How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

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If you are struggling with USB ports not working or USB Device Not Recognized error, then follow up the below-described methods this may probably work to fix out the issue.

To fix the USB not recognized error, there are multi-methods out there but I will be showing you mainly four of them which are plausibly working one. Let’s see what these methods are:

>Method 1.  Unplug The Computer
>Method 2. Re-install the device
>Method 3. USB Troubleshooter
>Method 4. Uninstall USB Devices

How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

Whenever you face the USB device not recognized error try removing the USB port and restart the system most often this method work in resolving the issue. Below, I have described four of the methods which may probably be helpful to you.

Read out all the methods carefully and learn how to fix USB device not recognized in windows.

Method 1.  Unplug The Computer

  • Unplugging the computer Power Supply is probably the most common way to fix the problem. If your USB port not working, then try this method out first. Oftentimes it works in resolving the issue.
  • You have to do nothing but remove your USB port and shut down your system and remove the power supply from the system.
  • wait for 5 minutes and restart your system and plug in USB port again. This enables your motherboard to clear all of its caches. This will probably get you out from the issue and your device can start working properly. If this method doesn’t work then try following the second method and see how USB port performing after following the 2nd method.

Method 2. Re-install The device

If your USB ports stopped working, then you can solve this issue by re-installing the device itself on the computer. This is the second method to fix the issue. It is quite easy to follow you won’t face any difficulty in following the procedure. See how to do it.

  • First of all, go to your control panel by clicking on the start menu or by typing devmgmt.msc in the search bar.
  •  Now on the control panel, click on device manager and device manager window will pop up.
  • Now all you need to do is go to disk drives and click on it. Now if you can see the unknown device there right click and uninstall it. Once you click on uninstall the device, you will see a confirmation dialogue asking if you really want to uninstall it. Click on OK.
  • Now, what you need to do is, unplug the USB drive from PC and plug it back in. You will see a dialogue box on the bottom right corner of taskbar saying your USB drive has successfully installed.

Method 3. USB Troubleshooter

You can also try out this method if both the above methods have not worked yet. Download the Windows USB Troubleshooter Fixit tool. It’s a completely free tool which works with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

In this troubleshooter, you can either have the troubleshooter repair the issue for you or you can select the second option (showing on the screenshot) select the fixes by yourself.USB Device Not Recognized

I would recommend you to let it fix them for you. And let’s see if this tactic works for you. If the problem still persists try out the last method described below this may probably work.

Method 4. Uninstall USB Devices

Another method to fix the USB device not recognized error is by uninstalling the USB device from Universal Serial Bus controllers. Let’s see how.

  • In the control panel visit the Device manager.
  • Now attach the device which is not recognized and is about to be fixed. click on Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • You will see an unknown USB device with the yellow sign on it in the universal serial Bus controllers. I have shown the screenshot below have a look on that.

USB Device Not Recognized

  • Now right click on the port and click on the action from the top menu and then select Uninstall(If you don’t want to follow the long procedure, simply right click on the particular port and select Uninstall).
  • Now restart your system and try to re-install the USB device again. Ostensibly it will start working again properly.

Sometimes it happens because of Drivers. You may have an outdated driver or maybe the device is the latest one. In that case, you can update the driver manually. Don’t worry, you can know more about updating drivers manually.

But keep in mind while removing any USB device from the device manager you need to be careful that if you are uninstalling the correct USB and not any other. If you uninstall the drive that is not your USB device you can face the problem afterward.

I assume you got all the methods described above and found it useful. I Hope the methods I mentioned above will help you to get out of the USB device not recognized error. Try out the methods and let me know in the comment section if it worked for you or not. If you are going to buy an external Hard disk for you, you should see the things to consider before buying External HDD.

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