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3 Project Management Tools To Become More Organized

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About Project Management Tools To Become More Organized.

In your business, either online or offline, productivity plays a huge role.

If you are not systematic and don’t know what your vision is, you are more likely to fail.

And we (bloggers or internet marketers) are into a business where we need a lot of productivity, as we don’t have any boss or high authority person to supervise our activities.

In short – we are single man army.

We want to build many sites and get the profit in a very short time.

Every new niche we find, we think to build a site around it and generate profit in few days.

This happened with me and happens with all of them. In starting days of my blogging I worked on many niche sites and almost all of them failed.

The reason of failure was – not focusing on one site.

With excitement we start a new website, new project or anything, but after 15-20 days we get another lucrative idea and start working on it. And this keeps repeating.

Right now I have more than 15 live sites where writers are working and few are making money on automation.

Managing all of them was a very tough job for me because till the time I was managing everything with Google Docs. I was simply creating some excel sheets and share with my writers to update it everyday.

Soon I found that everything was getting messed up and I was not able to track everything.

This might be the case with you as well.

So today I am going to share 3 project management tools which I am using to manage all my projects and doing more in less time. You can choose any of them as per your business requirement and see the change in your business in next few days.

#1. EverNote

I started using this tool around 2 years back.

This is a cloud based tool which you can install on your Windows Computer, iPhone, Android, iPad or Mac machine.

I personally use this tool to collect some big ideas where I make notes to access them anywhere.

They have given great interface where you can collect your ideas in the form of text, images and videos. EverNote gives you freedom to add reminders and lists which ultimately makes it a to-do app as well.

In my case I have added some important passwords and user IDs which I want to access from different places. Keeping all them in your mind is a very difficult job to do, so I have made different notes to organized all my important data.

You can create different Notebooks in this app which will ultimately help you to differentiate your business, personal, health, entertainment and other tasks in different diaries.

Using tags you can organize your data in much smarter way and search them with ease when you wan to access.

They have FREE as well as Premium version of this app.

But as a normal user, FREE application has many advanced features which will help you to become more organized.

In premium version you can password protect your files and access the files in offline mode. They have added presentation mode as well as business card scanning feature which will save the time to collect the data from business card in the phone.

#2. WunderList

This is the second tool I use on daily basis.

This is a to-do app which helps you to make quick tasks rom your mobile device or computer screen.

This is also available as Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android app which ultimately make you more organized by synching your tasks on all the devices.

In this app you can create different projects and assign specific tasks under that project. Once you finish the task, just mark it as complete.

After trying many apps like Any.DO, Remember the milk, Todoist, OmniFocus and few others, I found WunderList as a winner. Because all the apps I mentioned were either not doing all the things which I wanted or they were charging heavy price just to activate features like adding notes in the task.

In the above picture you can see, They created on project “Vacation To Paris” and assigned different tasks under that project.

By further going in the task “Places to See” they create sub-tasks with notes.

Isn’t this awesome?

You can simply make the notes for your tasks and upload media files as well.

One feature which you are going to love in this app is, team collaboration.

You can share your project with your business partner. By doing this, you both will be able to make the changes in the project.

This one feature will keep you more synched with your business partner as well as track the progress of your tasks.

#3. Asana

Another cool app which I use to co-ordinate with my writers and create my link-building projects.

This app is created by Dustin Moskovitz, who was Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommate and co-founder of Facebook.

Earlier they were using this application at Facebook office to manage all the projects and tasks. But Dustin Moskovitz announced he was leaving Facebook to start a new company with fellow-Facebooker Justin Rosenstein.

They made Asana as open project so anyone could access the platform now. With time it has become one of my most loved project management tools and I use it in a very smart way.

So you can create different tasks on that particular date using the calendar and keep track of all your activities when you completed them.



Now let’s move to another usage of this app

I am using this tool to assign all blog posts to my writers. In the box I mention the keyword which they should target in the article and provide some instructions.

I assign those tasks to my writers (they all have joined Asana) so they get instant notification in the mail.

I have assigned this task to myself and wrote targeted keywords as well description.

You can assign these tasks to your writers, business partners, developers or any person who is working with you.

They can mark the task completed after completing it, so you’ll get the notification in the mail.

Note: This is a very advanced tool with tons of features, so I would suggest to see videos by going to YouTube and learn how to use it effectively.

Final Note:

You can get most in 24 hours only and only if you are organized and know what is running in your business.

We as a bloggers always talk about the shortage of time.

But as one question from yourself, “Do those people have more than 24 hours in a day who are hitting $50,000+ in a month?”

No they don’t have.

So here comes the requirement of such project management tools which make them more productive and organized to get more in less time.

Download these productive tools right now and see the change in next 30 days.

All the very best.

Jitendra vaswani

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