Jungle Scout Pro Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money? (Pros & Cons)

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The Jungle Scout Pro is superior to the other tools in this field. It can help its users take care of everything related to their products. That means from launch to competitor research, and even with managing their inventory.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Pro is an electronic apparatus that assists you with settling on educated choices about what to sell on Amazon.

It does this by taking significant measurements from Amazon.

Data like success rank, number of surveys, and different elements, to give you assessed marketing projections and rank the chance of some random specialty an Amazon merchant may be taking a gander at.

Jungle Scout is accessible as both a web application and as a program expansion.

Which gives you a speedy yet itemized examination of a page’s outcomes when you’re looking through Amazon.com

Jungle Scout Pro Review

Outline of Jungle Scout Features

In the event that making an effective Amazon FBA store were a game, it would be a blend of a 400-meter run and a full long-distance race.

The benefit is a drawn-out game, and you should be really quiet. In any case, temporarily, speed and force win out. That is the entire thought behind Jungle Scout: saving time temporarily while setting you up for long haul achievement.

… or possibly that is the thing that the organization claims.

I would prefer not to make a significant case here, yet there’s an explanation that Jungle Scout is considered “the Amazon research device” and why each and every other instrument gets contrasted with it.

We should cover a portion of the highlights and how they help you:

Specialty Hunter

As an item research nerd, Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter is my main thing from the product. It allows you to distinguish beneficial specialty thoughts, items, and catchphrases dependent on boundaries like:

Item Category: Self-logical.

Rivalry: A score of 1-10 with 1 being the most un-serious and 10 being device extras. A score of 1 typically implies a low survey check and a decent opportunity to rank on page 1.

Posting Quality Score (LQS): Amazon SEO is a thing and there’s a particular method to upgrade postings to rank higher. LQS is a proportion of how well the postings in every specialty are upgraded.

Normal Price: Pretty simple. I utilize this to check whether my expected retail cost gets any opportunity of working. In the event that the normal cost is $8, I question selling for $25-$30 would work.

Opportunity Score: This is an overall score dependent on every one of the elements. Assuming it’s high, it’s an extraordinary chance (in principle).

You set the boundaries and it spits back at you a rundown of cool specialties and catchphrase thoughts to investigate. From that point, you can dive further into the information to see data about the most famous items in every specialty. That will assist you with improving inclination for how beneficial the specialty is BEFORE investing any energy in it.

On the off chance that Amazon was a genuine jungle loaded with covered-up treasure, the Niche Hunter would resemble recruiting a large number of gifted nearby aides and sending them out to track down the secret diamonds.

Item Tracker

Item Tracker allows you to see an item’s whole deal history. For this yoga tangle, it right away gives me the normal value, rating, expenses, weight, and deals patterns (in addition to additional!).

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker gives you a constant preview of an item’s business history.

How could this be useful?

Envision you’re searching for item thoughts and stumble over what you believe is the following huge thing: 1,500 live ladybugs. Indeed, this is reality.

On the off chance that you need to get a powerful perspective on this present item’s set of experiences and judge its capability to be the following large thing (high, I expect), just put it into Product Tracker. You’ll get Best Seller Rank, Price, Units Sold, Inventory in Stock, audits, and a ton more.

This gives you a lot more secure, information-driven way to deal with research than simply going off of hunch.

Cautioning: I’m not one of those “masters” that lives and kicks the bucket by the Product Tracker. Indeed, it’s a marvelous device, however, it’s not the be-all-end-all. There’s a ton that goes into tracking down an effective item, and there’s a ton of setting that Product Tracker doesn’t give. You need to take a gander at things comprehensively.

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout Pro Review


  • The program module is really helpful
  • Item tracker forestalls helpless choices dependent on impermanent deals spikes
  • Item data set allows you to cut up in pretty much all ways imaginable
  • Web App and Chrome expansion require separate installments
  • Item tracker maximizes at a multi-day interval of time


  • Web App and Chrome expansion require separate installments
  • Item tracker maximizes at multi-day interval of time
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