How To Send Large Files Over Email

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Have you noticed that most email services don’t allow us to send large files over them? When you try sending emails with attachments sized more than 25 MB, it shows an error.

This is true for most of the popular email services available over the internet. Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are some of the better services which have gained popularity among the masses for sending and receiving emails.

All email services are good at their place and provide their customers with satisfactory services.

Every email service has a certain limit for sending and receiving data. For example, Gmail imposes a limit of up to 25MB data in a single email, outlook up to 20 and other services allow up to 10MB data.

But, the problem arises when we have to send a large file via email. However, there are many ways by which we can send big files online. But, I will share the best among them hereinafter.

How To Send Large Files Over Email

If you are a google or outlook user, then sending big files on the same platform would be easier for you. Because Google has integrated google drive in its email services and Microsoft has SkyDrive respectively.

Let’s get into more details about the various cloud services that are available to you!

1. Google Drive:

If you are a Gmail user, then you can easily send large files to free using GoogleDrive. Google drive has its own storage which allows data sharing of large files. But, if you attempt sending large files i.e more than 25MB via email(without GoogleDrive) then you will face an error.

Google drive is one of the best online storage, provided by Google. Using this, you can send up to 10GB large files to anyone.

This is the best way to send large files over the email I have ever come across. You don’t have to go through any tricky procedure or some hard steps. Just click on the google drive icon beside the attachment link. And attach the file of your choice.

Once you click on the icon you will be loaded to another page. Where, you will find options like My Drive, Shared with me, Upload. Choose the option as per your need.

If you want to send files which are already on your drive choose the My Drive option, or if you want to upload a new one, select Upload. You can attach files as per your requirements.

2. OneDrive:

If you have been using as an email service, then you may not find any difficulties while using OneDrive(SkyDrive). There is nothing much to learn to use it, so not going into the depth of it.

To use OneDrive, simply click on Insert (at the top of the page ) for attaching the file and select Share from OneDrive. If you try attaching the file which exceeds its limit, A message will appear before you. See below.

Click on the Go to and Outlook will walk you through a new window. Click on upload file if you have any file to share. Or if you have multi-files in a folder, select Folder.

If you select the Folder, you can directly upload a folder containing various file inside. OneDrive allows you to upload any file up to the 14GB.

3. DropBox:

Larger files are best sent using cloud storage, and DropBox is one of them. The best part about the DropBox is, it allows uploading files directly.

To email large files, you have to do nothing just throw a large file in the DropBox folder and generate a link.

To do so, right-click on the folder which is to be shared, and select “Share”. For the first time, you will have to confirm the link (by going to email id and clicking on the confirmation link) for sharing the documents on DropBox.

Afterward,  right-click on the folder or documents you want to share and type the name or ID of the recipient and click send. see how the screen looks

By Compressing Files:

This is another easy way for sending large files on the email. If you have been ever wondering, how to email large files or how to send large files via email, then this trick may be helpful to you.

To compress the large size, you will have to download a software named 7-zip. This software can be easily downloaded from the internet. In a previous article, I have thoroughly explained the process you can take the reference of that guide for more details.

After going through the whole post, I am quite sure you don’t have any doubts remain regarding how to send large files or how to send large video files.

Sending files and documents via email is easy but when it comes on transferring large files then the things become a little clumsy since email services never allow us to transfer file more than 25MB.

So for this, we need to take the help of cloud storage services which I mentioned above. Hope you enjoyed the guide and large file transfer is now easy for you. Let me know your views regarding the same via comment!


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