How To Fix a Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On?

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Kindle Fire, a tablet version of Kindle e-book reader, was released in the November of 2011. The device features a 7-inch multi-touch display with IPS technology. The device makes use of a customized version of the  Android OS, which is popularly known as Fire OS. Continue reading to find out what to do when your kindle fire won’t turn on.

There have been many cases of the Kindle Fire devices freezing up randomly, or not switching on at all. Do not panic; it is not unusual for devices to not switch on. This happens due to small disturbances inside your device.

This is an unfortunate as some defect in your Kindle device is causing this issue, and many other users have encountered too. Amazon was aware of this problem when they launched the device. They even added a small guide to the top of the user manual on how to fix this issue.


So, this is really not that big a problem and can be easily fixed. The following steps are assured to give you positive results when your device is not turning on.

If you find that the  Kindle fire is not turning on, then have no fear – we have listed a few measures below, implement these and they should set your device right in no time.

Whenever your kindle fire don’t turn on, then it’s probably locked. However, at times when the Kindle gets locked, you can’t tell because the screen goes completely dark.

It just looks like your Kindle is off but, in fact, it is on and is stuck. This is usually the reason why your kindle fire will not turn on or sometimes charge because it is switched on already and is locked and thus, won’t work properly or charge.

Why My Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

The most simple and first thing to try when someone says my kindle fire won’t turn on is to reset the device. Just hold the Power button for a few seconds to reset your kindle. You will know it when your kindle goes off; the screen turns black. And if you can’t tell, then make sure that you pressed and held the power button for about a minute.

When the device is ready, press the power button to turn it back on. Even now if your question of why my Kindle Fire HD won’t turn on is not answered, then head on to the next step. The charge on your Kindle is probably zero. This is another reason why your kindle Fire HD won’t turn on. The power charger must be plugged in and wait for about twenty minutes to ensure the device gets enough charge and try to turn it on again.


The smaller end of the USB cable must be connected to the tablet, and the larger end of the cable must be connected to the computer or the power adapter.

If your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD is connected to your personal computer, make sure that your personal computer is switched on and is awake. Keep patience for at least an hour to get your device charged up and then try to power it back on.

If still, the device doesn’t turn on, reset the Kindle fire to ensure it is switched off. Remember that if your kindle doesn’t charge up, then the charger has probably died.

In such cases, try using different chargers or cables to see if it works. If you have one from your phone, you might as well try that.

The charger requires a micro USB cable connection to fit into your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD devices.

After trying the steps, if you still wonder why my Kindle Fire HD won’t turn on, then resetting your device to its factory settings is another solution you could try. To reset your Kindle to factory settings, follow the steps given below

  • choose ‘Settings’ from the top of your Kindle Fire screen; you will find it when you swipe down.
  • Now go to the ‘Device Options’, and then select ‘Reset to Factory Default’.
  • Tap on ‘Reset’ to confirm.

Give the Kindle device some time to reboot. It usually takes about two to three minutes to reboot. Have patience till then and give your device enough time to complete the process of resetting.

Once your Kindle is done resetting, it will turn on again on its own. If the Kindle doesn’t switch back on its own within ten minutes then manually switch it on.


There are chances for your device to get frozen as it reboots. This might be the reason why your Kindle stays frozen for more than ten minutes on the reboot screen

These were the steps to soft-reset your Kindle Fire. Still, the problem won’t disappear? Try hard resetting your Kindle Fire. Because resetting your Kindle solves the problem 99% of the times.

This will remove all of the data stored on the device, so it is better to keep a backup of all the data and information you don’t want to lose.

Back up all the data to your computer or a cloud storage service. Any purchases made from the App Store of Amazon will be able available for download. If you want return Amazon book on rents, see that.

Continue with the initial set up and log in with your account of Amazon. By doing this, all your purchases and settings will be restored.

Now take a test on your newly reset Kindle Fire to see if the problem still exists. You should notice the difference in the performance of your device.  See how you can share Books on Kindle.

It should be faster, and perform fluently. If the problem still remains, then it time to wrap up that Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD and contact Amazon Support for getting it repaired or replaced. And if your device is under warranty, then your device will be replaced with a new one.

If you have dropped your device by any chance and if it is damaged, then it is best to give your device to the professional who can help.


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