How to Get Swype for iPhone?

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In 2007, Apple released a world-class iPhone. If Steve Jobs wanted to make a difference in the universe, this was the product that actually did it. No product has ever had such a big impact on the consumer market as the iPhone did when it was released.

Unlike everything else on the scene before, this had no buttons except the main one. It had a multi-touch display, which worked incredibly well. iPhones have become a trendsetter since then.

There are plenty of features an iPhone has; however, people are excited about the swipe for iPhone. We will discuss the best Swype for iPhone in this article.

Every iPhone generation has something amazing to offer, and each generation brings in more sales and also more profit for Apple.

Until last year, there was a super statistic – each and every generation of iPhone that launched brought in more sales than all of the previous generation launches combined. That is quite incredible.

Samsung, for some years, partially dominated the market for handset sales globally, but there is still no single competitor in the smartphone arena that outperforms iPhones, and Apple still rules the majority of the mobile industry’s revenues.

The number of users has been consistently growing over the years, and the trend will continue in the coming years.

If you listen to any interviews with Tim Cook from the past year or so, you will hear several mentions of Apple’s focus and drive. The company knows where exactly it is heading with its hardware and software development, probably for the next 3 years.

It has a clear target, and it will not move away from it. The market trends will not push it off course, and certainly, don’t affect its decisions.

The iPhone is now coming up with bigger screen displays, which were not the case when it was first launched. Apple is catching up with what exactly the users want and investing huge amounts in the R&D.

If Apple is going to come out with something new, it is because it is planned, well developed, neatly built and also tested.

A lot of work happens behind the screen and that is why Apple is able to come up with something as outstanding as an iPhone. However, it is more than that.

Cupertino’s designers only have to focus on one new design every 1 or 2 years, unlike the other smartphone companies who want to keep introducing something different at every launch of their products.

Some outstanding features like Siri have stunned the people and the company has earned huge respect from the users for being so unique and innovative.

In the recent times, with a lot of technological developments and the introduction of a lot of applications for smartphones, the benefits a user gets is enormous in terms of the features and user-friendliness of each productive app.

There have been a lot of users looking out for terms like the Swype keyboard iPhone on the net. We will provide the solution to get the iPhone Swipe keyboard. Continue reading to find out how it can be done. There is a solution for everything on the net, so things can be easily set up.

Best Swype Keyboard for iPhone

Swype initially came to live with Samsung Omnia on the Windows Mobile. After that, it landed on Android and since then it has ruled the custom keyboard market.

It was the first keyboard that integrated the gesture-based input on a keyboard – a super feature that Android itself might later copy. This made swiping your finger on the keys not only cool but also something that was useful.

But Swype is not only great at the gesture-based input; it is also a great keyboard replacement. The keys are well placed; there are multiple themes and the great prediction engine is something worth mentioning.

After ruling the Android market for a while, Swype finally made it over to iOS, but in an unusual form of a jailbroken app, which was not very stable. Finally, with iOS 8’s custom keyboard support, Swype is back officially.

How to Get Swype for iPhone?

Follow these instructions to get Swype for iPhone.

Firstly, make sure that you have an updated iOS 8 version. To check this, go to Settings > General >About; now look at the version number and confirm. Now go to the app store and download Swype. It will cost you $0.99, and it is worth it.

After installing, open the app and follow the guide to set up the app. Now here are the steps you need to follow to enable Swype

  • Go to Settings –>General –> Keyboard, then click on the Keyboards option and select “Add New Keyboard”.

You can now enable Swype.

Now open any text editing app in order to bring up Apple’s keyboard and then long-press the Globe icon and select Swype. That is about it! You have now successfully changed your keyboard to Swype.

One important thing you must note is that Swype will not work when typing in passwords. This is because Apple disables any third party keyboard as security measures when you are entering any username or passwords on apps or websites.

This is a wonderful measure to avoid any third party from recording your personal details. Apple gives utmost importance to the privacy of users and keeps all the users’ details extremely confidential.

No other smartphone provider goes to this extent to protect customer details as Apple does.

This is why users trust Apple more than any other company.

The keystrokes inSwypeare timely and have an easy click -it does not skip a beat. The gesture-based input is quite smooth and great for one-handed or lazy typing occasions.

The typing is just so incredibly fast. So, all those who wanted a solution for installing Swype for their iPhones can finally breathe easy and follow the above-mentioned steps. It’s time to check out this wonderful option that Apple provides to its customers!


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