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Rocket Languages vs Duolingo 2023– Battle Between Best Platforms!

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Rocket Languages

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Rocket Languages is a language-learning company with MAC and PC compatibility that offers 26 courses in 13 languages.

Duolingo is an American website and smartphone application for language learning that offers users access to more than 90 languages, which is a substantial number.

  • It offers courses in fifteen different languages
  • Audio-based classes
  • It offers users access to more than 90 languages
  • In-depth grammar instruction.
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • It has incredible animations
  • It is a totally free website for language-learning
  • It offers numerous bonuses
  • Huge amount of constant pops-ups
  • In the beginning you won't find a course overview
Value For Money

There are 2 pricing plans, one gives you lifetime access and costs you 69.99 as currently there is 30% off on the subscription.

Duolingo is a totally free website for language-learning. You can use it on your computer and synchronise it with our free mobile apps.

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In the world of language learning apps, Duolingo vs Rocket Languages may be the two most dissimilar programs.

From the structure of their overall course to the style of their lessons to their pricing structure, everything is in direct opposition.

How do you determine which app to choose when the two you’re considering are so drastically dissimilar?

In this comprehensive comparison, we explain how these language apps differ and which we believe to be superior.

Rocket Languages vs Duolingo 2023– Overview

Rocket Languages Overview: 

Rocket Languages vs Duolingo-Rocket Languages Overview

Rocket Languages is a language-learning company with MAC and PC compatibility that offers 26 courses in 13 languages.

This application was said to have been self-funded at the time of its inception in 2005; however, it did not begin to generate a profit until 12 months later, and there has been no turning back since then.

Last year, it offered courses in fifteen different languages, setting a standard.

It provides a variety of languages, such as Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, French, English, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

There are sufficient points to support the notion that this application is quality-assured.

As evidence, a study reveals that “as of 2017, Rocket Languages had 1.2 million users worldwide.” Consequently, this indicates how Rocket Languages ensures quality.

Duolingo Overview: 

Duolingo Overview

Duolingo is an American website and smartphone application for language learning that offers users access to more than 90 languages, which is a substantial number.

Duolingo won the 2013 iPhone app of the year award, demonstrating that it has been a popular application.

It has also been a highly engaging application, according to numerous surveys. Severin Hacker, a brilliant innovator in his 20s, and Luis von Ahn built the Duolingo application around the year 2012.

The creator’s primary objective was to develop a platform for learning languages at inexpensive prices, as the actual courses are quite pricey.

The inventor of Duolingo asserts that it is the combination of its competent, intuitive, and always evolving teaching process that sets it apart from other applications or websites that also teach foreign languages.

Several interviews indicate that this application’s inception was driven by a strong academic motivation.

What The Rocket Lessons Are Like?

In order to provide some context for our ideas on the Rocket Languages programme, let’s explore quickly how the Rocket programme functions, focusing on the structure and format of the company’s classes.

The Rocket programme consists mostly of two distinct types of lessons, each of which takes roughly an hour to complete from start to finish. These are interactive audio classes and language and culture education.

The major lesson format is interactive audio lessons, in which an English-speaking moderator guides you through a conversation in your target language step by step.

The moderator will explain the purpose of the lesson and why you are learning it before setting the stage for the subsequent discussion. Then, you enter the actual chat and observe native speakers conversing.

The moderator will pause every few phrases to explain what you just heard, provide pronunciation recommendations, and provide brief grammar explanations.

Additionally, and maybe even more significantly, he or she will ask you questions and require you to engage in the dialogue. Thus, these interactive audio lectures can effectively be viewed as guided talks.

After completing the core audio-based classes, you progress to the language and cultural modules, which resemble interactive textbooks.

You will read a paragraph providing grammar rules or cultural insights, check a few examples to ensure your comprehension, and then proceed to the next paragraph.

Then, to conclude each session (audio and English), you complete a series of brief tasks designed to reinforce the newly acquired information. These exercises include flashcards, speaking and writing tasks, as well as quizzes.

What The Duolingo Lessons Are Like?

What The Duolingo Lessons Are Like

Having described the Rocket Languages lessons, let’s begin our analysis of Duolingo with an overview of their curriculum.

Lessons on Duolingo are shorter than those on Rocket. In fact, each one lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and passes by extremely quickly.

