

It is also very easily connectable through an auxiliary cable that has USB and Micro USB and also an input jack for music that can be plugged into your laptop or mobile phone.

In case you do not want to use the cable through which you can play music, you can also play it through Bluetooth. It is connectable to Bluetooth also. Within 15 feet of coverage, it can be seamlessly connected through Bluetooth.

Charging an iHome Bluetooth speaker?

As for recharging, it is a cakewalk for the users. You can plug one end of the Micro USB cable into the speaker and the other USB cable to a laptop or any other DC source.

The charger is a simple cable that comes with it during the purchase or it also supports any local cable used for such purposes. One of the best features is its charging mechanism; you can charge it once and roam the whole day with your speaker.

You can set the mood while you are in between boring lectures in college or in the middle of any busy schedule in the office. It has everything that can make your day. The sound quality is also of high quality with excellent bass and treble.

Today, iHome Bluetooth speaker is readily available anywhere on the planet and can be easily shipped. Apart from its easy charging options, its portable size has made it the favorite of millions.

The device is now rocking the music market and is in a position to overtake most of the competitors in the same segment. The attractive look and cool color variants make it one of the best gift options for your loved ones.

Its USP of getting it charged anywhere has become of one of the fabulous reasons for its amazing sale across the globe. People from across the globe are now ordering it. Mostly, students and music enthusiasts who love to tap their feet at any point of time are the major buyers of the iHome Bluetooth speaker.

The device is now quite common among young enthusiasts due to its easy features of charging and connectivity. In case you do not want to play it via Bluetooth, then you can go for the cable connectivity.

You can directly connect the cable to the laptop and play your favorite tracks. In such cases, you can also charge it through the USB cable.

It is one of the best gadgets ever by the maker, and it’s for sure that it is going to dazzle the entire market due to its convenient features and portability.


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