How to Turn Flashlight on iPhone 6?

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Mobiles nowadays are not only used to make incoming and outgoing calls, but also used for multiple purposes like a mobile, music player and internet connection.

When you are in need of a torch, and you don’t have one beside you, just relax and look for your Apple iPhone 6 if you own one, which has this remarkable feature inbuilt, and your gadget is just a swipe away from being a flashlight. The flashlight is not just convenient but can be a lifesaver sometimes.

If you need to light up and point at anything, which you cannot see in the dark, you just need to turn flashlight on your device as it’s far better than torch or candle, which you cannot carry everywhere.

You need to have a device, which can be taken and used anywhere. How about just carrying it on your iPhone? You can always flash and light the place where it is required just by pressing an icon present in your iPhone. Make sure you have latest OS on iPhone. Here is how to update iPhone.


iPhone 6 has always been a pride for its owners due to the virtue of its features and the enhanced overall version of each forthcoming generation. It is as simple and easy to use being user-friendly and a great device for any person who is naïve and doesn’t have much knowledge about phone segment.

Apple is the only company, which has never been overrated and always passes the quality checks and is valued for the product it offers.

Consumers don’t need to think twice before buying any Apple product and are ready to pay any price for these devices. The main reason is the trust and quality standards that the brand offers and the new and advanced features offered by the company, which makes buyers confident of their choice when compared to the other products available in the market.

Initially, Apple devices needed a supporting app from the Apple store so that the torch or flashlight could be used as and when required, which had impact on the device related to performance.

There are many free flashlight app choices, but when downloading flashlight apps, you cannot be sure whether it will work fine or not and you would also be confused about whether the brightness would be enough to ward off pitch darkness. It’s daunting to decide which app is better.

To overcome this shortcoming, Apple new generation iPhones come with in-built flashlight so that customers need not download any outside app from the store and can be benefited by the in-house feature that performs well and acts as a feather in the cap.

How to Turn Flashlight on Your iPhone 6?

Here is a simple way to turn on flashlight of your iPhone 6.

  1. Swipe towards upside from the bezel up from bottom oni your iPhone and bring the Control Center up from your home screen.
  2. Hit the Flashlight button, which looks like a torch icon appearing at the left side at the bottom.
  3. Point the illuminated LED flash located at the back of your device at anything you want to see and light up. You can see it now and know if it changes its color to white
  4. When you need to turn off flashlight, simply repeat the step we followed at first, and it will turn flashlight off within a fraction of second


If you were wondering ‘how to turn on my flashlight,’ you now know how to do that easily.

When we talk about the latest iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ genre mobiles, they come with the enhanced feature of dual LEDs. The newer versions or generations of all the iPhones have two bright LEDs: one which has an amber tint suitable for a temperature with warmer colors and on the other hand the other one is a normal white LED.

One of these two LEDs is used when the photos are taken and the camera very smartly automatically decides for itself which one of the two is to be used based on the color temperature of the room. In case there’s a warmer light, the camera will select the amber LED so that the color is matched properly to match the color better.

The smartness of the iPhone is also brought to light by this automatic selection of the camera fit as per the surrounding of the place, which is picked up by the camera itself. If you other apps are already opened in the iPhone, you should close apps on iPhone to save the battery.

There is a way to easily and simultaneously turn on both the LEDs at the same time, which gives you more and better light. If you are in need of brighter light, there’s a quick, simple trick that allows you to use it in order to start up both the LEDs on your iPhone.


To enable that, simply turn flashlight on directly from the Control Center from your home screen. When the Control Center is activated and turned on, you can just open the camera by a tap on the camera icon available in Control Center.

This will eventually turn off the flashlight, but don’t worry. From there, hit the home button to exit out of the camera app and the flashlight will come back on again. With this, you will have both the LEDs on giving you, even more, brightness to ward off the pitch darkness.

When using Flashlight, battery drains faster than usual rate. Here is how to save iPhone battery so that you can use Flashlight for more time.

You do not need any additional application to be downloaded on to your mobile. The inbuilt feature of the flashlight in iPhone is there to brighten up your day and let go of the darkness. Just a click and you can have the sufficient bright light, which is required anytime through the day or night.

Also, you can continue your existing work on any app or keep using your mobile normally without stopping your work; the flashlight will be turned on, and it won’t let your work pause even for a second. The flashlight does it work and lets you work on your current app at the same time.


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