This is typically the case due to the fact that each lesson consists of a variety of brief, interactive exercises, such as listening drills,s, matching pairs, fill-in-the-blank, verbal practice, and full sentence writing exercises.

And that concludes it. You work through a series of lessons one at a time, with each lesson consisting of several short exercises that take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

In a sense, Duolingo’s lessons are comparable to Rocket’s lessons’ reinforcement drills.

In summary, this is how the teachings of the two companies compare.

The Rocket lessons take about an hour to complete from beginning to end, include more in-depth grammar instruction, and place a heavy emphasis on listening and speaking within the context of simulated conversations.

Lessons on Duolingo, on the other hand, are significantly shorter and more diverse in terms of drills and exercises.

Levels and topics : Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages promises to take you from the basic level to the advanced level. Nevertheless, levels differ by language.

Rocket Languages typically consists of three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Obviously, you will begin with fundamentals such as greetings and the most common expressions. You will learn how to introduce oneself, place meal orders, etc.

As you go, you’ll get into increasingly complicated yet casual topics.

Rocket Italian Level 3 includes the following themes, for instance:

  • Socializing
  • Food
  • Italian culture
  • Relationships
  • When things go wrong
  • Travel destinations

Each of these classes contains useful vocabulary. However, you will learn more than just how to pronounce “friend” in Italian. Additionally, you will learn how to employ it in a sentence.

In other words, Rocket Languages will teach you how to converse and prepare you for real-world scenarios.


Duolingo also offers a variety of topics, as shown in the image:

However, Duolingo is built on vocabulary and translations. Consequently, you will not actively practise your speaking skills.

Regarding levels, Duolingo is truly dependent on level completion. When you collect a particular quantity of experience points, you gain a level (XP.)

Additionally, Duolingo launched Crown Levels at some point. Crown Levels provide more difficult exercises at greater levels.

Therefore, each skill now begins at the introductory level (level 0), and the following row of skills is unlocked when all the lessons have been completed. And upon completing a level, you receive a crown.

Nonetheless, the purpose of the leveling-up system is to allow students to view increasingly difficult material without forcing them to do so. Or at least so asserts the Duolingo crew.

However, once you begin using the app, everything becomes pretty straightforward.

And what happens when you complete all Duolingo levels?

You are incorrect if you believe you will achieve fluency. Yes, you will know a large vocabulary and be able to communicate to some level.

You cannot become a fluent speaker, though, if you are unable to hold a natural conversation with another person.

However, the Duolingo programme will undoubtedly aid with language development. And if you combine it with another learning resource or online lessons, you may be able to achieve fluency.

Design: Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

Duolingo Method

Duolingo doesn’t only feel like a game – it also looks like one.

It has incredible animations however. And visual aids and representations will make it easier to remember new words.

We can all agree that Duo the owl is the app’s main character.

On the other hand, Rocket Languages appears to be more straightforward and serious.

However, good design is not limited to colours and typefaces. It comes down to functionality, and both Rocket Languages and Duolingo pass the test.

There are not many animations on Rocket Languages, but there are images and visual aids.

However, both Duolingo and Rocket Languages continue to offer new features. They are continuously evolving and expanding.

For instance, the most recent version of Rocket Languages 2022 is more user-friendly and simplified. They have added a setting to Rocket Record that allows the tutor’s audio to be slowed down.

Duolingo has also evolved significantly over the past several years. They increased the amount of material and enhanced the overall learning experience.

The business introduced Duolingo Stories in 2019. In addition, Duolingo offers a podcast, a blog, live online events, etc.

Nevertheless, it is evident that both platforms do considerable effort to retain their appeal and ensure user satisfaction.

But we have not yet revealed the victor of the conflict.

Benefits : Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

As you might expect, determining which language platform is superior is not simple. And this is primarily due to the fact that it depends on your choices, objectives, and learning patterns.

If you appreciate simple, game-like applications, Duolingo will likely appeal to you.

The application will give you with brief, consumable courses. This will make it easier for you to include language study into your regular routine.

Duolingo also offers numerous bonuses. However, their discussion forum is no longer accessible. Hopefully, this will change in the future, as the forum was a great chance to meet fellow students and share experiences.

The Duolingo Blog is also really helpful and modern-looking. One of the most recent postings focuses on helpful phrases for Ukrainian migrants. And that was an excellent concept.

Overall, individuals enjoy Duolingo. The design and character of the app became famous, and it became the most downloaded education app.

