How To Set Up Avast Anti-Theft On Android!

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Android devices are becoming very much popular these days. There is no doubt that Android is the most popular and the most preferred android operating system out there. And this is large because of the following reasons :

  • Vast Selection Of Smartphones: If you want to buy an Android Smartphone today, you get a very vast list of Android devices manufactured by almost all popular Smartphone brands out there. Another major advantage is that you can get an Android device in any price range.
  • Vast Selection Of Apps: When you buy an Android Smartphone, you get a very very huge list of applications to download from the Google Play Store, covering almost all popular categories.
  • Developer Friendly: Since Android is a subsidiary of Google, it seems to be a very friendly platform for developers. That is the reason you see lots of apps and custom built rom’s flooding for Android devices. Therefore, developers prefer Android operating system over any other Operating Systems currently available.

Why Do You Need An Anti-Theft Protection For Your Android Device?

Nowadays, to get a high-end Smartphone you spend a lot of money. And the sizes of today’s Smartphones make it difficult to fit it easily into your pockets or to even hold it comfortably.

With this discomfort comes another problem. The problem of losing track of your Smartphone or even your Smartphone being stolen.

Smartphones today are not only precious because of its market price, but also because many buzzy officials and businessmen use their Smartphones to store important official information or even bank transaction details.

If you are such a person who always stores bank or other official details on your Smartphone, then you probably need an Android Theft Protection App to keep your device safe.

What Anti-Theft Apps does is that it helps you protect your Android Smartphone, if it gets lost or stolen.  And most of such applications in the Google Play Store are premium paid apps.

However, today we are going to check out Avast Android Anti-Theft which comes as an additional plugin to their Avast AntiVirus Application.

Avast is a popular AntiVirus application for PC’s and the best advantage of their Android app is that both their AntiVirus and Anti Theft applications are totally free of charge.

Features Of Avast Anti-Theft Protection :

Even though all these services are free, there are no apparent flaws when it comes to features. And below are some of the features of the Avast Anti-Theft on android :

  1.  Lock Your Smartphone: Lock your Smartphone and deny access to your Smartphone.
  2. Erase All Data: If you have some official or important files, you can wipe all data off your device.
  3. Sound a Siren: This will sound an alarm siren on your device.
  4. Deny Phone Manager Access and Settings: You can prevent others from accessing your phone’s settings manager.
  5. Receive SMS with Phone location: You can track down your device’s current location.

How To Set-Up Avast Anti-Theft On Android :

Now that you know how important is Anti-Theft for your Android device, let’s now check how to install Avast Anti-Theft on your Android device :

  1. The first process is to download the Avast Mobile Security application from the Google Play Store.
  2. After installing the application, launch it and navigate to Anti-Theft from the home page of the app.
  3. From here, you will be provided with 2 modes of Anti-Theft installation. Easy Mode and the Advanced Mode.
  4. Click on Easy Mode, and you will be automatically navigated to Google Play Store to download Avast Anti-Theft plugin.
  5. Download and install it.
  6. Go back to the Anti-Theft page on Avast Mobile Security app, and configure your Anti-Theft settings.
  7. Set the features you wish to enable like, Sound Alarm or receive location, etc.

After setting up the Anti-Theft app for Android, you’ll be given a set of Avast Anti-Theft Commands. Store these commands, as these commands will be needed in case your device gets stolen and you want to activate your Anti-Theft features.

Finally, you have installed Avast Anti-Theft On Android, and you can use the commands given to you whenever you want to activate Theft protection for your device.


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