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5 Instant Productivity Hacks To Become A Successful Blogger

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About Productivity Hacks To Become A Successful Blogger.

You started your day with a lot of excitement and had a lot of tasks to complete in a day.

You started your precious day by opening Facebook.

You are checking what your friends are doing. You keep on scrolling to find something that can make you feel better.

Suddenly one of your close friends pinged you and either asked a question or told you something that is happening in the online industry.

You are so busy chatting that you almost forgot what you were supposed to do today.

It’s 12:30 by your watch now..

It’s either time to take bath (I know we take bath after checking our mails, blogs, Facebook etc.) or your mom is calling for the tea or lunch.

Finally you are back on your laptop at 2:30 o’clock and still collecting the ideas to write next blog post, a post which will shake the world.

You are out of the idea, so you are reading other blogs, watching videos, listening to podcasts or checking your other social media profiles.

You are trying to become productive by spending time on waste activities.

Finally, it’s 9:00 PM now and you are feeling tired.

At this time, all your energy has been drained, and you are no longer in the mood to write your next blog post.

Ultimately you are doing a promise with you that I am going to leave all this tomorrow… but same story begins tomorrow as well.

Tell me frankly, “Is this happening with you?”

If yes, it’s time for you to learn these productivity hacks to make your day much productive and achieve more in less time.

I was lucky enough that I figured it out and found what I was doing wrong.

I was unproductive so ultimately my earning was decreasing every month.

So I took the action.

Recently I was reading “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson and learned one of the very precious lessons in the life.

According to book we get so comfortable in our current situation that we don’t want to think outside the box. Once we start earning with one source, we stop looking for the other methods.

Ultimately something bad happens, and that source (Cheese according to the book) becomes outdated. So we stop earning.

We scream at that time, saying, “Who moved my cheese?”

I know this is your story, my story and story of everyone,

So today we are going to talk about productivity only.

Here are my productivity hacks.

#1. Stop checking mails in the morning

I used to start my day by checking my mails.

I know mails are important and help us to connect with our readers, partners and show us more opportunities.

But what if I say, they kill your productivity.

Sooner or later you will realize the truth.

We have become so obsessed with mails that we keep checking them after every 15 minutes.

We keep waiting for some money making opportunity or a big client in our email inbox.

By checking your mails after every 15-20 minutes you are simply killing your time and your energy. Because once you are interrupted and a mails captured your attention, you will never be in the same energy.

So stop checking your mails at the start of your day and reduce the time to check mails on frequent basis.

#2. Write down your daily tasks in a notebook

Here I am saying daily tasks.

There is no need to write VERY IMPORTANT tasks on your notebook, because if it’s so IMPORTANT, you’ll never forget it. ~ Rework

Writing makes your goals achievable.

Keep a short journal or a basic notebook to write down all your activities, so that you can watch them later and mark your progress.

How to start?

  1. Grab a journal and start writing your important daily tasks for next seven days.
  2. Check your progress no more than three times a day and mark the tasks as complete if you have performed them.
  3. Start by writing short and achievable tasks.
  4. Use time application on your computer to keep track of your time spent.
  5. Prioritize your tasks and start doing them.

By writing tasks on your notebook you are sending a signal to your mind that I have this much work to do today and at any cost I am going to complete it.

Our mind is our servant, it will do whatever you order it to do.

This one small practice has made me too much productive in just two months.

Two months back everything was in a mess. I used to start my days having zero knowledge what I am going to do today.

But once I started writing my daily tasks, everything become simple and doable.

#3. Divide big tasks in small ones

We see our tasks as a scary giant task when we want to achieve them.

We make very big goals, we dream big and want to do something tremendous.

Ultimately we decide what we actually want to do and write it down in our notebook.

But once we think about doing it, it almost seems impossible.

You feel like having a team who can do this for you.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you are going to work on a competitive keyword and want to rank your blog on #1 in Google.

At first it seems impossible as there are a lot of tasks that you will have to perform to rank it #1.

You are afraid of starting because all you know is, it’s very hard to rank for that keyword.

So let’s divide this GIANT TASK into small parts.

Write down in your notebook:

  1. First two days of the week I am going to do web 2.0 submission.
  2. Next two days I am going to do article submission.
  3. Next two days I am going to make manual comments on good blogs.
  4. Next one day I am going to make tier 2 backlinks.

See, how easy it is.

Now it seems achievable.

So divide your tasks in small ones and see the magic.

#4. Learn Pomodoro Technique

This is the most important technique I have ever learned.

According to Pomodoro Technique you work on just one activity for 25 minutes, and then take a 5 minutes break.

We are so obsessed with the internet that we keep surfing even if there is no need.

You can use this technique to become more productive and focused. Once you set your timer, you set a target for yourself. You know the exact time when you are going to take break.

Further this technique will help you to improve your eye-sight as well. We keep staring our laptop screen for such a long time that it’s going to hurt when we are going to get old.

According to one study we use so much time in front of laptop, desktop, TV or any digital device that we are imposing ourself to Blue Light excessively.

This blue light is so harmful that you can even lose you eye-sight as well.

So I am using a smart application on both Windows and Mac machine called Flux.

This tiny application will adjust your laptop’s screen with time (you will have to enter your location in the software) and your are never going to see that blue screen on your computer again.

So Pomodoro Technique is going help you to become more productive as well as healthy.

#5. Read less, do more

You might think that I am suggesting something wrong now.

I know you love reading.

But let me ask one simple question.

Why do you read?

To get more information and to learn more?

We have gone through such a big number of courses like CPA, affiliate marketing, Facebook PPC, TeeSpring, Flipping etc. etc. that we have stopped taking actions.

We are waiting for a mind blowing technique which is going to change our life in just one day.

If you have spent atleast one year in internet marketing, you have enough knowledge to hit $10,000 a month.

But the problem is, we always want to learn more, read more, consume more and ultimately compile more information in our mind.

If you are not taking actions, all your knowledge is waste.

We learn by doing things practically, not by reading them 10 times a day.

You will learn how to kick a football just by going to playground only, because no book in this world can teach you practically.

Reduce the number of blogs you read daily, check your bookmarks, and decide what you actually want to do in your online career.

Keep doing one thing until you start making good money.

Final words

You are here because you felt that you are being unproductive or wanted to learn more productivity techniques.

Whatever is the reason, you are here to explore more about productivity.

Don’t do like you have always done… Reading one article and then moving to another article without taking any action.

This is something which no one is going to do for you.

You will have to scratch your own itch.

Use the techniques mentioned above and see the amount of productivity you are going to get in next 7 days.

I have used all of them and they worked.

I know they are going to work for your as well, but the choice is yours only.

Show the world who you are.

Because an unproductive human being cannot use his/her full potential.

Jitendra vaswani

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