Smartproxy Review 2023 Should You Buy This Proxy ?

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Proxyway has given a lot of praise to Smartproxy, including the saying that it’s the rising star in the proxy market. It really is adding quite a lot of new features, including 50 new geo-locations and lengthened the sticky session from up to 10 minutes to up to 30 minutes. Let’s not forget Search Engine Proxies that guarantee a 100% success rate.

Smartproxy trusted reviews

Why is Smartproxy the rising star?

  • Millions of residential proxies in any country around the globe.
  • Name any software you use – they have documented it.
  • Constantly adds new features and proxy pools.
  • In case you run into trouble, you can get code integrations in 6 programming languages on Smarproxy’s GitHub.
  • A vast residential proxy network for local data access.
  • Unlimited concurrent connections.
  • Free advanced proxy rotation, Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, and proxy list generator.
  • Awarded 24/7 customer support gang.

Proxies for scraping public data

Smartproxy is the go-to provider for both beginners and professionals alike. Besides having a choice between high quality datacenter and residential IPs, its users can also pick either static or sticky sessions. The sticky ones have just been extended to last up to 30 minutes as well. Another Smartproxy Review we found online.

Search Engine Proxies

Smartproxy just released 100% success rate proxies for Search Engine scraping! These proxies support a high volume of requests, and receive SERPs for any device or browser. If that’s not enough, you will have to pay only for successful requests.

SmartProy Proxy Service Review

A pool of 10 million IP addresses ensures that you will never have to worry about an IP ban or blacklisting. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, and anonymous proxy network then you will want to check out Smartproxy.

Smartproxy is exciting

Smartproxy is the only fun proxy network in the world. It has great customer support, and is unafraid to have a laugh once in a while. This is a new attitude in the proxy industry, where traditional companies are focused on old-fashioned relationships. Smartproxy caters to top companies and beginners alike, it is not afraid to speak our language. Don’t believe us? – visit Smartproxy and start a live chat right now.


Eye-catching prices  

Smartproxy really has a great pricing when you know that it offers a staggering 40M real proxies. With residential subscriptions for the low price of $75/month you can get data and websites in every corner of the globe. If you are an enterprise customer, you can expect to pay only $4 per gigabyte of proxy traffic. Datacenter proxy plans are even more cost-efficient: lowest plan starts at just $50.

Smartproxy extras 

Smartproxy released several apps for desktop users. Things to look out for: the Chrome proxy addon and the proxy generator and various other tools and guides that will help you set up proxies quickly.

Starting out with Smartproxy

New users are very welcome – Smartproxy has an intuitive dashboard, and a great support crew that is always willing to help. If you need IP addresses in a specific country, you can glance at the FAQ or the handy Quick Start guide that you get as soon as buying a subscription.

Try Smartproxy 

If you want to get a better feel of all the benefits, you can opt for this network with a three-day money-back option. This is quite enough time to test and figure out if you enjoy how the proxy network works. Disclaimer: do not use more than 20% of your subscription before asking for a refund.

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