How to Make Money on Amazon?

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I must say, we recently added the Marketing and Blogging category over here at Expert Hoot, and I’m loving it.Because finally I can write on something that I really enjoy writing about. And well I have spent the better part of my 19 years on this planet doing this stuff,  I mean the marketing and blogging thing so I think (No actually I know) this is my arena.

So that is why I am writing this piece today about how to make money on Amazon.

Well I am guessing you already know that Amazon is this planet’s largest E-Commerce platform, right?

And well there are quite a number of methods you can use to make money on Amazon.  And, no I’m not talking about pocket money or couple bucks, but I am talking about a full-time career alternative.

Of course it takes time to make it a full-time alternative, took me around 6 years, but well on a general note, you can expect couple hundred dollars of the from Amazon per month even if you are not a professional in the field. Along with Amazon people these days also making big chunk of money from Youtube. Here is How to Make Money on YouTube?

So, is it easy to make money from Amazon? Yes. Is it free -lazy money? No.

How to Make Money on Amazon?

  1. Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Selling your own Products.

Amazon Affiliate Program:-

If you are on this post, I guess you have at least a bit of idea about what the affiliate program amazon or affiliate marketing is. Well yeah, it is the process of selling someone else’s products for a bit of commission.

Amazon does have one of the largest affiliate marketplaces on this planet, and well there are reasons for it.

The first, most important reason behind Amazon being a successful affiliate marketplace for us you don’t need to install the “trust instinct” in your customers.

Well, all you need to do is, redirect them and send them over to your product link because every guy in this world knows about  Amazon they don’t need to be told that they can trust the site so technically that’s one less job for you, and it makes selling stuff a lot easier.

Amazon starts paying you around 4% commissions, but you be a good marketer to them, and it increases up to 10%. Just to get you into the flow of things, here’s a screenshot of what the Amazon affiliates payout dashboard looks like:-

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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate:-

Well yeah if you were wondering how to become amazon affilliate, it’s as easy as creating a Facebook account. Yeah, all you need to do is, head over to the Amazon Associates homepage.

Click on the Join Now for Free button at the top right corner.


Click on “I am a new customer” if you don’t have an Amazon account, or click on “I’m a returning customer” if you already have an Amazon account, and login. If you have Amzon books on rent, here is How to Return Amazon Book Rental?


Fill out the necessary details, meaning your address, payout details and everything else.


And then finally you’ll get your unique Affiliate ID, which is what will make the money for you. Meaning, you need to promote that link (I’ll tell you how), and for every product bought via that link, will get you your commission!

Is it so easy? Well not exactly.

When you signup on Amazon Associates and get your Affiliate ID, it doesn’t mean you’re an Amazon affiliate yet. Instead, you have to make at least one sale, and that sale would confirm if they want you in the program, or not. (Well don’t worry, 99% of the times you’re accepted.) Like Amazon, you also need to get Adsense account approved to get ads on Youtube. Do you need to know How to Get Ads on Youtube?

How to Promote Amazon Products?

I don’t expect you’re going to venture around your neighborhood, knocking door to door asking if they might be interested in buying a certain product right? Yeah good decision, don’t do that.

So how are you going to promote your products?

  • Writing Reviews: – You can either start a new blog, or work on one you already have. (Although making a new one, dedicated to Amazon is a better option!) On that blog, write really detailed and informative reviews about the products you are promoting. Ofcourse with a pinch on SEO flavors into it, you can get them ranked, and once they’re ranked, your Amazon dashboard would start spinning.
  • FB Ads: – Well yeah, in case you are in a really competitive niche (product), getting your post ranked might not be as easy. Well, in that case, running  a Facebook campaign sounds like a great option. The ROI ( Return on Investment) is great If you know how to do it, you can expect an ROI of anywhere between 300-500% if done right.

How to Make Money on Amazon Method #2:-

I get it, not everyone of you reading this piece has a marketer inside of him, right?

Well, you don’t need to be. Yeah, you can make a handsome fat wallet out of Amazon even if you’re not a marketer. Well, what you can do is, sell you own products.

Well yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that not every Amazon product, is sold by Amazon itself, right?

For e.g.,. here’s a jewelry set that’s being sold by “Shining Diva” and not Amazon. Well, you can do so too!


In order to make money on Amazon and sell your own products, you need to signup with Amazon Services.

Just fill in the information as requested on the screen.


Fill in the Seller information on the next screen.


The next screen would ask you for your Card details. Well, you can trust Amazon, so just give it here, it’s required to process payments and other finance related stuff. Do you have spare Amazon Prime memberhip, cancel it. Know more about How to Cancel Amazon Prime?


Just keep filling in the information and when you finally complete it, you’ll be able to sell your stuff on Amazon! Well, that’s like getting exposed to the whole of the world!

So well that was about it, Folks! You can go around the Affiliate thing, or you can become a seller yourself, in either case, that was about how to make money on Amazon. If you’ve still got a doubt left, do leave a comment, I’ll get back to you as soon as time permits me.


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