How To Do Off Page SEO With Unique Content In 2023

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Did You Know 75% Of Websites Do Off Page SEO With Unique Content??

We all know what SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimization. It is an activity for improving search engine rankings. SEO helps a website to drive traffic from the ‘free,’‘organic,’‘editorial’ or ‘natural’ search results on search engines.

Upon searching a particular keyword on a search engine such as Google, only relevant and authoritative links to web pages are displayed as search results. Different types of content formats such as text, video, animation, charts, infographics, etc. are considered while SEO happens.

Further, SEO can be split into 2 different types; On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO– All the activities that you can do ON your website to rank higher on search engines (page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc.)

Off-page SEO – All the activities that you can do… Hang on! Let’s dig it a little deeper and discuss this in detail. Keep reading!

What Is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to all of the activities that you can do OFF your website to rank higher on search engines. It is basically what happens outside the website that eventually helps in improving search ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing. Such activities include social networking, article submission, forum & blog marketing, etc.

Providing value for users, SEO isn’t just associated with links. It takes many other aspects into consideration too; Brand Mention, Content, Audience & Connections.

This act of optimizing brand’s online and offline presence creates an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawl bots.

Off-page SEO helps in improving:

  • Brand Mentions
  • Search Rankings
  • Website/Blog Traffic
  • Conversions

It has become extremely important for brands to construct their web pages using high-quality content and certain techniques to rank as high as possible on search engine result pages. One simple golden rule here is, the higher is the ranking, the more is the traffic on the website.

Why is Off-page SEO Important? Off Page SEO With Unique Content

Off-page SEO aims to accumulate positive signals and interactions for your brand. It significantly benefits brand mentions, positive reviews, links, etc.

Every brand’s main goal is to create a piece that is SEO-friendly, interesting, informative and desirable. There are multiple factors that help with great Off-page SEO for such pieces. Creating a worthy and consumable product or service, facilitating guest posting on popular& relevant topics, building relationships with influencers, encouraging positive reviews and responding to negative reviews, closely monitoring brand mentions are to name a few.

Here are 3 major areas worth attention before getting into Off-page SEO:

  1. Brand

Building brand recognition helps in selling your products or services. With brand, association comes trust and loyalty. If you desire to gain customers’ trust, it is important to offer them quality products and services. Strongly optimized pages help build brand recognition as it ranks higher in search results. The other way out here is working on the pages. Produce relevant, unique and SEO-friendly pages to benefit both on and off-page SEO. In the end, it is the quality that pays in a long run.

  1. Audience

Understanding audience is vital for any company to grow. Without knowing what target audience is and what it desires from the brand, a company cannot prosper. It’s just like shooting an arrow in the dark. Knowledge of your audience and demographics is important, as knowing them will help you interact with them. Also, acknowledging audience’s desires is equally important. It makes them feel they are valuable to your brand. Hence, it is important to study your audience and their preferences.

  1. Content

Content is king.

It is key to higher search rankings. Good content is equal to good SEO. Content here refers to a complete package that is exposed to the audience to consume. Good content here represents a complete balance of creativity, visuals, brand story, logos, taglines, blogs, CTA and a lot more.

Content that has to be shared with your audience has to have an emotional appeal to connect with them. It should be unique, relevant, captivating, informative, and SEO-friendly at the same time.


Off-page SEO promises numerous benefits along with what is achieved through On-page SEO. They are:

The main agenda of a search engine is to provide the best results to the searcher in one go. Off-page SEO simply portrays the image of a website to the search engine. In simpler words, it indicates the search engine on how the viewers perceive the particular website (based on shares, likes, reactions, followers, etc.)

Working as a health meter for the websites, Off-page SEO indicates that the website has a good number of references (links) from other websites and more mentions on social media. Such pages are widely bookmarked and shared among communities of like-minded users.

Given how significant Off-page SEO is,  it becomes extremely important to practice it on a priority. Understanding Off-page SEO helps you recognize suitable framework and marketing techniques and where you need to put in efforts to yield better results.

