Top 17 Blogging Techniques to Promote Your Content

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Learning how to efficiently promote your content through your blog is the only way you can build a profitable online business. Without marketing yourself and your company, you can’t really establish yourself as an authority.

On top of that, if you can’t bring targeted traffic to your website, you are basically stuck. No readers, no subscribers, no sales. That is why it’s truly important to learn how to promote your content and reach out to a lot of audiences.

17 Blogging Techniques To Promote Your Content efficiently:

1. Write Awesome Content

No matter what promotion technique you use, trust me; you won’t succeed unless your content is high quality and provides enough value to the reader. That’s the first rule of content marketing, and it should never be neglected.

That’s the first rule of content marketing, and it should never be neglected. Good content means attention, attention means subscribers, and subscribers eventually mean sales.

Do complete research before writing your content.

Read different blogs, check question-answer websites, related forums, and watch videos to get in-depth knowledge about your topic.

Being a blogger, our main duty is to deliver valuable content. So don’t deliver half-cooked content.

2. Reach Out to Similar Niche Blogs

A good way to promote your content is to get in touch with blogs within your niche. They shouldn’t be your direct competition, but more like “close neighbors” that can help each other.

Well, you can copy-paste the article link and end the Google search query with, or just put the link in quotes.

Ask them to share your content and promise to share back.

3. Purchase Influencer’s Voice

An influencer is usually a popular person, a public person, a company may be, or someone who’s an expert in a specific field. These influences have the power to promote things to their big amounts of followers.

A big majority of influencers have social media accounts and can be approached. Depending on their “fame” or number of followers, negotiate a price and ask them to promote your links.

4. Study Influencers & Create Personalized Content

Let’s say that you have a marijuana blog.

Cannabis fans are all over the place, so it could be profitable to sell a book, t-shirts, tools, all cannabis related.

The most influential influencer for this niche would be Snoop Dogg. If you can create an amazing piece of content directed towards him, you have a chance.

He may notice your content and choose to share it with his big audience.

5. Submit your Blog Posts to Content Communities

There are many online content communities that you can take advantage of.

First of all, you have to create good content. Then, you got to register and list your content on the portal. Other interesting blogs will take your content and share it with their audience.

You can also find individuals who are particularly interested in your content and they can become your loyal readers and customers.

6. Just Ask for Shares

Good bloggers understand the value of their audience. Whenever they want to make a blog post viral, they simply ask the audience for social shares.

If the content is good enough, there’s no problem with sharing it.

Being human beings, we do things when we are asked to do.

So at the end of the post ask your readers to share the content with their friends.

7. Use StumbleUpon Paid Tool

StumbleUpon paid discovery tool is a great tool to promote your content. Basically, you are pushing your blog posts towards a pretty huge network of readers.

These people are waiting to stumble upon interesting content. Using the paid advertising feature, you can target the audience you wish and get targeted traffic.

8. Social Sharing Buttons

At the end of your articles, images, videos, make sure that you make it easy for the viewer to share what he has just seen.

It’s all about making it very accessible for him. People don’t like wasting time on searching for options or copy-pasting on their social profiles. is using Ultimate Social Deux plugin to have those awesome-looking share buttons.

9. Infographics

Infographics are a great form of content that can bring thousands of potential customers to your business. It is what the name says: graphics with information.

The good thing about Infographics is that they’re efficient and extremely shared within social media channels. Most of the professional Infographics become viral.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines can bring consistent targeted traffic if leveraged well. Good content is a big factor in SEO practices.

It’s the same with social media shares, backlinks, and more other factors. If you’re first hearing about SEO, then you really need to do your homework before even attempting to create SEO strategies for your business.

11. Forum Posting

Forum posting, or better-called forum marketing, is often used by webmasters and marketers in order to leverage their promotion.

Forum posting consists of creating an authority profile within a niche forum and bringing value through your replies.

The moment you gather enough authority and reputation, you can begin to promote your business through your forum signature or through links.

12. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and there are a hundred more social media networks that you can leverage.

People do everything on social media, that’s why you should definitely include it into your blog promotion strategies.

Gather followers and create a wide audience; this way you will be able to talk to them, share the newest updates and news, and bring your business to a new level.

13. E-mail Marketing

Every successful online business has an e-mail list filled with subscribers. Those subscribers consume exclusive content every week and purchase products and services at the recommendation of webmasters (affiliate marketing).

You can do the same; start creating a list of e-mail subscribers and create an e-mail sequence that automatically sends content throughout the month or year.

14. Solo Ads

Solo ads are also a widely used technique of promoting content. You must approach certain individuals: blog owners, solo ads companies, and/or influencers and ask them to feature you in their e-mail sequence.

Alternatively, you can sometimes even get the information of the people (e-mails, details, etc.) and you’ll be able to promote yourself through your own e-mail.

15. Video Marketing

Videos are awesome traffic machines. First, you have to create them, then post them, and then rank them.

The moment you finish these three steps, you are guaranteed to get passive traffic for a long time. By the way, videos can have a great impact on your blog traffic and sales.

Just link your website details on the description side of the video and wait for the traffic to roll in.

16. Pay Per Click (or PPC)

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, even Facebook Ads are pay-per-click platforms that help marketers reach extremely targeted audiences.

It usually works like this: you will choose a specific keyword phrase like “red dresses New York” and choose the target audience. In this case, you’ll look for people around New York that interested in red dresses.

With Facebook ads for example, instead of focusing on click behavior, you are selecting your audience based on interests. It’s the same with Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

17. Quora & Yahoo Answers

Question and answers portals like Quora and Yahoo Answers are another good source of traffic. People all over the world try to fix their problems by asking questions online.

You can be the one who answers and leads them to a high-quality article of yours that will let them solve their issues.

Be careful not to look like a marketer or spammer. Provide as much value as you can and think about your reputation


Promoting your blog and content is never easy. There will be a lot of setbacks and problems during your marketing campaigns. It’s important that you remain consistent and commit to a few of these fine blog promotion strategies.

Once you manage to master some promotion channels, scale it as much as you can. When you can no longer improve your efforts with a technique, go for another and repeat the process until you have the desired amount of visitors.

Your Turn!

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