Rocket Languages has several advantages, while being less popular than Duolingo. Possibly more than Duolingo.

First and foremost, it emphasises conversational practise and involvement. This makes it highly effective.

In addition, it includes new tools and technologies to assist you in mastering the accent.

The whole Rocket Languages program is comprehensive and well-rounded. All of the modules will prepare you for real-world interactions and scenarios, despite covering a variety of subjects.

And this is the purpose of studying a foreign language, correct?

Each lesson includes detailed explanations and crucial grammar points.

Plus, you’ll acquire cultural insights. And this is a crucial aspect of learning a new language. If you intend to travel to a foreign country, you should be aware of certain details beforehand.

Learning about a different culture and way of life will boost your learning experience in either case.

We also wish to emphasise how convenient this application is. Since it is audio-based, Rocket Languages is portable. You can learn a language while jogging, driving, or walking your dog.

The adaptability and portability of the Rocket Languages programme will surely aid in the development of learning habits.

Both Rocket Languages and Duolingo will facilitate simple language acquisition. And they will ensure that you learn in a logical, sequential manner.

However, you should not set unattainable objectives. Certainly, the best online language courses are extremely beneficial and efficient, but they will not make you fluent in a month.

In the end, your persistence and self-discipline will determine your success. You should utilise and practise the language as much as possible.

Therefore, all of the advantages of Rocket Languages and Duolingo only make sense if you know how to use them effectively.

What Do Users Say?

Rocket Languages Users Review

But what do consumers think about their Duolingo and Rocket Languages experiences?

As we’ve already indicated, the majority of Duolingo users like the experience. They find it useful and simple to use.

However, some people complained about inaccurate translations and awkward wording. And that can be really discouraging for a while.

Several Rocket Languages users also complained receiving incorrect scores.

But they are usually pleased with its functionality, particularly the current edition. According to the initial feedback, it is user-friendly, streamlined, and tidy.

It is beneficial to read user reviews. However, you should be cautious because individuals have varying expectations and learning styles.

Pricing Comparison: Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

Rocket Languages Pricing

Let’s quickly touch on the pricing before we get the final verdict as it can be a deciding factor for some folks.

With Rocket, there are 2 pricing plans, one gives you lifetime access and costs you 69.99 as currently there is 30% off on the subscription.

The second is the 6 month plan which would cost you 15 dollars per month which is currently at 25% off.  So be sure to check for discounts before buying if you go with Rocket.

Also with both the plans you get 60 days money back guarantee. 

Duolingo is a totally free website for language-learning. You can use it on your computer and synchronise it with our free mobile apps.

Even if you have students to track, you can use Duolingo for Schools with the same account. Also at no cost. Not a catch Register immediately and get started!

Duolingo Pricing

Super Duolingo is a premium subscription available to Duolingo users. A Super Duolingo subscription will provide you with an ad-free experience and the option to enable unlimited Hearts and review your mistakes.

If you have a subscription to the 12-month Individual or Family Plan, you will be billed annually.

They do not offer monthly billing for annual subscriptions at this time. Each month, Duolingo Super / Plus costs $6.99.

A one-year upgrade to Duolingo Plus, or an annual subscription to Duolingo Plus, would cost $83.88. You also get 2 weeks of free trial with Super Duolingo. 

Therefore, from a financial standpoint, Duolingo is clearly the more affordable option. However, it is extremely difficult to compare the two because they are essentially apples and oranges.

On the one hand, there is Duolingo, which provides a free courses that is a bit bare bones, and on the other, there is Rocket, which provides more premium language courses.

Regardless, I should mention that Rocket Languages offers a free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can always test the waters before committing fully.

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Final Verdict: Rocket Languages vs Duolingo 2023

As you can see, both Rocket Languages vs Duolingo offer numerous advantages and are well-liked by consumers worldwide.

And they are an excellent option if you wish to learn a language independently.

Rocket Languages will provide you with a more extensive, complete, and well-rounded education if you wish to develop a solid foundation.

Duolingo is basic and straightforward, but it will not prepare you for real-world scenarios. And conversing fluently in another language should be one of your primary objectives.

Although it ultimately depends on your tastes, Rocket Languages offers more effective learning tools. Additionally, you can use it on any device and learn on the go.

Duolingo is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for an inexpensive and straightforward method to learn a language. However, Duolingo will not help you develop good conversational abilities.

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