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7 Psychological Ways to Keep Readers Attracted to Your Blog

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About Psychological Ways to Keep Readers Attracted to Your Blog

Do you want your readers to keep coming on your blog?

Would you believe you can develop a secret connection with your readers?

Who doesn’t want to keep readers engaged on the blog?

That’s right.

If you’re incredibly good with writing your content on the blog and you have a bunch of guest post authors to contribute to your blog on regular basis, then this article will help you to take your Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing to the next level.

How is that?

You might want to ask me. Right Now!


Your content won’t be enough to make your blog successful unless you add a bundle of things in your overall strategy – Psychology is one of the those spices that I want to give you to make your next blog post highly successful.

Content Marketers try to give solutions, they solve people’s problem – that’s why people come to read their content, because people know they’ll get something out of it!

It’s true that Content is important and it requires elements like these:

Quality: Without quality, your content won’t be able to impress the readers. It takes time and energy to write something useful, impact-creating and helpful which makes readers happy and astonished. Maybe, it is your interesting example, infographic or well-explanation that makes it useful for the readership.

Neil Patel is a famous for his simple and in-depth analysis on Content Marketing and SEO, while Darren Rowse is pretty good with the concepts of Blogging and Content Creation.

Length: Length of the content is an on-going debate and might be in the future – But one thing is sure, in-depth and detailed content has the ability to satisfy reader’s need – It doesn’t mean short-sized content can’t do that. The message should be clear and helpful no matter what.

Content Marketers believe that long-sized content perform well, but necessary increase in size won’t help the writer.

Depth: Detailed analysis, multiple examples, screenshots and reference links contribute to the content to make it great content. Your empty solid statements won’t be attractive enough to engage the audience, even if you’ve got a million dollar suggestion, try to add examples, links and references to keep readers abreast.

Deliverability: Readers always count on your quality and want to know that what they are getting out of your content. You win when you deliver something exceptional to the audience… When you do that, they come closer to your blog and content, because they know you might do similar next time, so they don’t want to miss that. Here you get the chance to develop a loyal readership. Deliver the best you can.

What If I tell you some simple psychological tips to do nothing extra,

nothing special and with no extra-cost involved!

Would you take it?

You would…

So, I’m going to drill down some of the hidden psychological ways which will help you to perform better as problogger and your blog will surely increase its brand-identity.

These seven strategies can be a gamer changer for your blogging. Read these tips, analyze with your blogging, try to figure out how you can do better using these seven psychological ways to attract readers:

#1. Make Posting Schedules and follow them

When you develop a posting schedule, not only you develop a writing schedule for you, but also your readers expect to receive your email newsletter or new blog posts from your side. It’s about setting up the routine and letting people know when you’re posting the new content.

Schedules and routines in blog posting develop expectation among readers and blog gets positioning in the mind of readers. It’s about perception building with your schedule-system.

All you need is to motivate and engage your readers to read your content and respond to you. This might be one of the ways to do that.

#2. Give Alerts and Notifications about Posts

When you play with minds of readers, they will be attracted towards you – Notify them through all of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Occasionally share update about your next or almost ready blog posts ideas before publishing – It makes them curious to know what’s going on and when you’re going to post that.

New friends and fans might ask you the link of your blog or someone of them suddenly click to your blog post when you’ll hit the publish button and share on social media, because they know that you talked about this.

Even, try to share with your friends about examples and solutions you’ve given in that blog post. I often share the solutions I provided in the previous blog posts and refer those blog post links to the new readers.

#3. Create Shareable Images

Featured image is one of the vital things of any blog post. Whether you choose stock photography in your content or create your own image in Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, it doesn’t matter, what matters is, you should have an image that is relevant to your content.

Shutterstock, iStock and Getty Images are famous stock photography websites – Companies, Content Marketers and Digital Marketing Experts use these stock photography websites to use images in their content.

Canva is another fantastic tool to create your own banners, images and shareable infographics in your content. Such tools will help you to make your blog attractive and engaging for the audience.

#4. Send Updates to Social Media Friends and Fans

One of the good ways to keep your regular readers and prospective audience attracted to your blog is engage them through Social Media Updates. Maybe creating the curiosity in the social media updates would trigger an excitement among them.

Using the right tools really makes a difference on Social Media. I use Buffer to make my social media sharing of content. It helps me to schedule blog posts sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, even on free plan. You can add a number of different social media accounts in the paid plans of Buffer.

When I updated the Facebook status about my next video on Dailymotion channel, many of my Facebook friends came to know about my video making on Dailymotion – Couple of them liked and few of them started chatting on Facebook about Dailymotion Publisher Program.

That’s how I engaged at least 6 new people towards my dailymotion channel just with a status update on Facebook.

#5. Refer your Previous blog posts in the discussions

Referring your previous work time to time helps people to know more about you. You might want to share your most-shared blog post on the social media.

It doesn’t matter you have to do it online only, maybe you’re meeting your new client and you need to show your credibility and depth, there you can refer your famous article.

Make sure your referral point is strong, and whatever you’re sharing has something important to do with the current topic – referring the old content just to link up or advertise yourself won’t be a good gesture.

#6. Prioritize your Favorite Blog Categories

Try to prioritize your favorite category (or categories) in order to create content that does well everywhere like Social Media, Email Newsletter CTR and Search Results.

Selecting a specific category as your main focus would help you to get ranked well in the search engines – the more categories you add up to your strategy, the less chances you see to get ranked higher.

When you get specialized in a certain blog category, people start knowing you about that specific niche – and that identification is worth of thousands bucks…

For example, Authority Hacker is known for content on Affiliate Marketing, Copyblogger for Content Marketing and Problogger for Blogging tips…

So, what’s your specialty to make a niche blog to get famous and standout in the market?

#7. Add People’s Examples in your Blog Posts

Adding people’s examples is just another strategic move to give them a reason to check your blog post. You might like to drop an email saying this:

‘Hey, I really like your work and that’s why I mentioned you in my blog post’.

You might want to check!

Here is the link: <example link>

When you do that, you create a hidden connection with others – you give them importance and nobody won’t mind that. One of the important things of doing such a favor is, you don’t expect anything from them, and it attracts them to check the blog post and even to hang on with your blog for a moment.

Sometimes it helps when you link up to Influencers and top blogs, they sooner or later find out through different means that who is linking to them!

Tools like Google Analytics, Extreme Tracking, Woorank and Open Site Explorer are some of the industry’s top tools to find out who is linking to your content.

Your Part

I’ve shared my opinions and analysis on keeping the readers engaged and attracting your audience to visit your blog regularly.

Do you think Psychology works in Content Creation and Blogging? What do you do special to entertain and engage your audience on the blog?

What else you think should be done in order to engage people towards your blog?

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