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Most Liked Comment On Youtube In 2023

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YouTube introduced the comment rating system where viewers could like the comment. The most liked comment in the video gets rated at the top.

So, what was the most liked comment on YouTube?

The most liked comment on YouTube was by Seth Everman in November 2020. It has more than 3 million likes. (3.3 million exactly)

The viral comment was posted under the song “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. The comment reads “I’m the bald guy,” which is a pun on the song’s title.

Billie-Eilish-Most Liked Comment On Youtube

The comment became the first to reach 1 million likes as well as the most popular comment ever on YouTube.

A more fascinating aspect of viral marketing was revealed by the most viewed comment on YouTube.

Why Did the Comment Go Viral?‍

The first step to understanding viral marketing is understanding why this particular comment went viral.

After some research, I discovered four main factors:

  • Popularity
  • Performance
  • Placement
  • Push‍

Taking these points into account, let’s discover why the YouTube comment went viral. Understand the viral marketing process and you can replicate its success for your ideas, products, and content.‍

Most Liked Comment On Youtube


Despite the fact that he may be a nobody, Seth Everman is not. His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers.

Since 2006, his videos have gone viral. His comedic piano videos and parody videos are known for their deadpan expressions.

His social media following was already massive at the time he posted the YouTube comment. His YouTube channel was one of the most popular in his birthplace, Sweden, not only on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Personal experience tells me followers make content go viral since I have few followers across various platforms.

The most liked comment on YouTube can teach us how important platform and popularity are to viral marketing.

You are almost preparing yourself for viral hits when you build up a following over time. Creating content for a larger audience will increase your odds of hitting the right mark at just the right time.
Seth’s ready base of fans went into high gear when he posted the now-famous YouTube comment.‍


Exactly the right comment was posted by Seth on YouTube in exactly the right place.

It is natural that his fans would recognize him as the face behind the comment since they are familiar with his music. Perhaps he would have been favored if he commented on a video related to food, but he wouldn’t have become a viral sensation.

Due to the fact that the YouTube comment was posted in a genre where he is well known, it quickly became viral. In other words, he published the right words in the right place at just the right time.
Placement is not a new concept in marketing.‍


When it comes to performance, the content itself matters.

Sure, “I’m the bald guy” isn’t funny or wise. What made it popular was several characteristics:

  • It was a short comment.
  • Simple was the comment.
  • A joke was made in the comment.
  • It was a relevant comment.
  • Personalization was evident in the comment.‍

A research study found that a part of the reason why short phrases and slogans work is their simplicity. They are easily understood. They are easy to understand.

Among viral content’s important elements is humor. An interesting fact is that studies show self-defeating humor to be one of the most successful types of viral content. These findings were published on page 15 of the Journal of Creative Communications.

Virality is also characterized by relevance. In relation to the popular song, “Bad Guy,” “I’m the bald guy” has become a viral YouTube comment.

Last but not least, the comment was personalized. Seth actually has a bald head.‍


Seth shares more about his comment going viral in a YouTube video on his channel. Seth immediately posted about it on his Twitter and Instagram accounts after his comment had broken the record for most-liked YouTube comment at the time.

The comment gained momentum due to his social sharing.

Around 776,00 likes had been given to his comment at that point, making it the most liked comment in the world. A million people liked his comment after sharing it on social media! He publicly celebrated his millionth post on social media when he reached this milestone.

3.3 million people have now liked his comment and counting as a result of a second push.‍

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Conclusion‍: Most Liked Comment On Youtube

Apply these points to your content if you want to create viral content as well:

  • Share your content on platforms where your existing audience can see it.
  • Post content on topics and in areas where you already have a following. Shared content is more likely to be found and shared by your community.
  • Post content is short. If possible, it should be as short as possible.
  • Provide straightforward content that is simple and easy to understand.
  • Write clever, humorous, and witty content.
  • Make sure that your content is directly relevant to other topics, ideas, and content that are already popular.
  • Personalize the content you post.
  • When you reach minor or major milestones, share your content on social media platforms.

In response to his millionth like, Seth tweeted, “Hello @YouTube, I would like one gold comment award, please.” YouTube responded, and Seth received his gold plaque about one week later


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