Why Your Brand Can’t Ignore Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO largely involves promotional methods beyond the website to attain higher ranking in search results. It offers various techniques that can be used to improve website traffic.

SEO not only drives traffic but is also very useful in improving user-friendliness and the credibility of the website.

Link Building, Social Media Marketing and Social bookmarking are some of the major activities (that have to be positive) that take place outside the website. It is the job of Off-page SEO to recognize these efforts and showcase to search engine crawl bots in order to achieve high ranking.

A successful Off-page SEO strategy assures:

  • Improvement In Rankings – With improved website traffic (and sales)
  • Increase In PageRank – Indicating the importance of a website to Google
  • Enhanced Exposure – More clicks, more links, more visits and more social media mentions

Here are 5 recommended Off-page SEO techniques to consider:

1. Create An Excellent Product Or Service

Make sure the product or service you craft is the best in its class. Making the job of SEO much easier, this technique directly hits higher ranking.

When you offer a product that is of top-notch quality, it makes people fall for it, share it and recommend to others. It often results in increased sales. This is what good SEO demands. Positive reviews, responses, and credits.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Poor customer service adversely affects SEO and PR reputation. As already mentioned earlier, it is important to understand and acknowledge the audience’s desires. Quick resolutions to the queries are always appreciated and cherished.

Make sure to leave a positive impact on your customers with round-the-clock customer service & 100% resolution guaranteed.

3. Focus On Web Searchers’ Intent

Put the needs of your valuable audience on priority. Anything that appears first, strikes first. People are more likely to buy the product if they find the suitable product in first search results.

Always try to match up the needs of your prospective audiences. Create and share content with useful keywords and relevancy to appear first.

4. Ensure A Responsive Social Media Presence

People today are more likely to approach search engines and social media to learn about something that they find amusing. They raise queries, enquire and ask friends & acquaintances about the very subject on social media.

Social media is a valuable component of your off-page SEO strategy.Today, technology has granted us an easy access to various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & more. Why not leverage this availability to drive traffic? And how to do that? The answer is simple. By ensuring social media presence.

Create brand social media handles on various platforms and start promoting your blogs, products, and services as desired. Getting started with social media is not complicated. You already know how to do that!

5. Build Connections With Online Influencers

It is a proven fact that the amount of traffic that social media sends to your site cannot be measured. It also helps in generating leads or connections with people who showcase the strong potential in converting into a buyer.

Social media and other online influencers can be an asset to your brand, if used wisely. You can take advantage of social media as it possesses great ability to create and nurture lasting relationships with influencers. And if you have influencers associated with your brand, it can do wonders. It comes with numerous followers and connections with numerous high-ranking websites.

6. Active Participation In Forums And Discussion Boards

You can do this by visiting popular blogs in your vertical and leaving comments on them. Encourage discussion. By doing this, you can get noticed by your desired audience and the influencers they follow.

There are countless visitors to such blogs. You never know your valuable comment might catch the attention of the blogger or the influencer. Sites like Reddit and Quora are great, to begin with.

7. Try Different Content Types

Don’t make your content mundane. You can experiment with different content types and formats to exhibit your creativity.

See beyond the text. Content here isn’t limited to just words. It refers to a complete package that you serve your audience for consumption. You can use different types of animations, videos, pictures, infographic, charts, themes, layouts, etc. This will help you retain your audience’s interest in your brand.

An ideal content piece should be 100% original, informative, captivating, SEO-friendly,  interesting and relevant altogether. It should also leave some emotional connect with the audience.


For successful SEO campaigns, you have to bring into practice both the SEO techniques; On-page SEO & Off-page SEO. The fundamental way to do this right is understanding the audience, creating useful products & services, providing support service, making a great website and promoting it correctly on apt platforms.

Now that you are aware that Off-page SEO is not just about link building but a lot more, pull up your socks and start working in this direction too.

Hope this post was useful to you. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below!

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